Somehow, people have come to believe that losing weight, being healthy and looking good requires extreme measures. Crazy diets, a strict workout schedule, myriad supplements…the list is endless. We have noticed that most people go for the form that requires the least amount of effort…a diet. Though, a diet actually means a nutritionally balanced eating pattern, it has a completely different connotation for those looking to lose weight. Fad diets and starvation are usually the simplest as they require little to no planning or effort.

That’s why, we started Not Just Diets. This is a nutritional hub of everything you’ll need to be your best. Sure, we advise diet plans but that’s not all. We provide you with all the information you need about health and fitness so you can pick the diets and workout that suit you best. And all this, in an easy to read and easy to understand manner that won’t leave you wanting to run to your trainer, nutritionist or a dictionary.

Eating is a social activity and like it or not, ALL of us need to eat regularly. We help you understand your body so you can be in the best possible shape. There are lots of little tricks that will help your body so that it metabolizes food more efficiently and better and we’d love to share these tips and tricks with you.

So whether it’s a diet plan you’re looking for, or exercises, or some tricks and tips or even just some support and motivation…there’s one place where you’re going to find it all.

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