6 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine That You Didn’t Know About!


Can drinking a glass of wine every day really be good for you? The answer is an unequivocal yes! Research shows that people who drink a glass of wine every day have a 34% lower mortality rate than people who drink either wine or spirits every day.

This is one of the medical questions that no one really quite understands. But studies which have been conducted over long periods of time show, time and time again, that people who do not consume any alcohol at all, tend to die at an earlier age than those who do.

The answer lies in red wine and the components which make it up. Red wine is known to  have cardiovascular benefits because it contains both antioxidants as well as a newly discovered ingredient called resveratrol.

The relaxation factor associated with alcohol is real

One of the reasons that people who are moderate drinkers might live longer than those who do not drink at all is the reason they drink to begin with. Most people have an alcoholic beverage to help them relax. In fact, most people who drink have their first drink when they return from a hard day at work. A dose of alcohol will calm the brain because it up-regulates the body’s GABA receptors.The trick here is to not drink too much. Doing that will cause your stress levels to rise instead of fall.

redwine-cures-cancerStill, having said that, drinking is not just about reducing one’s stress levels. Many of the cultural norms having to do with drinking have to do with socialization. You might be asking yourself, “What does this mean in terms of prolonging longevity?” This has to do with the human’s ability to combat loneliness which is very dangerous for us. People are, by nature, social animals. When people are isolated and cut off from other people, they will tend to die more often from heart disease than anything else. Some might say this is like dying slowly of a broken heart. People who engage in social drinking, however, are by the very nature of the act, socializing with others. This is part of what makes it easier for people to develop and nurture relationships and it is exactly those relationships which help keep us alive.

Reduce your risk for a fatal heart attack

Drinking a glass of wine a day will also reduce your risk of having a fatal heart attack. This bit of evidence was shown in a study carried out over a 16 year period at the Harvard School of Public Health. In that study more than 11,000 men were enrolled. Those men who had a glass of wine each day were 30% less likely to suffer a fatal heart attack than those who did not have a drink. Conversely, the opposite is also true. People who drink more than 1 to 2 glasses of wine or the equivalent in terms of alcohol consumption, tend to have more heart disease.

Reduce your risk for developing heart disease

Red wine contains procyanidins, which help protect the human heart against developing heart disease. The wines which come from either Sardinia, in Italy or the southwest coast of France, contain more procyanidins than other wines.

Reduce your risk for developing Type II diabetes

This theory is supported by 15 different studies which tracked more than 370,000 people for about twelve years. The data show that people who consumed four standard drinks per day were 30% less likely to develop Type II diabetes than those who did not. These findings were true regardless of the study participant’s BMI. Consuming more than 4 standard drinks per day left the participants with a slightly higher risk of developing Type II diabetes. Type II diabetes is a serious endocrine disorder that should be avoided at all cost. Unlike Type I diabetes where the body does not produce any insulin at all, Type II diabetics tend to produce copious amounts of insulin. Each red blood cell contains millions of microscopic receptors that the insulin has to fit into in order to “open the lock” and allow the “fuel” — the glucose inside. In the case of people with Type II diabetes, the key they make on their insulin is often faulty and will not fit into the lock on the receptors.

Lower your risk for having a stroke

A group of scientists at Columbia University who followed more than 3,000 people over a period of eight years discovered that study participants who had one moderate drink per day were able to reduce their likelihood of having a stroke by more than 50%. Strokes are serious neurological conditions which can have long-lasting and devastating consequences including paralysis and loss of speech.

Reduce your risk for developing colon cancer

Again, this is linked to the ingredient known as resveratrol which lies in the skin of red grapes. This is known to have qualities which help to fight off cancer. Until recently, however, scientists had no idea how much resveratrol was needed. Scientific studies which have been conducted show that ingesting about five milligrams of resveratrol a day could cut the growth of bowel tumors in half.


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