6 Free Diet Plans Online

Creating a diet plan isn’t always easy. I struggled with it before switching to a diet that doesn’t require as much planning but if you would like to plan out your meals down to the amounts of specific nutrients, there are plenty of tools to help you along the way. These programs will ask for details like your weight, the amount of fat that you are attempting to lose and the kind of diet that would stick to. They then create a plan which is best suited for you. Having a plan ahead of time helps keep the motivation levels up. It makes the whole process less stressful since you know what to buy and what to cook. You have it all planned out for you.

Why Use Online Diet Plans?

Diet plans make everything easier. Half of my hassle was always figuring out how to make a meal that would fit into my diet, get the ingredients, finding out that I don’t have something vital to the meal and then stressing out over what I would use to replace it. Using an online meal plan creator will take all of the guesswork out of it. If you can’t decide on a diet plan to use based on recommendations, a site that has it’s own research proven diet can help you get everything in order and actually put a plan into action.

Here is a variety of sites that can help you with your journey. Take a look for yourself and see what you think:


spark-peopleSparkPeople.com is a site that many people that I know have used. It’s also been featured in People Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and loads of others. On the site you can get a personalized diet plan for free, but you also get access to the community of other dieters and fitness nuts. Important here also is the recipe option. I can follow a plan for what kinds of foods to eat, but when it comes to actually preparing meals I am hopeless. The four stage diet program is custom for the site, which means that if you are trying to do the Atkins diet, or something else, you might run into problems.


eating-wellEatingWell.com focuses on healthy life in general, but they do have a diet plan meal creator as well. The customization of other sites isn’t here, but the information is still sound. If I was going to quickly recommend a course of action for someone this would be a great choice. Options for various calorie levels makes it able to choose the right option for you, even if you can’t change every single option.


edietseDiets.com isn’t free like many of the sites, but it is an award winning program. In both 2004 and 2005 eDiets won a “Best of the Web” award for nutrition and diet. There is a huge database of foods that will let you create a meal plan based on what you like to eat, not just on what is allowed in the diet. Once your meal plan is created they will ship you the foods, much like Nutrisystem.


fit-clickFitClick lets you track your food intake, your exercise, and your resting metabolic rate. Everything is included in this one site. You don’t have to use multiple sites to get all of your information, here you can get a workout program that plugs into the meal plan automatically. Something that is unique to FitClick is the ability to participate in contests and create teams to compete with. This competitive community gives you a reason to want to succeed and someone to be accountable to if you begin to get lazy.


food-on-the-tableFoodOnTheTable is truly one of a kind. With one site, you can create your meal plan, put together a shopping list, print out a grocery list, and find out how to save money on that trip to the store. For each week, you can print out a single shopping list and not have to worry throughout the week about what you are going to cook for dinner.


If nothing else, knowing what is actually in your food will have a huge impact. If you would like to create your own meal plan, this site is all that you need. Look up your favorite foods, ones that are included in your diet and count the calories and nutrients to make sure everything fits. This takes a bit more work than any other option, but if you obsess over specifics like many people do then this is for you.

I know that not all of these are standard meal generator applications.However they all great resources to help you on your journey. Knowing what you are eating and how much of it is a large part of being on a diet and having success with it. Seeing things on paper can change the way that you look at them and I would encourage everyone to take advantage of these kinds of resources if they really want to get serious about their weight loss.

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