Green Coffee Extract For Weight Loss – Is It a Miracle Fat Burning Bean?

green-coffee-for-weight-lossIf you keep up with weight loss news and different trends that are going on in the world of weight loss on a regular basis, you have probably heard about the studies being conducted on green unroasted coffee beans and how they relate to weight loss. In one recent study, individuals who were significantly overweight were able to lose quite a bit of weight by taking green coffee bean supplements each day. That’s a pretty exciting bit of data if you ask me. This study was carried out at the University of Pennsylvania at their Scranton campus. The data were presented to the American Chemical Society. The study followed 16 individuals who were classified as either overweight or obese. Each study participant was given capsules which contained green coffee bean extract for the next 22 weeks. Another group of participants were provided with placebos. All were instructed to take their capsules 30 minutes prior to eating a meal at all three meals of the day.

Study participants did not alter their eating habits or how or how much they exercised. The average weight loss for the participants who were taking the green coffee bean extract supplements was about 17 pounds. Even more interesting to the scientists who were conducting the study was that the participants achieved a startling 16% decrease in their overall body fat. The reason this was so astonishing to the scientists is because each participant was consuming approximately 2,400 calories per day but only burning approximately 400 calories through exercise. They attributed it to the green bean coffee extract supplements the participants were taking  three times per day.

Why is green bean coffee bean extract such a potent fat burner?

green-coffee-supplement-fact-sheetAsk any scientist who studies weight loss products and they will almost certainly all tell you that they do not believe it is the caffeine found in this product. No, rather they believe that the beneficial effects derived from green coffee beans is from the chlorogenic acid they contain. Chlorogenic acid is present in all coffee beans but during the roasting process it is broken down and so it is no longer found in roasted coffee beans. The only way to get your hands on green coffee bean extract is through a supplement.

In study after study, chlorogenic acid has repeatedly been shown to inhibit the absorption of an enzyme called glucose-6-phosphatase. It is exactly this enzyme which is responsible for forming sugar (or glucose) inside the liver. And this is the process that is so prevalent in people who are obese or overweight. Additionally, other studies have concluded that chlorogenic acid slows the process whereby the liver converts fat and speeds up the process whereby it metabolizes fat. Two key components to maintaining a healthy body weight. It is unfortunate the drinking brewed coffee alone will not have this effect on the body. Roasting coffee beans in order to turn them into coffee removes most of the cholorogenic acid but also makes coffee much more palatable for human consumption.

Side Effects of Green Coffee

green-coffee-Side-EffectsThe scientists did not attribute any negative side effects to any participants who took the green coffee bean extract supplement capsules. So, you would think from reading this that you should run out and buy all the green coffee bean extract you can find and that you will see your extra pounds simply melt away, right? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as all that. It is important when you look at new and emerging scientific research results that you look at the whole body of research associated with the product you are considering. You can not take the results of one, single study as gospel truth.

In the case of this study which has lead to some groundbreaking data, it is important to remember that the study itself was limited in some regards. The study only monitored the results of 16 participants and the amount of time devoted to gathering these results was relatively short. As well, these study participants all took the product in the form of a supplement which in no way is the same as consuming the product in its more natural state.

The scientific research about green coffee beans is so new and young and much more time needs to be devoted to it before any strong conclusions can be drawn. Still, the results which were found mean that further study is warranted and should contain many more study participants. Ideally, this kind of study would be carried out under the aegis of the Food and Drug Association which is in a better position to make recommendations about the benefits or side effects of something like green coffee bean extract.

Where to Purchase an Effective Green Coffee Bean Extract?

As with most other supplements, you should exercise caution if you are purchasing them over the Internet. Many supplement products which are purchased over the Internet are not pure and come from suspicious sources. You should purchase your green coffee bean extract supplements from a reputable health food near where you live or at a large drugstore or grocery store chain.

Safflower Oil For Weight Loss – Is it Just a Placebo Effect?

What is Safflower?

Safflower is a plant indigenous to India, North Africa and Iran. It usually grows to be about 1 meter (3 feet) tall. The flower is crowned by a globular flower head which is usually either yellow, red or orange. This plant has well-developed taproots which make it easy for the plant to find water even when growing in dry climates.

How is safflower used?

