Diet in Review: The Retrofit Diet

retrofit-logoPeople who subscribe to the latest in weight loss technology, the Retrofit Diet, are in for a very pleasant surprise. This diet plan is most assuredly different from almost all those I’ve ever come across. It gives subscribers access to a whole team of health experts and utilizes the very latest in technology to help people not only reach their goal weight but keep it off. The program is designed to take a year to work through as it guides you to a total weight loss of about 10 to 15%. But the most important thing about the program is that it teaches you the tools you need to know in order to keep the weight off once you’ve finished the program.

To accomplish this, each participant is assigned to a registered dietitian, a behavior coach and a physiologist. These professionals work with the subscriber and with each other to make the most of the subscriber’s experience and help them achieve their ultimate goal which is sustainable weight loss.

The subscriber accesses the program via video conferences which are scheduled for their convenience. These video conferences are specifically designed to help keep the subscriber on track and motivated to work through the program. There are also regular follow-ups done via email.

The program has been designed to make the most of the newest technology. Each participant receives a FitBit which is a wireless device which tracks your activity levels through the day. They are also given a Withings Wi-Fi scale which can calculate the participant’s body composition. All of this data is used by your coaches to calculate your body composition and help you succeed. These are the tools which help you and your coaches evaluate what is working in your program and what is not so that tweaks can be made along the way.

Advantages Of Retrofit Diet:

The biggest advantage is the extremely highly personalized service that each participant receives. Participants also engage in weekly meetings which helps them feel accountable. The program also offers an extended maintenance phase so that clients will not regain all the weight they have so arduously just shed. The program has been created by a team of highly respected medical professionals and each coaching team consists of highly educated and well-trained experts. The program addresses the various challenges both physically and mentally when it comes to weight loss recognizing that these two facets are integrally linked with each other. Experts are also available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to address any questions or concerns that a participant might have. The program is highly regarded because it teaches clients how to set reasonable goals which are attainable. Additionally, if you do not reach your target weight in one year, the company will provide you with a second year’s subscription at no additional cost. The video conferences are carried out via reputable companies such as Skype.

Disadvantages of Retrofit Diet:

This program is not ideal for people who only want/need to lose a minimal amount of weight. It is not ideal for people who are unfamiliar with video conferencing technology such as Skype. Also, it is a bit pricey in my opinion.

What is the diet and exercise program like?

One of the first steps that new clients will take is adjusting their diet so that it includes only the optimal number of calories on a daily basis. Clients will be taught how to measure and weigh their food properly so that they are eating the proper portion sizes. Each client will take a 50 question intake quiz so that their eating habits can be assessed as well as their likes and dislikes. This will help their dietitian and the client come up with a food plan that the client will be able to follow and enjoy. Among the questions the client is asked by their dietitian is to name their biggest nutrition challenges and suggest some ways of dealing with them. The next step will be to change one or two small things each week so that the client does not become overwhelmed with too many changes at once. Each participant also receives a cookbook which is loaded with healthy recipes. Because no clients are allowed to begin the program without first completing the 50 question intake quiz, count on that as the first step of the process.

The second most important component of the program is for the client to understand why they eat what they eat. This work will be done with your behavior coach as the client begins to identify the different stressors in their life which act as the triggers for overeating. They will also work with their coach to come up with tangible ways to cope with those stressors and stressful situations. The personalized meal plan which is developed with take all of those stressors and stressful situations into account. So, for example, if you normally eat large portions you will be asked to purchase a set of smaller dinner plates or will be taught how to use your own hands as a way to gauge portion sizes.

Each participant is taught that exercise is an integral component to an effective weight loss plan. In this regard, each client is also asked to take a quiz with regard to their exercise habits. Using the FitBit which is provided, the client will determine their baseline activity level. Once this information has been gathered, the client will work with their physiologist to learn ways to increase their fitness levels by about 10%.

For a person who is extremely sedentary, this might mean they have to increased the number of steps they take in a day. Once that has been achieved moderate aerobic exercise will be introduced usually in the form of walking each day. While these changes may seem small, every change adds up in the long run.


The Retrofit Diet plan is the most comprehensive and personalized diet program available today. It offers the same services as any online program or weight loss clinics which are medically supervised. Having access to a team of wellness and fitness experts will help each client address all the confusing aspects of weight loss. This goes far beyond just the issues of diet and exercise. But the most important aspect is that the diet is designed to help clients succeed in not only losing their weight but keeping it off for a lifetime.

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