5 Ways to Fight that Hangover

avoid-hangoverHaving some good times with friends almost guarantees pain the next day if you imbibe a little too much. This can happen before you know it and aside from the pain of having to take a taxi home for the night, the pain you may be forced to endure the next day seems hardly worth the fun you had the night before. But there are ways to fight that hangover and keep it from happening in the first place.

1. Paying attention to your blood sugar

When you drink alcohol, it inhibits your liver’s ability to store glucose. This will lead to a blood sugar crash which is often what wakes you up in the middle of the night feeling suddenly famished. Low blood sugar affects lots of people in many different ways. It can make you have the shakes, it can make you grouchy, it can make you want to just eat and eat until you feel like you’re going to burst.

One of the best ways to fight off a hangover is to eat while you’re drinking. Small bits of carbohydrates in the form of crackers with some cheese for protein will keep your blood sugar stable while you’re drinking with your friends. It will also keep you from getting overly drunk.

2. Avoid getting dehydrated

Drinking alcohol naturally causes dehydration. It also increases the number of times you need to urinate further compounding the dehydration. This will eventually lead to an imbalance in your electrolytes and that is what leads to the symptoms you experience when you’re in the midst of a roaring hangover. If you are careful to consume some water while you’re also putting back those sweet cocktails, you’ll be able to avoid the terrible headache that often accompanies a hangover. If you drink coconut water or have a banana while you’re drinking, or shortly afterward, you’ll be able to keep your electrolyte balance in check and avoid the sour stomach that often erupts seemingly out of nowhere the next morning.

hangover-anatomy3. Gastrointestinal issues

When you are drinking large amounts of alcoholic beverages, you are placing a big load on your gastrointestinal tract. Alcohol will inflame your intestines which can cause delayed gastric emptying. This means that the time it takes your stomach to empty food into your bowels will be much longer than normal. This can cause vomiting. People who also indulge in a lot of drinking can eventually develop a condition known as “fatty liver disease”. If you have “fatty liver disease” already, the likelihood that you will have feelings of nausea when you are drinking are even further increased.

4. Acetaldehyde

Acetaldehyde is a harmful toxin that your body produces when it is breaking down alcohol for processing by the liver. Eventually alcohol is expelled from the body through the liver but if your body becomes overwhelmed with too much alcohol, there will be other adverse effects. Among these are accelerated heart rate, flushing of the face, nausea and vomiting. Most women can do not tolerate alcohol as easily as men do. This is primarily because they do not have enough of the enzymes which breaks down acetaldehyde and this causes it to accumulate at a faster rate, thus increasing the adverse effects.

After you’ve had a good night out on the town with your friends, the next day your liver will still be dealing with the negative consequences of all that alcohol. One of the best ways to avoid having a hangover the next day is to hydrate yourself well when you get home. Whatever you do, do not try the old “hair of the dog” fix for a hangover and pour yourself another Soda and Scotch when you get up in the morning. It won’t help and it will probably only make you feel even more miserable. When you awaken the next morning, fix yourself a good, healthy breakfast of some eggs. This will give your body the amino acids and cysteine it needs to break down the accumulated acetaldehyde that is still in your body. Drink a full 8 ounces of water and take two aspirin or tylenol, then head back to bed to try to sleep it off as best you can.

5. Take your B vitamins

It’s important that you remember that while you were out drinking the night before, your body was becoming depleted of its B vitamins, especially B6. If you take a vitamin B supplement the night before as you are getting ready to leave the house for the club, that’s another effective way to stave off a hangover the next morning.

Most people will eventually figure out what they need to do to avoid a hangover. This is often through just trial and error. The main thing to remember is to not let yourself get dehydrated. That is, by far, about 90% of the cause of all hangovers. It’s so easy to avoid getting dehydrated that you will be amazed if you try it that you suddenly seem to have unlocked the key to avoiding hangovers forever. Different kinds of alcohol can cause worse hangovers than  others. It might be a good idea to keep mental tabs on what you drink and how you feel the next morning. People who drink white wine tend to have less trouble with bad hangovers the next morning. 

Review of Phenphedrine – Is it Full Of Sh#t?!

phenphedrine-reviewI used to always think that a diet pill was a diet pill was a diet pill. That was before I was introduced to Phenphedrine. This diet pill is definitely not for the faint of heart of anyone who is sensitive to caffeine for that matter. Phenphedrine contains roughly about 250 mg of caffeine per pill and that is about the equivalent to between 3 and four cups of caffeinated coffee. If you get a little jumpy after drinking a caffeinated soda, you will certainly want to stay away from this little diet pill. The one word I’ve seen used to describe it is “power” and that is certainly the case. If you are looking for a diet pill that will pack a serious punch, this is the one you should try.