Safflower-weight-lossSafflower is traditionally  harvested for its seeds which are then used to make dyes, medicines and for the flavoring of food products. At one time, safflower was primarily used as a dye for silk and cotton products. In some places, safflower is used in cooking as a replacement for saffron. Because of its color, it gives rice the usual orange that is normally derived from saffron.

Other cultures such as the Indian culture also use safflower to treat a variety of other ailments such as menstrual problems, cardiovascular disease, swelling, treating high blood pressure and treating pain. It is also commonly given to address problems caused by sciatica, concussion, acne and sterility.

Safflower is also grown so that its oil can be extracted from the seeds.

What is safflower oil? How is it Extracted? Ingredients?

Safflower oil is flavorless and colorless oil which is derived from safflower seeds. This is a very stable oil which does not change even when heated to very high temperatures. Safflower oil is known for having the highest level of polyunsaturated and saturated ratios of all the other oils available today. It has nutritional levels which are similar to those found in olive oil but is much less expensive than olive oil, hence it becomes a reasonable substitution for olive oil. It is rich in omega 6 fatty acids, oleic acid as well as vitamin E.

Safflower oil can be extracted from the seeds of the safflower plant through either mechanical processes or chemical processes.  When this process is accomplished via mechanical means, it is down via something called a natural expeller. By utilizing a natural expeller, all the natural ingredients of the safflower oil are preserved. When the chemical method is used to extract the safflower oil, a great deal of contamination can occur which harms the end product, the oil. This is why it is a good reason to always closely inspect the labeling of any safflower product you may wish to purchase.

How is safflower oil used?

safflower-oil-for-belly-fatSafflower oil is traditionally used in paint products, alkyd resins, cosmetics and cooking oils. This oil is considered to be hypoallergenic which is one of the main reasons it is used so commonly in the production of cosmetics. Because it is so rich in oleic acid, it is used in cooking oils  because it helps reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol.

What are the benefits of safflower oil?

Choosing safflower oil offers many potential health benefits especially for people who suffer from cardiovascular issues or Type II diabetes. Because it is high in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fats it has the potential to lower bad cholesterol. Other scientific studies have indicated that the high levels of linoleic acid found in safflower oil  activates brown fat which aids in the weight loss process. This is because once safflower oil is ingested the body changes the linoleic acid into something called gamma linoleic acid which acts as a fat burner.

What conclusions can be drawn from this information?

The different scientific studies which have been conducted on safflower oil clearly point to the prevention of cardiovascular disease when using safflower oil. This benefit is derived from using as little as 1 ⅔ teaspoons of safflower oil a day.

Despite the fact that safflower oil was promoted by Dr. Mehmet Oz on his television show, some skeptics see the benefits of safflower oil as purely a placebo effect. These skeptics claim that there has not been enough scientific research conducted on the humble safflower plant to reach conclusions about whether or not it will help a person lose weight. This lack of scientific research has not stopped the craze for safflower oil around the world. Many people believe that consuming small amounts of this oil every day will be the answer to their prayers when it comes to weight loss. Though there is some anecdotal evidence that using safflower oil can help a person lose visceral fat, again, this effect has not been conclusively studied or proven to exist. Still it is worth a try to see if it will have any effect on your weight loss process. The issue that is certain is that it will not harm you in any way.

There is no question that eating healthy fats is good for you. Me? I’m not convinced about safflower oil. I’m not yet ready to relinquish my bottles of olive oil that live in my kitchen cupboards. I’ll wait for the conclusive scientific evidence that says this is indeed a bona fide replacement for something we already know works: olive oil.

Review of Phenphedrine – Is it Full Of Sh#t?!

phenphedrine-reviewI used to always think that a diet pill was a diet pill was a diet pill. That was before I was introduced to Phenphedrine. This diet pill is definitely not for the faint of heart of anyone who is sensitive to caffeine for that matter. Phenphedrine contains roughly about 250 mg of caffeine per pill and that is about the equivalent to between 3 and four cups of caffeinated coffee. If you get a little jumpy after drinking a caffeinated soda, you will certainly want to stay away from this little diet pill. The one word I’ve seen used to describe it is “power” and that is certainly the case. If you are looking for a diet pill that will pack a serious punch, this is the one you should try.

