3 Diet Plans that Work Fast

Everyone wants to lose weight more quickly. I was never satisfied with losing just 2 pounds a week and wanted the secret to fast weight loss. No one wants to wait a year to be at the weight they want to be at. There are options now that truly can help you lose the weight. You don’t have to try unproven gimmick diets anymore, I’m going to give you a few that I have tried and had success with. Don’t just take my word for it, though, these are diets that upwards of a million people have had huge successes with.

The Atkins Diet

atkinsI was wary of the Atkins diet for years because of the popularity of it. I figured, if this much money is spent on advertising, how effective can it be? Shouldn’t the results speak for themselves?

The truth of the matter is that the Atkins diet really is an effective regimen for losing weight quickly. For the first two weeks of the diet you are in an introductory phase that will have you only eating 10grams of carbohydrates a day. All of those will come from vegetables and quickly put your body into a ketogenic state that will have you burning fat rather than relying on carbohydrates.

After that phase, you will add more carbohydrates each week until you start gaining weight again. For those two weeks, though, you will rapidly lose weight and see incredible results. I dropped 10 pounds in those first two weeks.

The BulletProof Diet

Bulletproof-dietDave Asprey created the Bulletproof Diet and it is one diet that absolutely blew my mind with both the results and other benefits. With the extreme version of the diet that I’m going to show you it is possible to lose almost 10 pounds a week! It won’t be easy for everyone, though.

For two weeks, you will be having Bulletproof coffee, and nothing else. Bulletproof coffee consists of blending two cups of strong black coffee with two tablespoons of coconut oil and two tablespoons of butter. Stick with me. This cup of healthy fats will keep you full and energetic, despite not having any other nutrients. The caffeine will also boost your metabolism for six hours, since the fats slow the absorption. Having two cups a day will make sure that your body is in a ketogenic state similar to the Atkins diet, but in a much more intense way.

After that period, if you like, you can continue to have Bulletproof coffee for breakfast and then eat regular food between 2 and 8pm. During that time you should avoid carbohydrates, though, and eat as much fat and protein as you like.

The benefit of this diet isn’t just rapid weight loss, though. A ketogenic diet like this is going to keep your mind clear and focused throughout the day. It is even being tested as a way to help Alzheimer’s patients. I used this diet and finally got the motivation to take care of my work in a way that I was never capable of before.

Raw Food Cleanse

raw-food-cleanseRaw food is becoming much more popular. I felt amazing after doing a week long cleanse with raw food, although many have a hard time sticking to it the results are worth it.

Cooking destroys a lot of the nutrients that are in food. Eating fruits and vegetables in their natural, raw state makes sure that you get all of the benefits that you possibly can. Smoothies, juices, soups, and salads will be your daily life for the next week.

It takes effort to make it through. Plan out a week of meals and buy everything that you are going to need. Make sure that you have a good blender to make smoothies and shakes with. A juicer is ideal, but many people don’t have access to one.

For example, a kale shake with various other leafy vegetables will give you much more energy in the morning than a cup of coffee would

The problem is that you start craving food a couple of days in. Even if you are getting plenty of nutrients, your mind still tells you that you just need a Coke, a candy bar, or a large portion of of beef. For a lot of people, that is why this kind of diet isn’t possible on the long term. A cleanse like this will help to remove toxins from your body, drop up to 10 pounds of fat, and feel better than ever. Even if you go back to your normal diet, you will feel great for a while now that your body is rejuvenated.

Which One?

The one you choose is going to depend on how much self control you have. Any fast diet is going to have a lot of restrictions, but some of these are extreme if you are used to eating loads of refined sugars and junk food. Take a look at your life and the way you eat. Any choice will help you a lot, but you have to pick the one that will fit the best with your life or else you will never stick with it.


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