I say this despite the fact that I really don’t promote the use of diet pills to lose weight. Yes, you will get an initial blast of quick and seemingly painless weight loss but that will usually be just water weight. Once you go back to your normal eating habits, you will see the weight come back in a fairly quick amount of time. The things that diet pills are notorious for lightening is your wallet or your bank account. Most people rarely have long-term weight loss success. But, be that as it may, I am going to give you an overview of this product and you can decide for yourself it is right for you or not.

What are the likely effects of Phenphedrine?

phenphedrine-side-effectsThis diet pill has been designed and marketed to say that it will give you serious weight loss results. It has therefore been packed full of powerful things. But don’t be misled by this. In the case of most diet pills, powerful does not usually translate to either effective or safe.

The formula used to make phenphedrine has six different ingredients in it. All six of these ingredients are considered by many people to be safe for human consumption when taken on their own. It is when they are mixed together that problems often arise.

The manufacturers claim that phenphedrine has been made so that it works in conjunction with the body and the human brain to “help you lose weight”. They claim that the product works directly on the brain to stimulate the production of two different hormones: CART and something they call NPY. They claim that the hormone CART will increase human metabolism and reduce appetite. They also say that it will increase the production of another hormone called insulin and that this will increase the person’s energy levels.

Try though I might, no amount of research turned up any links for anything even remotely resembling something called CART. So, I’m not really sure where that assertion comes from.

NPY, however, is a different kettle of fish.

NPY whose scientific name is Neuropeptide Y is a highly potent orexigenic peptides which is indeed found in the brain. It stimulates the appetite by having a decided effect on carbohydrates when they are consumed. It works to decrease the appetite and increase a person’s desire to eat. It also works in terms of signalling a person that they have eaten enough and are therefore full. Every person has two different receptors on each of their cells which are tied to eating. One is called Y1 and the other is called Y5. Your feeding regulation is located in your hypothalamus and this is where the peptide NPY is synthesized. The rest of the activity tied to these two receptors is dealt with in the hindbrain and the limbic structures. NPY is highly sensitive to your diet and deals with the consumption of carbohydrates and fats differently. It plays a direct role in the production of leptin and leptin plays a significant role in obesity. If you NPY receptors are firing too often or too quickly, you will become obese. Scientists say that although NPY seems to play a very important role in regulating body weight and telling people when they should eat or not, there does not appear to be any link to treating obesity with NPY stimulators.

What are the key ingredients in Phenphedrine?

Phenphedrine is made up of the usual cast of characters found in almost every generic diet pill on the market today. These ingredients are: caffeine anhydrous which is what makes it so potent in terms of raising energy levels. The second most common ingredient found in almost every diet pill is green select phytosome otherwise known as “green tea”. You can purchase this at any health food or grocery store so you can save your money. The third most common ingredient found in diet pills are things called hops. They give a temporary, short burst to the metabolism and some people claim they help reduce stress. You can do that with simple meditation and relaxation strategies. The fourth ingredient found in Phenphedrine is chromium. This helps control your cravings and thus keep your caloric intake under some kind of control. But if that’s all you’re looking for, you can purchase chromium at your local drug store.

Is Phenphedrine safe?

The bottom line on this product is that if you take it in the recommended dosages you will probably be safe. But I say “probably”. No one really knows because this product has not undergone any kind of rigorous testing by the FDA. Because of the caffeine load it contains it can make you very jittery and cause you to sweat and make you nauseous. It can also give you a very bad headache. My recommendation? Stay away from this diet pill.

5 Ways To Lose Weight While Working From Home

women-work-at-homeIt doesn’t really matter what kind of work you do, if you work from home you’re at high risk for packing on the pounds. This is primarily because most women who work from home do far too much of the working and forget to take regular breaks or even take an exercise break every now and then. While most women fantasize about being able to sit in their pajamas all day at their desk while sipping coffee, working from home can be just as stressful if not more so than commuting every day to an office. If you are juggling the running of a house and childcare while you are also attempting to work, you are at even higher risk for gaining some serious weight. There are, however, five easy and simple things you can do which will help you maintain your healthy weight as much as possible.

lose-weight-while-working-at-homeI work as a freelance writer from my home and let me tell you, it’s not as glamorous as you might be led to believe. I find it enormously challenging to get an exercise routine in during the course of my day. This is because there are always a hundred other things calling for my attention. The long hours spent in front of the computer screen tend to blend into each other and before I know it, a whole week has gone by without a single leg-lift being done. But these are the cardinal rules I try to live by.