I say this despite the fact that I really don’t promote the use of diet pills to lose weight. Yes, you will get an initial blast of quick and seemingly painless weight loss but that will usually be just water weight. Once you go back to your normal eating habits, you will see the weight come back in a fairly quick amount of time. The things that diet pills are notorious for lightening is your wallet or your bank account. Most people rarely have long-term weight loss success. But, be that as it may, I am going to give you an overview of this product and you can decide for yourself it is right for you or not.

What are the likely effects of Phenphedrine?

phenphedrine-side-effectsThis diet pill has been designed and marketed to say that it will give you serious weight loss results. It has therefore been packed full of powerful things. But don’t be misled by this. In the case of most diet pills, powerful does not usually translate to either effective or safe.

The formula used to make phenphedrine has six different ingredients in it. All six of these ingredients are considered by many people to be safe for human consumption when taken on their own. It is when they are mixed together that problems often arise.

The manufacturers claim that phenphedrine has been made so that it works in conjunction with the body and the human brain to “help you lose weight”. They claim that the product works directly on the brain to stimulate the production of two different hormones: CART and something they call NPY. They claim that the hormone CART will increase human metabolism and reduce appetite. They also say that it will increase the production of another hormone called insulin and that this will increase the person’s energy levels.

Try though I might, no amount of research turned up any links for anything even remotely resembling something called CART. So, I’m not really sure where that assertion comes from.

NPY, however, is a different kettle of fish.

NPY whose scientific name is Neuropeptide Y is a highly potent orexigenic peptides which is indeed found in the brain. It stimulates the appetite by having a decided effect on carbohydrates when they are consumed. It works to decrease the appetite and increase a person’s desire to eat. It also works in terms of signalling a person that they have eaten enough and are therefore full. Every person has two different receptors on each of their cells which are tied to eating. One is called Y1 and the other is called Y5. Your feeding regulation is located in your hypothalamus and this is where the peptide NPY is synthesized. The rest of the activity tied to these two receptors is dealt with in the hindbrain and the limbic structures. NPY is highly sensitive to your diet and deals with the consumption of carbohydrates and fats differently. It plays a direct role in the production of leptin and leptin plays a significant role in obesity. If you NPY receptors are firing too often or too quickly, you will become obese. Scientists say that although NPY seems to play a very important role in regulating body weight and telling people when they should eat or not, there does not appear to be any link to treating obesity with NPY stimulators.

What are the key ingredients in Phenphedrine?

Phenphedrine is made up of the usual cast of characters found in almost every generic diet pill on the market today. These ingredients are: caffeine anhydrous which is what makes it so potent in terms of raising energy levels. The second most common ingredient found in almost every diet pill is green select phytosome otherwise known as “green tea”. You can purchase this at any health food or grocery store so you can save your money. The third most common ingredient found in diet pills are things called hops. They give a temporary, short burst to the metabolism and some people claim they help reduce stress. You can do that with simple meditation and relaxation strategies. The fourth ingredient found in Phenphedrine is chromium. This helps control your cravings and thus keep your caloric intake under some kind of control. But if that’s all you’re looking for, you can purchase chromium at your local drug store.

Is Phenphedrine safe?

The bottom line on this product is that if you take it in the recommended dosages you will probably be safe. But I say “probably”. No one really knows because this product has not undergone any kind of rigorous testing by the FDA. Because of the caffeine load it contains it can make you very jittery and cause you to sweat and make you nauseous. It can also give you a very bad headache. My recommendation? Stay away from this diet pill.

Hoodia – The Magical Weight Loss Supplement from South Africa?

What is hoodia?

Hoodia_gordoniiHoodia gordonii grows naturally in both South Africa and Namibia. Its flowers have a distasteful smell similar to that of rotten meat. The flower was first discovered by Robert Gordon in 1779.

This plant has been used by the indigenous people of the area for hundreds of years to treat ailments related to small infections and indigestion. What Gordon discovered, though, was the the indigenous hunters used the meat of this flower to suppress their appetite when undertaking long hunting trips into the Kalahari Desert. The main appetite suppressant component of this flower was isolated and patented in 1996.

No scientific studies have been conducted which would give evidence to hoodia’s ability to suppress the appetite. In one study on rats, however, purified hoodia was injected into their brains and this seemed to have a significant impact on their appetite.

So, does hoodia really work or not?

