4 Tips to Lose Weight while Traveling

Think it’s a coincidence that when the holidays roll around each year your diet hits the skids? You might attribute this phenomenon to all the stress of entertaining numerous friends and colleagues or just the stress of travelling home to spend the holidays with your family. Travelling is actually one of the biggest pitfalls for most dieters. This is because most dieters assume that if they are “on the road” they will not be able to eat a healthy diet. Most people who are flying to their destination will spend multiple hours in airport coffee shops or restaurants. But there are ways to arrive at your holiday destination without putting on ten pounds while you’re on the way.

It is even more than important to give yourself the proper fuel when you’re travelling. Eating the right kind of food can help prevent jet lag and even road rage. It will also give you the energy you will need to interact in a positive manner with your family when you finally arrive. Though you may feel hard-pressed to eat right when you’re travelling, rest assured it is possible.

Tip #1: Start by avoiding eating breakfast in the car

Avoid-Breakfast-in-CarMost people, if they’re driving, will be tempted to either stop at the local donut shop for some fresh, warm donuts and coffee or hit a drive-through before they hit the highway. Have you ever seen a menu with a calorie count in either a drive-through or a donut shop? Didn’t think so.  Even if you do happen to find one, chances are it will not be accurate even with the number of calories contained in the items offered or the fat levels. Do yourself a favour and pack a cooler to stash in the backseat of the car and keep driving. Not only will you save yourself a ton of excess calories and fat, you will also save yourself a lot of money, money you can spend when you arrive at your destination. The best things to eat for your morning breakfast even if it’s in the car? Some lean protein. This can be in the form of a whole grain sandwich with some ham and a fried egg between the slices. If you must go to the drive-through, opt for a breakfast burrito if it’s offered. If you can get yours wrapped in a whole wheat wrap, all the better. You can taper down the number of calories in your breakfast burrito by having it with ham instead of bacon or sausage. And remember that even though it sounds healthier to have just an egg white omelette, the yolks of eggs contain many important nutrients and some good fats so you shouldn’t banish egg yolks from your diet entirely.

Tip#2: I gotta have my smoothie!

breakfast-smoothiesMost people make the easy mistake of having their smoothie with their meal instead of as their meal. Smoothies have been shown to have the ability to satisfy hunger as long as they are made with low-fat yogurt instead of something like ice cream. Avoid having your smoothie made with sweet fruit juices like apple juice or any kind of sweet syrup or sorbet.

And whatever you do, don’t order the fruit and granola parfait. Yes, it may seem to be a healthy choice. Of course. That’s the way it’s advertised! But one cup of granola will give you 500 calories or more and most of these fruit and granola parfaits have a whopping 30 grams of fat.

Tip#3 Avoid Calorie Filled Lunch at the Airport

Once you’ve finished getting through the TSA barriers and to your departure gate, you’re probably starving. Doesn’t matter if it’s lunch time or not, you’re ready to sit down and eat! If you’re looking for an airport restaurant, look for a Tex-Mex place where you can get a bowl of black bean soup. This delicious filling soup is a
meal all in itself. It is loaded with fiber and has a ton of protein in it. Black beans are an excellent source of antioxidants which will be a great asset to you if you are flying. Planes are notorious for having extremely low humidity. It is easy to become dehydrated


when you are flying and that will make you susceptible to all the bugs the other passengers are spouting out into the air.

Another option is a vegetarian wrap. These are good options if they’re made with whole wheat wraps and are not stuffed with high fat things like cheese. They are easily found at almost every single airport these days and are not usually very expensive.  This is a very filling, high-fiber, low-fat meal free of cholesterol. Good for your heart!

But whatever you do, don’t have the salad! Salads served in most restaurants are usually huge repositories for hidden calories which are found in the dressing. These dressings are also usually loaded with sodium which will induce bloating and make you miserable after you sit down in your already cramped airline seat.

Tip#4: Road-Trip Snacking

avoid-roadtrip-cinnabonSo, you’ve been driving for a while and you see that the gas gauge is inching toward empty. All of sudden you realize your stomach is empty as well. Time to pull off into a gas station and fill up both things. You head into the mini-mart and instantly see rack after rack of high sugar treats like donuts and Ding Dongs and even Cinnabons nowadays.

Better options are some low-fat yogurt. These delicious treats come in a pre-filled container and they are loaded with protein which will help you feel full for the next few hours as you continue on your way. If you tend to develop headaches when you are in the car, help yourself to a nice, ripe banana. Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium which helps combat fatigue and headaches. Even better, one medium banana is only about 100 calories.


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