  1. Take regular exercise breaks

    • When working from home it’s a very good idea to take even a short exercise break at the very least every few hours. If it’s a nice day, get up and take a short walk around the block. Doesn’t have to be a long time, fifteen minutes will be just enough time. Doing this will give you enough of a break to allow you to clear your head and also have some nice physical exercise. When the weather is gloomy or rainy, just some simple floor exercises like some pushups, lunges or planks will do the trick. Again, it doesn’t need to be a full, thirty minute workout. Just fifteen minutes will be just enough.
  2. Buy a fitness ball and use it as your chair

    • exercise-ball-as-chairDitch your office chair and buy a fitness ball to sit on instead. I know this idea sounds weird indeed, but this is a very painless and easy way to get some exercise in all day while you’re working. It will help you tone your leg muscles and help you improve your balance. At the beginning you will probably find it difficult to keep your balance while sitting on the ball, but it is something you get used to pretty quickly. This is a great way to strengthen your core muscles without even thinking about it. and you won’t feel like you’re “working out” at all!
  3. Do some fidgeting

    • When you were a kid if your teachers were always correcting you and telling you to stop fidgeting, it must have been because she had no idea how many calories a person could burn by doing it. Yes, it can be annoying to other people especially if they have to watch you do it. Just tapping your feet or wiggling in your chair will help you burn calories.
  4. Turn down your thermostat

    • Just turning your thermostat down one or two degrees will tell your body that it’s time to make some  heat. In order to do that, it has to burn calories. While turning the thermostat down doesn’t feel like a lot of fun, if your body is a bit cooler, it will have to work harder to keep you warm and this will mean burning calories. It will also help you keep some cash in your checking account
  5. Snack

    • You’ll probably think that this tip is counterproductive. It certainly will feel counterintuitive. But snacking will actually help you burn more calories over the course of the day because your body uses up more energy to metabolize smaller meals every few hours. You’ll have to remember, though, that this does not mean going hog-wild on that bag of Oreos which has been in your kitchen cupboard for the last ten days. No, this means eating healthy snacks like nuts and cut up veggies with some dip. Because this type of snack is so low in calories it can actually speed up your metabolism which will help you burn more calories.

Even working from home doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape and look great. Just remember to keep your overall caloric intake at a reasonable amount during the day and get some regular exercise and you’ll be just fine. You won’t wake up just in time for your next vacation only to realize that you’ve gained fifteen or twenty pounds.

Raw Food Diet For Weight Loss – Should You Try It?

raw-foodsMost people have heard about raw food diets for weight loss at least at some point of their weight loss journey. What they may or may not be able to figure out is how they work and IF they actually work. Is it really possible to lose weight on a diet consisting of only fruits and vegetables which also tells you that you can eat as much of those foods as you want?

Though it may  seem impossible to believe, this is true. Unless you are into the habit of eating endless quantities of cashew butter and sweet dates all night long, you will not gain any weight if you follow this diet. Whether or not you will actually lose any weight will depend on how much exercise you do. No weight loss plan is effective unless it combines a change in eating lifestyle with an exercise plan.

So, if that’s true, your next question will likely be, how does this weight loss plan actually work? I will still be putting food into my mouth, won’t I? Won’t that alone cause me to gain weight?

This diet plan works for many different reasons one of which has to do with enzymes. The different enzymes in your body regulate and control everything your body does from handling speech to dealing with hormone outputs. Enzymes also play an important role in  helping us digest our food and metabolize it. And, raw food contains many, many different enzymes. If we are receiving good nutritions from the food we are eating, we will be much less likely to overeat in order to try and compensate for that.

The second reason this diet plan works is because it is an alkaline diet. All alkaline diets assist in the removal of waste products and toxins from your body many of which are contained in your fat stores. As your body begins to release these toxins, it will also begin to shed fat stores. This is one of the reasons that so many people are unable to lose weight because the extra fat they are carrying actually protects their body from any kind of immediate health crash. In cases such as this, it may be as simple as finding a way to balance your Ph.

Traw-food-for-weight-losshe last reason that raw food diets work so well is because the vast majority of food when it is in its raw state is not high in calories. This means that it is very possible for you to eat as much food as you like, until you are completely full and still lose weight while doing so.

Raw foods also contain a lot of fiber which will help you become more regular and will eliminate a lot of intestinal sludge. Your body will easily recognize raw food as a source of “real food” and will be able to process and metabolize it without any difficulty at all.

What Am I Allowed To Actually Eat?

The beauty of this weight loss plan is that you are allowed to eat almost anything from the vegetable and/or fruit food groups. This also includes some sea vegetables and some nuts and seeds which have been soaked. Once you really sit down to think about this, the selection of food in which you can indulge is almost endless. All you have to do is take a walk through your local supermarket’s fresh fruit section and you will see.

raw-food-dietAll the recipes that will be at your disposal will cover the gamut of everything from a simple salad to a gourmet meal as well as almost everything in between. It will be very important for you to consume plenty of fresh greens every day because they are alkaline. These will help clear out your intestines because they act like a broom in your intestines. As you progress along with your diet, you will want to be eating 50% green vegetables and 50% fresh fruit.