There is no question about it, the general population of North America keeps getting fatter by the day. The statistics are astonishing when you realize that more than 35.7% of the population is now considered to be obese, not just overweight. Not only is that bad for your health, it’s bad for your pocketbook if you have to keep buying larger and larger clothes to cover your bulk. Being overweight puts you at risk for much more than just being made fun of by mean people. It dramatically increases your risk factors for heart disease, Type II diabetes, stroke and respiratory problems. But did you also know that it also dramatically increases your chances of developing certain types of cancer, especially if you’re a woman?

hoodia-weight-lossFor every inch that we gain around our waists, the weight-loss industry flexes its muscles, too. It is estimated that more than $5 billion dollars is spent every year in the United States on weight loss products as a whole. A staggering amount of money. The products purchased range from diet pills to meal replacements to diet pop and artificial sweeteners.

Hoodia  is now being marketed by the makers of Slim-Fast, a popular meal supplement. You will find many people touting its benefits online, claiming that it is some kind of “miracle cactus”. These marketers will promise you that using hoodia will give you rapid weight loss but be forewarned, health practitioners are much more tepid about these claims. This is because, as stated earlier, no scientific studies have definitively proven that hoodia is an effective appetite suppressant. Though some studies have shown that hoodia is able to influence a part in the brain which deals with the feelings of hunger, more research is certainly needed.

Any Side Effects?

Hoodia-gordonii-diet-supplementMost sellers of hoodia claim that it has no side effects but as stated before, there have not been any clinical studies carried out on this product. The sellers of the product make this claim because they know that the bushmen in the Kalahari desert have been using it for literally thousands of years with no ill effect. Nevertheless, the product has not been used in North America for even anecdotal reports that it does not have side effects.

What is known, however, is that people with diabetes should use this supplement with caution. One of the current hypotheses about the way hoodia works is that it sends a signal to the brain telling it that the body has had an adequate supply of blood sugar. If you are a diabetic who is taking blood control medication or insulin, you should probably not use hoodia. It could cause your blood sugar to drop dangerously low.

Another potential concern with hoodia is that it not only suppresses the appetite but also the body’s ability to detect thirst.

How Do You Take Hoodia?

hoodia-side-effectsHoodia should only be taken along with a health diet. Be sure to include lots of fiber in your meal plan. It may take you a while to figure out how much hoodia  you should take each day. Every person’s body is different and so dosages vary. The rate at which you lose weight will also depend on how much exercise you are getting each day. It’s a good idea to start off slowly which means taking only 1 capsule per day. You should also drink one full glass of water containing at least 8 ounces each day about 30 to 60 minutes before you plan to eat no matter how strong the capsule says it is. Clinicians suggest that you should take about 1200 mg per day split into either two or three doses.

How Soon Will I Begin To See Results?

Most people taking hoodia report that after just two weeks of taking it consistently, they were able to begin seeing results. If after two weeks of being on hoodia you have still not begun to see any results, you should consider having your batch tested at a laboratory to determine if it is pure hoodia.

Do You Really Need a Colon Cleanse to Lose Weight?

Most people do not know that they can lose several pounds fairly easily and quickly by doing an oral or an anal colon cleansing. This is certainly not a technique for everyone but colon cleansing is an important way to both rid your body of toxic wastes and lose some weight at the same time. Many celebrities and supermodels use colon cleansing as one effective way to lose weight quickly. They also say that it helps improve their complexions, too. Another bonus!

How does a colon cleanse work?

Colon cleanses help speed up your weight loss by getting rid of deposits of old fecal matter. They also remove the rotted food which attaches to the walls of your intestines and colon.

How do I cleanse my colon?

There are two different methods for doing a colon cleanse. One is orally and the other is anally. Both seem to be equally effective. It is important to know that not all the products which are found on the market to do a colon cleanse are created equally. The oral method is usually a product which is fiber based and incorporates either herbs or a product from something called magnesium oxide. Some of these products work extremely well for some people. Others may not have as much success. It may be that you will have to try several products before you find the one that works best for you.

The second method, also called the colon hydrotherapy method, requires some special equipment. This method is usually carried out by a professional colon hydrotherapist.

Another type of colon cleansing is a simple enema. This is not a preferred method because it will only remove trapped fecal matter from the lower part of your colon. Of the other two methods listed here, it is the method most likely to be unsafe. Thus, it is not recommended.

