6 Fat Loss Tips That You Can Apply Today!

Fat Loss TipsLosing fat is hard for a lot of people. I’m sure you’ve known someone who could eat anything they want and never have to worry about gaining even one pound. If you are reading this, you are probably like me and have to keep a closer eye on what you eat. A healthy diet, an effective workout routine, and a couple of helpful tips can make the difference between a healthy life and a disease riddled body that has to rely on any number of prescription medications to maintain itself. I’ve figured out what works and what I did wrong along the way, so let me show you some of the basic tips that you should keep in mind.

Drop The Junk Food

This probably goes without saying, but dropping junk food entirely from your diet will make a huge difference. It is easy to convince yourself that just one candy bar a day is going to be OK, but the truth is that one slip only leads to another. Set aside one day a week to have as a cheat day and eat everything that you want then. Telling yourself that you will never have a Twinkies again can be a psychological hurdle that you have to jump over. One day a week won’t make a huge impact on your success, and it turns out that you won’t eat as much as you think. You might the first time, but once you get sick from it you will not make that mistake again.

Find A Workout That You Can Do On A Regular Basis

Sticking to a workout is one of the hardest parts of weight loss. I won’t give you a detailed workout regimen here, but I can show you the kinds of things that you should keep in mind.

A complicated workout routine that is based around muscle confusion, two-a-days, separate core days, and whatever else some book told you to do, might be capable of giving you a lot of improvements, but how are you going to stick with something so complicated? If you find yourself having trouble, make the switch to interval workouts that can be done twice a week or a full body routine that you can do at home. A combination of jumping rope, push ups, and squats is enough for a lot of people to increase their endurance and health.

Drink Plenty Of Water

I never liked the taste of water, I’m going to be honest. I was 23 years old before I ever had a full glass of water, at least that I can remember. Coca Cola was always enough for me. I’m willing to bet that you have the same problem.

Water makes up the majority of your body and you can only survive for a couple of days without it. If your body needed any other substance this badly you would never hesitate to add plenty of it into your day. Why don’t you drink enough water? There is no downside. Sure, you can drink two gallons at a time and end up running into problems, but the side effects of dehydration are far worse than anything else.

The standard thought is that you should be drinking 8 glasses a day. That might be enough in some cases. If you are working out or sweating a lot, you probably need much more than that. As a general rule, drink a tall glass as soon as you wake up to get your system going first thing in the morning. After that, have a couple of glasses with each meal and a glass anytime that you feel thirsty. If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Drinking more water had a larger impact than anything else I changed in my diet.

Make Sure That You Eat Enough

Cutting calories is a sure fire way to lose 1-2 pounds a week. Taking 500 calories out of each day will make you lose 1 pound a week. It seems tempting to cut that number even more, but trust me, that won’t help. At a certain point, which I struggled with, your body goes into preservation mode and will do whatever it takes to maintain itself, including shutting off your fat burning switch. The absolute maximum amount of calories you should be cutting out each day is 1,000, which is still pushing it.

Don’t Workout Too Much

Extreme workout regimens can help you get into the best shape of your life, but if you are attempting to diet at the same time you can run into a similar preservation mode problem. After your workout, your body might have a hard time repairing itself. Even worse, it might plunge you into negative calories for the day and leave you tired, depressed, and still fat.

Keep track of the calories that you burn in your workout. If you run for an hour, make sure to eat an additional 500 calories, for example. Alternatively, you can switch to a healthy diet, with a large amount of calories, and do as many workouts as you like and still lose weight. If you are having a hard time, this is when it is absolutely vital that you keep a record of calories, workouts, meals, and sleep patterns. Here are some signs that you are working out too much.

Get Your Sleep Under Control

I have noticed that irregular sleep or lack of sleep starts to affect your weight loss efforts. If you don’t sleep well you will gain weight, feel less motivated, and you will put yourself at risk for any number of health problems. It might seem impossible to some of you, but take a look at these tips:

    • Go to bed and get up at the same time every day.
    • Stay away from carbohydrates for the two hours adding up to bedtime.
    • Eat a handful of nuts before bed to provide your body with the healthy fats and proteins that it needs to repair the damage of the day.

Take Action!

None of these tips are going to help if you don’t use them. The problem that most people have losing weight is that they never start to seriously make changes. Try a few of these if you are having trouble, or all of them. But which ever one you plan to implement make sure you persistently stick with it. When I was trying to lose weight the biggest issue I had was with persistence. If you are persistently working towards your goal nothing can stop you from achieving them. If you feel that you are lacking motivation sometimes then here are some motivational tips.

Take everything into your own hands and you’ll be absolutely surprised by the results!

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