Another way to enjoy this wonderful diet plan is with juicing. You can find tons of juicing recipes on the internet and juicing machines are relatively inexpensive and very easy to use. Once you start juicing, you’ll never stop. Most of these machines are very user-friendly which means they are easy to clean. Nothing worth than a juicing machine that is difficult to take apart and get clean.

How Does The Health Community Feel About Raw Diets For Weight Loss?

Many professionals in the health care field believe that a raw food diet is very beneficial for weight loss. This is part of the reason that almost every day you hear some new piece of information in the news about the benefits of raw food diets. Despite this, though, there are still many skeptics who don’t consider this to be a good diet to follow on a long-term basis.

Where Are Good Recipes To Be Found?

You can find many raw food cookbooks in your local bookstore. There are also dozens of websites which have delicious raw food recipes. You will find that, with time and experience, you will be able to concoct your own wonderful recipes. It just takes a bit of imagination!

5 Ways to Get Yourself Running, Even When You Don’t Want To!

How many times do you just want to reach over and punch the snooze button every time your alarm goes off in the morning telling you it’s time to get up for your run? Is there anything that can entice you to jump out of bed, step into your runners and get out the door? What can you do to keep yourself motivated? If you’re struggling with ways to keep your motivation up, this little bit of info might be just enough to help you with that problem.

  1. Enlist your friends to run with you
    • Finding a few friends who will join you in your running may be just enough to keep you going. After all, it’s kind of hard to keep coming up with the same excuses over and over again when you’ve asked them to run with you, right? If you don’t have any friends who enjoy running, think about joining a running club. That’s a great way to make new friendships and connections with other people who share the same love of running as you do. You’ll get support from them and doing this bit of exercise with other people can be a great way to relax and have fun while you’re doing it.
  2. Find some ways to vary your running routine
    • running-routesIf you find that you’re getting bored with running the same old route every day, look for some new trails you can check out. Most cities have designated running trails, you just have to put in some time to locate them and check them out. Another to add some variety to your run is to start incorporating some different terrain. Use hills to really get your blood pumping. You can also track your running sessions with a pedometer. There are many of these apps available for all smartphones. They will keep track of your speed, your distance and even the changes in elevation for you with the push of a button. Adding some variety to your running workouts will also give you an opportunity to work different muscle groups and increase your endurance. Alternatively, you could also try apps like zombierun to make your runs fun.
  3. Run a minimum of three times per week
    • Doing this will allow you to build up your endurance one of the key things that gets most people sidetracked. Be sure to give yourself a day off in between so that your muscles have a chance to recover. Even if you find that you’ve been bitten by the running bug, try to resist the urge to kick up your running sessions to four or five days a week. It’s important, though, that you run regardless of the weather. Just dress appropriately for it and you’ll be fine.
  4. Just get out there and do it
    • running-motivationWorried that you don’t have the right kind of wardrobe for running? Or think you don’t have the right kind of shoes? The biggest step for most people who want to start running for exercise and/or pleasure is to just get out there and do it. You will accumulate the right kind of gear as you go along. Don’t worry. All you really need when you first start is a decent pair of sneakers — some cross-trainers will usually work just fine. As you begin to gain more confidence and extend your running routes, you will certainly want to invest in some good running shoes. But when just starting, just regular running will be plenty.
  5. Map out your route
    • If you’re not sure what to do, plan a beginning route for yourself something that is not too difficult. You can even figure out the distance by driving the route in your car first. That will give you a good idea of how far you will actually be running. Be sure you always carry a water bottle with you when you go out. When you are first beginning do not plan a route that has too many hills or variances in elevation. This kind of route will be too taxing for a beginning runner. You want to set goals for yourself when you first start running but be careful that you don’t set the bar too high or you will surely feel like you’ve failed if you are not able to run the full distance the first time. Chances are you may have to stop and recover periodically as you first start to run. This is perfectly normal and not anything you should feel embarrassed about. Running has more to do with long-term endurance than just about anything else. But the human body was made to run. It’s one of the ways that humans were able to feed themselves thousands of years ago — by outrunning their prey over long distances, literally chasing them down. You will develop your endurance and strength as you go along. Do not expect too much from yourself at the beginning. Building endurance takes time.

6 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine That You Didn’t Know About!


Can drinking a glass of wine every day really be good for you? The answer is an unequivocal yes! Research shows that people who drink a glass of wine every day have a 34% lower mortality rate than people who drink either wine or spirits every day.

This is one of the medical questions that no one really quite understands. But studies which have been conducted over long periods of time show, time and time again, that people who do not consume any alcohol at all, tend to die at an earlier age than those who do.

The answer lies in red wine and the components which make it up. Red wine is known to  have cardiovascular benefits because it contains both antioxidants as well as a newly discovered ingredient called resveratrol.