Colon-CleanseChoosing a fiber-based colon cleanse product will give you a superior amount of dietary fiber which will, in turn, encourage optimum weight loss. This is important because a recent study carried out by the American Dietetic Association found that most Americans consume less than 10 grams of fiber each day. In contrast to the recommended 20-35 grams per day, this is part of the reason so many North Americans have digestive problems.

Many people quickly discover that they prefer an oxygen-based colon cleanse product which is free of herbs but which contain magnesium oxides which once ingested release the oxygen needed to both liquefy and remove all the old fecal matter stored in the colon. This is probably the easiest and most relaxing way to do a colon cleanse.

Colon hydrotherapy is also sometimes called either a colonic or more elaborately a colonic irrigation. They are the same things. This procedure is carried out with sterilized instruments which are disposable. It offers a deep colon cleanse with water that has been warmed in advance. This water is introduced into the colon through a rectal tube which has a speculum on one end. Once the water has done its job, it is removed with a separate tube. This carries away all the impacted old feces which was present in the colon along with the built up mucous which resided there. While this procedure can only be conducted by someone who is licensed in colon hydrotherapy, it only cleans out the large intestine.

Once your colon has been thoroughly cleaned out your body will be encouraged to continue its quick weight loss. Your ability to metabolize fat will be greatly improved and your digestive system will function like never before.

colon-cleansing-hydrotherapyEven though weight loss can definitely be achieved the “old fashioned” way by reducing calories and increasing exercise most people, once they discover the benefits of colon cleansing will return to the procedure over and over again.

When you are choosing your colon cleansing product be sure to read the instructions carefully because some products are meant to be used for a minimum of one month while others require usage for two weeks. Once you begin colon cleansing you should repeat the process once every three  to six months.

Most manufacturers of colon cleansing products recommend that users perform 10-15 colonics in one 30 day period so that they know their colon has been thoroughly cleansed.

Are there any side effects to colon cleansing?

In general, there are no negative side effects of colon cleansing provided that you visit a licensed hydrotherapist. Some people experience more active bowels following a cleansing but this will usually go away within two to three hours. Some people experience stool that is more runny than normal but, again, this will go away in a few hours. It is related to the great amount of water which has been introduced into the colon during the procedure.

Top 7 Herbal Diet Pills

herbal-diet-pillsMost people who have been attempting to lose weight for a long time will inevitably look at diet pills at some point in their journey. Most people think that any product that claims to be “herbal” is a good product. In some cases, that’s true. But it isn’t always. That’s why it’s important to research what you’re going to take before you actually take it and proceed cautiously. You don’t want to end up mistakenly taking something that contains ephedra, a drug known to have serious heart health consequences.

Today, there are dozens of new weight loss medications flooding the consumer market. And because of that, there is a great deal of controversy in many cases. Just try looking at the plethora of weight loss products carried by your local health food store and you will almost certainly be completely overwhelmed. There are so many choices and so many labels to read, it’s hard to know which ones to choose. How do you make a distinction between those products that will really work and the ones that won’t. And how do you know which products are really safe to use?

Most naturopathic doctors will consult a highly reputable database known as the Natural Standard. In there, they find all the information about the latest research which has been carried out on these natural products. Among the most reputable are:

