9 Best Workout Dvd’s For Weight Loss

Doesn’t matter if you want to burn fat or just lose some weight if you don’t want to purchase an expensive gym membership chances are you’re going to want to workout in the privacy of your own home. That’s why using a workout DVD is the best idea. Saves you from purchasing expensive equipment like a treadmill or an elliptical machine. But how do you know which workout DVD to buy? Here are some of the best workout DVDs currently on the market.

  1. fat-burning kickboxing workout for dummiesThe best workout DVD for calorie blasting has to be the Fat-Burning Kickboxing Workout for Dummies DVD. I love this DVD because each workout helps me burn, on average, about 700 calories. Not bad for a rookie. Even if you’ve never done a side kick in your life, the instructor, Keli Roberts will walk you through it “step by step” so to speak. In no time at all you will be able to master all the required essentials. The DVD uses pop-ups which are extremely easy to follow. This DVD weighs in at about  $14.98 — well worth every penny in my opinion.

  2. 1 Minute Workout - Total Body ToningIf your workouts have been suffering because you’ve simply become bored with them, then pick up a copy of 1 Minute Workout: Total Body Toning. This 4-10 minute workout will help you burn about 630 calories. With more than 115 exercises to choose from, you are able to set up your own customized workout routine. So, one day you can do a 7 minute upper body routine, and the next you’ll be able to spend 48 minutes on a total body tone-up routine. Wonderful. I guarantee you’ll never get bored with your workouts again.

  3. intensati-intention-power-high-energy-workout-for-body-patricia-moreno-dvd-cover-artIf one of the reasons you are trying to incorporate exercise into your day is to help you deal with stress and find more calmness in your life, then take a look at IntenSati: A High Energy Workout for Body, Mind and Soul. This wonderful workout will help you burn about 600 calories each time you do it. It utilizes a combination of yoga, martial arts and body sculpting moves and allows you to find your own inner peace by a series of different chants. Never thought I would ever think of exercise as relaxing but this workout DVD achieves that.

  4. 10 Minute Solution - Rapid Results PilatesPeople who are looking to build their core strength should consider the 10 Minute Solution: Rapid Results Pilates. Almost anyone who has ever done Pilates will swear by it. This kind of exercise will build your core strength faster and better than any other kind. Each routine on this DVD will burn about 270 calories per 5 to 10  minute workout routine. For anyone who doesn’t want to have to devote a full hour to exercise this is perfect.

  5. dance off the inches - fat burning jamIf you love to move, then Dance Off The Inches: Fat Burning Jam is definitely for you! Each routine will burn about 300 calories. You can learn the dance steps in just under 10 minutes and then you can dance your heart out! You’ll be shaking your arms and legs to a wonderful beat that you’ll carry with you through the rest of your day. If you’re going to spend the time exercising, why not make it as fun as possible?

  6. Progressive Power YogaProgressive Power Yoga: The Sedona Experience  comes as a set of five DVDs and is produced by Mark Blanchard. With each workout routine on any of these five DVDs you can burn anywhere between 350 to 720 calories. Even people who have practiced yoga for years will be challenged by some of the poses on these DVDs. The entire set sells for $89.99.

  7. tightontime - tamilee webbIf you’re always feeling squeezed for time but still want to workout and burn some calories, you might want to consider Time On Time by Tamilee Webb. This wonderful workout DVD subtitled Hot Spots will help you burn about 220 calories each time you use it. The different workouts target different body spots: butt, arms, stomach and you can do as much or as little as you like each time you workout.

  8. get ripped slim and leanIf in addition to losing weight you also want to do some body sculpting, I recommend a workout DVD by Jari Love called Get Ripped: Slim and Lean. The trainer, Jari Love demonstrates every move easily and simply so that you will be able to learn them quickly. Each workout will help you burn approximately 700 calories. One caveat? You will definitely be sore the next day so plan for that. Get your ice packs ready, girls!

  9. patrick-goudeau-step-upIf you main objective is to just burn fat and that alone, then look at Patrick Goudeau’s Step Up. Each workout routine will burn approximately 710 calories. The absolute best part about this workout DVD? Goudeau will keep you entertained as well as moving. His energy is infectious and you will definitely be raring for more the next day.

Any of these workout DVDs should be more than enough to get you started on the right foot. You may be able to pick some of them up at your local library and that will save you some money because you can try it out before you buy. Some sellers have a money-back guarantee but read the fine-print before you click on “buy” or you may find yourself stuck anyway. I was able to find Patrick Goudreau’s DVD at my local library and I loved it so I ended up buying my own copy.


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