The relaxation factor associated with alcohol is real

One of the reasons that people who are moderate drinkers might live longer than those who do not drink at all is the reason they drink to begin with. Most people have an alcoholic beverage to help them relax. In fact, most people who drink have their first drink when they return from a hard day at work. A dose of alcohol will calm the brain because it up-regulates the body’s GABA receptors.The trick here is to not drink too much. Doing that will cause your stress levels to rise instead of fall.

redwine-cures-cancerStill, having said that, drinking is not just about reducing one’s stress levels. Many of the cultural norms having to do with drinking have to do with socialization. You might be asking yourself, “What does this mean in terms of prolonging longevity?” This has to do with the human’s ability to combat loneliness which is very dangerous for us. People are, by nature, social animals. When people are isolated and cut off from other people, they will tend to die more often from heart disease than anything else. Some might say this is like dying slowly of a broken heart. People who engage in social drinking, however, are by the very nature of the act, socializing with others. This is part of what makes it easier for people to develop and nurture relationships and it is exactly those relationships which help keep us alive.

Reduce your risk for a fatal heart attack

Drinking a glass of wine a day will also reduce your risk of having a fatal heart attack. This bit of evidence was shown in a study carried out over a 16 year period at the Harvard School of Public Health. In that study more than 11,000 men were enrolled. Those men who had a glass of wine each day were 30% less likely to suffer a fatal heart attack than those who did not have a drink. Conversely, the opposite is also true. People who drink more than 1 to 2 glasses of wine or the equivalent in terms of alcohol consumption, tend to have more heart disease.

Reduce your risk for developing heart disease

Red wine contains procyanidins, which help protect the human heart against developing heart disease. The wines which come from either Sardinia, in Italy or the southwest coast of France, contain more procyanidins than other wines.

Reduce your risk for developing Type II diabetes

This theory is supported by 15 different studies which tracked more than 370,000 people for about twelve years. The data show that people who consumed four standard drinks per day were 30% less likely to develop Type II diabetes than those who did not. These findings were true regardless of the study participant’s BMI. Consuming more than 4 standard drinks per day left the participants with a slightly higher risk of developing Type II diabetes. Type II diabetes is a serious endocrine disorder that should be avoided at all cost. Unlike Type I diabetes where the body does not produce any insulin at all, Type II diabetics tend to produce copious amounts of insulin. Each red blood cell contains millions of microscopic receptors that the insulin has to fit into in order to “open the lock” and allow the “fuel” — the glucose inside. In the case of people with Type II diabetes, the key they make on their insulin is often faulty and will not fit into the lock on the receptors.

Lower your risk for having a stroke

A group of scientists at Columbia University who followed more than 3,000 people over a period of eight years discovered that study participants who had one moderate drink per day were able to reduce their likelihood of having a stroke by more than 50%. Strokes are serious neurological conditions which can have long-lasting and devastating consequences including paralysis and loss of speech.

Reduce your risk for developing colon cancer

Again, this is linked to the ingredient known as resveratrol which lies in the skin of red grapes. This is known to have qualities which help to fight off cancer. Until recently, however, scientists had no idea how much resveratrol was needed. Scientific studies which have been conducted show that ingesting about five milligrams of resveratrol a day could cut the growth of bowel tumors in half.


7 Things To Do On A Sunday To Lose Weight All Week Long!

Everyone knows that eating healthy and exercising is the key to achieving weight loss goals. But trying to find the time during a busy work week while juggling a job and kids and grocery shopping and laundry and on and on makes it pretty tough to get all those things in each week. Here are some tips for some easy things you can do on a Sunday afternoon which will keep your weight loss percolating along all week long.

  1. plan-your-exercisePlan your exercise times: If you just “think” that you’ll get your exercise in during the week by getting to the gym here or taking a run there, you’re missing the boat completely. Research shows that people who schedule their exercise time are much more likely to do it over the course of a busy work week. This is the same as scheduling in your date night or your trip to the doctor for your pap smear. It’s just as important to get your weekly workout in and the best way to do that is to plan it. So, on Sunday night, sit down with your calendar and figure out just when you’re going to get some gym time in and write it down. You can also take a few minutes on Sunday night to give your workout buddies a quick phone call and see if they’re available to meet you at the gym at your appointed time. If you have an appointment to meet someone you will be 10 times more likely to actually show up. You can also take a few minutes on Sunday evening to check the weekly forecast online so you can see which days will be best for getting outside for a nice long walk.

  2. Clean clothes? Nothing puts a crimp on working out more than not having any clean clothes to wear to the gym. If your sports bra smells like your old socks, it’s time to give your workout clothes a spin in the washing machine and dryer. If you wash all your workout gear on Sunday evening, you’ll be sure to be prepared for the week ahead. You can pack your gym bag for the coming week if you’d like by putting different pairs of socks in zip-lock storage bags. This is the best and easiest way to make sure you won’t be charging around the house each morning frantically searching for your sports gear. Nothing else will make you not want to go to the gym.