  1. Hydroxycitrate, Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA
    • This product comes from a salt which is made from the rinds of certain dried fruits, in particular the brindal berry and also something called the Garcinia Cambogia. Both of these fruits come from Southeast Asia. They have long been used in traditional Indian medicine and can now be found in Western drug stores and health food stores. They are sold under a variety of different names among them Citrilite and PhyriMax. Scientific research has concluded that HCA helps reduce fat absorption as well as increasing a person’s ability to metabolize fat. It has also been shown to inhibit appetite and lower LDL cholesterol.
  2. Chitosan
    • When you actually sit down to read about where Chitosan comes from it will probably gross you out pretty much. It certainly did me. This natural product comes from something called chitin which is what makes up shells of crustaceans and insects. It has been widely recommended by holistic medical practitioners to reduce cholesterol levels. It is also widely recommended to use as a dietary fiber supplement because it has been shown to reduce a body’s ability to absorb fat.
  3. Whey protein
    • Whey protein has been touted by sports equipment stores and health stores for many years because it has been shown to build lean muscle. Lean muscle helps you burn fat. It is also known to inhibit appetite which helps you eat less and lose weight more quickly. Whey protein is derived entirely from the whey which is produced from milk.It is, therefore, an extremely easy to digest form of protein.If you use this product you will also be adding the amino acid cystein to your diet.
  4. Beta Glucan
    • Beta glucan comes from mushrooms, different yeasts and algae. It is a highly concentrated soluble fiber and is known to help lower cholesterol levels. This will not only help you lose weight, it will also help control Type II diabetes.
  5. Omega-3 fatty acids (CLA)
    • Omega-3 fatty acids are extremely helpful for a wide variety of reasons. They help your brain and also help your heart. They are also believed to help with weight loss in addition to having many cancer fighting properties. It is found primarily in fatty fish such as salmon and anchovies and sardines. It can also be found in beef and dairy products so most people who practice a vegan diet are likely deficient in this.
    • Research studies have shown mixed results in terms of the way in which CLA helps reduce body fat. It has proven to be very effective in animal studies but has only received mixed reviews in the human studies.
  6. Glucomannan
    • This substance comes from a plant called the Konjac which is from Asia. It is a fiber which has been shown to be very helpful when it comes to controlling Type II diabetes. This is in addition to it’s ability to help with weight loss. Many people who use this in the traditional way will consume it either baked, fried or in the form of some kind of candy. This fiber helps the body to absorb water within the digestive tract which, in turn, helps reduce cholesterol and the absorption of carbohydrates. Research studies have shown that its role in the fight against obesity is a good one.
  7. Mango Seed Fiber
    • This fiber is derived from an African mango tree’s seeds and is a traditional weight loss component in Africa. It can easily be combined with other dietary supplements. In Africa, mango seed fiber is also used as a natural pain reliever and an antibiotic. At present, it is being subjected to rigorous study to determine its efficacy for weight loss and helping people with Type II diabetes.

In summation, most of these natural foods which are all available in diet pill format are made up of compounds are are pretty inert. They may not help you, but they certainly won’t hurt you either.

Yerba Mate For Weight Loss – Anything You Need To Be Worried About?

What is Yerba Mate?

Yerba-Mate-Weight-LossYerba mate is derived from a tree found in South America. It has been used for centuries by the people known as the Guarani and was first classified in 1895 by Moises Bertoni, a Swiss botanist who lived in Paraguay at that time.

As of yet, there have not been any double-blind clinical studies on Yerba Mate to determine if the claims made about it are in fact, true. Some of these claims are that it will improve a person’s immune system responses, help to detoxify the body, suppress the appetite and increase weight loss as well as lower the risk for developing diabetes. In contrast, however, a few non-blind studies have shown that this product is effective in lower lipid levels.

Fat Burning Qualities Associated With Yerba Mate

Many companies that sell supplements have recently been claiming that Yerba Mate will magically burn fat for you. That’s why you need it. Now! Can this claim really be true? I’ll try to cover all those bases for you in this article.

Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba Mate is usually taken as a tea made from the leaves of the yerba mate shrub. These bushes are only found in the South American countries of Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. Some sellers may offer it to you in capsule form, but you should stay away from this as it will not be as effective.

How you burn fat using Yerba Mate

yerba-mate-teaThis product is a stimulant which contains an ingredient called mateine. Mateine is similar to caffeine in terms of the way it interacts with the body’s nervous system. It will help your metabolism increase without many of the uncomfortable side effects you get from caffeine. It is the speeding up of the body’s metabolism which helps with weight loss.

It also contains products which have a relaxing effect. This will help you relieve the cravings to indulge in stress eating and will also help you lose weight. Yerba Mate has also demonstrated an ability to slow down the body’s gastric emptying. This will help you feel full longer which means you will be less likely to overeat at your next meal.

These abilities were discovered during the course of a study in which participants used yerba mate, damiana and guarana. What they discovered is that yerba mate delayed the onset of lactic acid accumulation in the muscles, something widely referred to amongst exercisers as “the burn”. When you delay the onset of lactic acid accumulation, you are able to work out for a longer period of time, thus burn more calories which will, in turn, increase your ability to burn extra fat.

Hidden Benefits of Yerba Mate

  • One small study on small mammals has suggested that yerba mate is able to decrease cholesterol levels and lower blood sugar.