  3. Gather it up: Go through the house on Sunday night and gather up everything you will need for the coming week in terms of your workouts. You’ll need your sneakers, your iPod, your earbuds, your yoga mat. Make sure these things are collected in a nice little pile preferably close to the door so you can just bend down and pick them up easily as you are on your way out the door. If you have to spend twenty minutes each morning rooting around in closets for what you need, you will almost certainly run out of steam by Wednesday and give your morning workouts a punt.

  4. plan-your-snacksPlan your snacks: If you take the time to actually sit down and write down a weekly meal plan, including snacks, you can make an easy to follow grocery list from that and then hit the grocery store. This is the best way to control impulse spending and make sure that you don’t have to make repeated trips back to the store over the coming week. You will be able to buy everything you need in one fell swoop.

  5. Pack your lunches for the week: Packing your lunch is one of the best ways to make sure that you have a healthy meal at lunchtime and it will also save you a bundle of money. People who pack their lunches and their snacks are much less likely to snack mindlessly during the day. You can even pack up five salads to take with you to work on Sunday night. Just store them in an airtight container. While you’re doing this, set aside 10 different snacks you can tuck into your lunch bag like some carrot sticks and hummus or some Greek yogurt with some cut up slices of cucumber. You can measure out 100 calorie  bags of trail mix or pack up some whole grain crackers with some cut up cheese.

  6. Do some quick and easy food prep for the coming week: Take a few minutes to wash, cut and store some vegetables which you can use as you prepare meals over the coming week. It doesn’t take much time at all to cut up some fruit and plop it into some food storage containers. You’ll be happy you have all that pre-prepared food ready to grab when time gets scarce as the week goes by. Don’t forget to buy some food that you can throw into your crock pot before you head out to work in the morning so you’ll have a delicious, nutritious meal when you get home at night.

  7. Get some sleep: Once you’ve finished all those wonderful preparations, it’s time to hit the hay and head off to bed for some slumber. Draw yourself a nice, hot bubble bath and have a glass of wine. Then slip into your pajamas and grab your most calming reading material. Research shows that people who get eight hours of sleep a night tend to lose weight more quickly.

8 Super Foods for Weight loss

Do you remember when you were a kid constantly being told by your mom to eat  your fruits and vegetables? I certainly do and boy, oh, boy, do I regret that now. Of course as I matured, I came to have a new appreciation for my fruits and vegetables. But since I’ve been on my weight loss program, I’ve also come to realize that there are 10 super foods which you must incorporate into your diet if you want to lose weight. Yes, we all know how important it is to limit the number of calories we take in on any given day but losing weight also has a lot to do with what kind of food you consume as well.

Learning to eat in a whole new way can really be challenging so go easy on yourself. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” and neither were your thighs. If you’re like most women you’ve been gaining weight a slow, but steady pace probably since university. And that’s exactly the way you’ll have to lose it — at a slow, but steady pace.

So, exactly what are the 10 wonder foods to eat to facilitate weight loss? The following list includes some of the most delicious food that you can consume almost to your heart’s desire and without any guilt whatsoever. Enjoy!

  1. wonderfood-broccoliBroccoli: This leafy green vegetable is excellent in soups, steamed or even just raw. It provides an excellent source of both calcium and fiber and will help you stay feeling full for long after you’ve finished your meal. You can toss it onto a salad and then add just a teaspoon of sesame dressing and voila! you’re finished.

  2. superfood-cabbageCabbage: I love cabbage rolls and love to add fresh cabbage to many of my home prepared dishes. This wonderful vegetable is blessed with many antioxidants and vitamin C so it helps provide a great foundation for your immune system. You can cook cabbage up with apples and some ginger and you will get a delicious applesauce. It can also be used for Thai wraps instead of lettuce. This will give you an extremely low calorie meal which also will give you  a great health boost.

  3. wonderfood-CauliflowerCauliflower: If fighting off cancer is one of your worries, then add lots of cauliflower to your diet. This wonderful cruciferous vegetable comes packed with lots of vitamin C and it is highly rich in folate. Because of the folate which helps prevent neural tube defects such as spina bifida in fetuses, cauliflower is an excellent vegetable for pregnant women to eat. You can steam it and then mash it as a delicious alternative to mashed potatoes. It is delicious when eaten raw.

  4. superfood-grapefoodGrapefruit: Grapefruits are so delicious that sometimes I just peel one and eat it like I would an orange. They provide lots of heart health advantages and even help stave off the development of atherosclerosis, or cardiovascular disease. Grapefruits contain large quantities of potassium, vitamin C and folic acid. They also contain a soluble fiber called pectin which is what protects against heart disease. If you’re looking to add more lycopene into your diet, opt for grapefruit.

  5. wonderfood-spinachSpinach: Oh, spinach has got to be my favorite vegetable. These delicious leafy greens pack a wallop in terms of their nutritional content. Folic acid, vitamin K, vitamin C and beta-carotene and lutein. You can throw all your vitamin supplements away if you add spinach to your diet just twice a week. It`s very easy to swap out your old favourite romaine lettuce for some fresh spinach. Just wash it and spin and top it with some fresh pomegranate seeds and some walnuts and you have a delicious salad. It can be easily used in a breakfast omelet — add some reduced-fat feta cheese and some tomato and Greek olives and you’ve got a wonderful Mediterranean breakfast in no time.

  6. superfood-lettuceLettuce: This is one of the best, diet-friendly foods you can eat. Lettuce provides an excellent source of vitamin B as well as folic acid. It also is, pound for pound, one of the best sources for manganese which is known to regulate blood sugar. If you’re going to use lettuce, opt for the dark leafy kind rather than just plain iceberg lettuce which has virtually no nutritional content at all.

  7. superfood-radishesRadishes: Radishes are fantastic sources of folic acid and antioxidants. They also contain lots of sulfur compounds which are extremely helpful in aiding with the digestive process. If you’re going to use radishes in a salad be sure to also use the greens. These little powerhouses contain about six times the amount of vitamin C as the root, the radish itself.

  8. Protein: Adding protein to your diet is not only smart, it’s essential if you want to lose weight. Protein comes in a variety of forms. I personally like to eat quinoa which is an ancient grain that is loaded with protein. I cook mine up with some chicken broth, and toss in a handful of chopped walnuts and some sultana raisins. Yummy. Eating protein at every meal, whether it is in the form of a hard-boiled egg or some turkey slices is what will hold you until it’s time to eat your next meal. Protein has also been found to help with mood stabilization and protect brain functioning. Because it is very low in calories it is easy to add to almost every meal. If you have some protein with your meals, it will keep you satisfied and you will be much less likely to snack between meals.

Getting the proper nutrients is essential to maintain your good health. This is true whether you are on a diet or not. But adding some of the above foods to your diet will help you achieve a slimmer waistline and boost your energy levels.

10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Weight Loss New Year Resolution!

new-years-resolutionsNearly every single person I know makes some kind of New Year’s resolution at this time of year. The problem with making New Year’s resolutions is that they rarely come to fruition. Usually by the time February rolls around you’ve broken it at least twenty or thirty times. If you’ve decided to make a resolution this year to really gear up with your weight loss plan, you’ll have a much easier time maintaining it if you follow some of these tips.

  1. Make a realistic resolution
    • Whatever you do, don’t set yourself up for failure. The best and surest way to not do that is to make a resolution that is both realistic and attainable. This means that if you resolve that you WILL get into that size 12 you’ve been dreaming of in the next three weeks and you’re currently wearing a size 18, there’s not much chance of your attaining that goal and that will only make you feel worse and probably want to eat even more! So, instead you might want to make a resolution to go to the gym two times per week instead of your current zero times per week.
  2. Plan Ahead
    • Spend some time thinking about what your goals are and coming up with a few resolutions based on those goals. Try to avoid making a spur of the moment resolution because something like that will simply be based on what is current in your mind at the time you make it.
  3. Figure out how to implement your plan
    • new-year-resolution-lose-weightBy this I mean spend some time figuring out how you will deal with the inevitable temptations that will come your way on a daily basis and threaten to upset your plans and goals. One of the things you might set up is having a friend you can call and talk to when you just can’t put the temptation out of your mind.
  4. Make a list of “pros” versus “cons”
    • Sometimes just writing something down on paper gives you an easy way to make a real-time comparison. If you develop your list over a period of time and keep it with you, you will be able to bolster yourself up when your self-esteem is running low or you’re being tempted by that extra cupcake.
  5. Tell your friends about it
    • A sure-fire way to not stick to your resolution is to keep it to yourself. If you tell your friends what your goal is, you will have a built-in support network. If you can find a friend to help you on your path specifically, you will be all the much more better off. So, if your goal is to cook a week’s worth of healthy meals for yourself every Sunday, invite a few friends over to share the activity with you. Time will go much more quickly and you’ll have a freezer full at the end of the afternoon.
  6. Don’t forget to reward yourself
    • When I say “reward yourself” I don’t mean with a gigantic box of chocolates. That won’t help at all if you’re trying to lose weight, now will it? Figure out some nice treats that you can use to acknowledge when you’ve reached certain goals. So, once you’ve lost say 10 pounds, head off for a  manicure. Once you’ve lost 15 pounds, go and get a snazzy new hair cut.
  7. Make sure you keep track of your progress
    • new-year-resolution-lose-weightEvery time you’ve reached a goal, no matter how small, write it down somewhere. In a journal or in an online food diary or just send it to yourself in a congratulatory email. You can do something like every time you lose just five pounds. That way you won’t have to wait until you’ve lost ALL 30 pounds.
  8. Give yourself a break if you slip up a bit
    • Don’t obsess over things if you occasionally slip up and give in and have that piece of cheesecake after lunch. No one is perfect and neither are you. Try to not beat yourself up if you feel like you’ve gone off the rails a little bit. Take things one day at a time and cut yourself some slack if you have a bad day. You’d do that for your best friend, why not for yourself as well?
  9. Stick with it
    • Did you know that it takes about 21 days to turn a new activity into a new habit? Then it takes an additional 6 months for that new habit to become ingrained as part of your personality. You won’t reach your goal in just a month or two. Be persistent and don’t give up and it will happen.
  10. Keep going
    • If you find that by the time the middle of February rolls around that you just don’t have any more juice to keep going, then take a short break and come back to it. Make a new commitment to give it another 24 hours, then another 24 hours, then another 24 hours. Those days will turn into a week and that will turn into a month and before you know it you will have reached your goal.

Top 7 Mobile Apps That Help You Lose Weight

If you are the kind of person who can’t bear to tear herself away from her iPhone or Android for a minute and you are trying to lose weight take heart. There are many wonderful apps available which will help you on your weight loss journey. Using something like a weight loss app is very simple and easy to do. The best advantage is that it helps you keep track of your food intake on a daily basis. Some of them will even keep track of how much and how long you exercise each day. So, you are able to easily deal with the issue of keeping a food diary. Most of the apps here are available through the Google Play Store and are free. If you want to upgrade to the “pro” version, though, it will cost a fee, usually only a small amount of money.

Here are my favorites:

  1. lose-it

    Lose It!: Once you download this wonderful little app you just fill in some basic information about yourself such as your height, your weight your goal weight and how quickly you want to get there and your age. Then you’re off to the races. The app will tell you how many calories you can eat each day in order to achieve your weight loss goal. There is a feature called “My Day” which will give you a quick overview of how many calories you’ve logged for the day and how many you’ve burned through exercise. This app is very easy to use and is extremely easy to see and read on a smartphone. You can even find “friends” who will support you on your journey.

  2. calorie-countDiet and Weight Loss Tracker by Calorie Count: Signing into this little app through any other popular website like Facebook or even Twitter is so simple you’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without it. This app will also keep track of how much food you are eating and how much exercise you’re doing, it will also log how many glasses of water you are drinking each day. As an extra bonus, you can also look at featured articles which include many healthy recipes and different little tips to help keep you motivated and going.

  3. calorie-king-food-searchCalorie King Food Search: Counting calories is only as good as the information you have in your head about what you’re eating. This little app allows you type in any kind of food and find out in a jiffy how many calories is contained in every little appetizer you are getting ready to put in your mouth. This can come in very handy if you like to eat out in restaurants.

  4. easy-weight-loss-tipsEasy Weight Loss Tips: This little app is priceless when it comes to helping you learn quick and easy weight loss tips.Things like keeping a bowl of pre-cut veggies in a see-through container in your fridge can be extremely important. But who thinks of things like this? If you have this little app, you don’t have to anymore.

  5. calorie-counter-mynetdiaryCalorie Counter by MyNetDiary.com: Setting up your profile could not be any easier than it is with this little app. You are prompted to enter the usual general information such as how much you weigh currently and  your weight loss goals. Once you’ve entered that information, a menu will pop up and that is where you log your daily meals, your workouts, how much you weigh each day and your total water consumption. The app is linked to an enormous database which contains more than 400,000 different kinds of food. If you don’t know what it’s called and you’re in the grocery store, you can just scan the bar-code with your smartphone and the app will automatically keep track of your meals, snacks and tell you how many more calories you can eat over the rest of the day. Searching for popular types of exercise activities is easy. All you do then is enter how much time you spent doing the exercise and it will automatically record how many calories you’ve burned. Users can easily share this information through either their Facebook or Twitter feed.

  6. diet-tracker-myfitnesspalCalorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal.com: This is the app that I use and I love it. All you have to do is tell it how much you weigh, how tall you are, what your goal weight is and the number of workouts you do each week and the app does all the calculating for you. This app is also connected to an incredibly large database of different foods and you can also search for foods by scanning the barcode. It is easy to find friends to follow and garner support from. If you use another exercise app called runtastic,  it will automatically sync to your fitnesspal app after exercising.

  7. weight-recorderWeight Recorder: This is another very easy to use and straightforward little app. It will keep track of your daily, weekly or monthly weighs in for you.