  • It is capable of helping the body increase its production of bile which will soften your stool and permit your digestive system to work more efficiently and smoothly.

  • Although Yerba Mate is actually a stimulant, it will help give you a more sound sleep at night. Sleep is critical for a healthy life and especially important for anyone who is trying to lose weight.

  • While other stimulants will put excess stress on your heart, yerba mate will actually be helpful to your heart because it will increase the oxygen supply going to your heart. This will, in turn, lower your blood pressure.

Some Risks From Using Yerba Mate

No supplement product is entirely risk free and even though they may ALL be advertised as being “all natural” that does not mean that are risk free. If you are considering taking this supplement, you should first discuss this with your physician. He or she may have other information that we do not have. Some researchers believe that Yerba Mate is linked to certain cancers such as esophogeal, bladder and kidney cancers and cancer of the larynx.

This product may contain many properties that will help you lose weight and burn fat. But, until it has been proven to be safe for human consumption, you should use it at your own risk.

What Else Should You Consider When Trying to Lose Weight?

This product will help you lose weight, you should take it along with consuming a proper diet and utilizing a good exercise program. Those two things will be the key to your success. Make some extra time in your week to do some good cardiovascular exercise. Even just walking twice a day for thirty minutes at a time will help you lose weight.

You should remember that no weight loss supplement will ever be the be all and end all of your weight loss issues or problems. A product like Yerba Mate can definitely give you the edge you need to lose that extra weight once and for all.

Is Alli Diet Supplement a Scam?

Can long-term weight loss really be achieved with the help of a pill?

alli-diet-supplementsNearly everyone has seen the television commercials promoting a new weight loss aid called Alli. These commercials promise users that they will be able to shed excess weight with the help of their little blue pill. So simple. So easy. Almost like magic. If every overweight person in the United States could lose weight so simply and so easily, the obesity epidemic would surely just go away for good.

This pill, known as Alli, has been developed for and marketed specifically to overweight adults who have struggled to lose weight for years. But really, can this be the answer to all your prayers? Maybe, maybe not.

What is Alli?

xenicalAlli is manufactured by the pharmaceutical giant, Glaxo-Smith Kline. It is a medication known as Xenical (Orlistat) which is used to treat severe obesity but in much smaller doses. Alli is typically given in 60 mg doses as opposed to the usual 120 mg of Xenical a patient with severe obesity would be given. Xenical was originally developed to be used as an “aversion therapy” drug for obese patients because of the severe side effects patients would experience when they consumed large quantities of fat in their diet. Orlistat works as a lipase inhibitor. Lipase is one of the enzymes used by the body to process dietary fat into fat stores. By inhibiting the lipase enzyme from working properly, Xenical effectively reduces caloric intake. It is meant, however, to be used in conjunction with a low-fat or fat-reduced diet, not as a way to just “get rid of fat”.

Alli has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration for use over the counter and does not require a prescription in order to be purchased. It is recommended for use only by people over the age of 18.

Are there any concerns associated with Alli?

FDA-Warning-AlliThe FDA began a review of Alli’s safety in 2009 after receiving numerous reports of adverse side effects. Some people who had used this supplement reported that they had sustained serious liver damage while taking it.  After concluding its study, however, the FDA was unable to link liver damage to Alli as a possible side effect or concern. They did, however, recommend that labels be added to the packaging warning people of possible side effects and telling them of potential warning signs such as jaundice or light colored stool.

Specifically how does Alli work

Alli is able to enable weight loss by decreasing the amount of fat which can be absorbed by the intestines in the digestive tract. This prevents extra calories (and some needed nutrients) from being absorbed and processed. Because it disables the body’s ability to utilize the enzyme, lipase, the body is incapable of breaking down fat and this fat is eliminated from the body in the form of feces.

When Do I Take It?

Users are instructed to take one tablet before each meal they are going to consume which will contain fat. The makers of Alli recommend that people consume no more than 15 grams of fat with each meal they are going to eat. Consuming more than 15 grams of fat with a meal can lead to some very unpleasant side effects such as severe stomach pain, diarrhea or explosive flatulence. Other people have reported that they have experienced oily spotting while using Alli.

How much weight should I expect to lose while using Alli?

In all honesty, doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota have said, after studying the effects of Alli, that it will help you lose weight but that it will likely be only a modest amount. Certainly no more than you would normally expect to lose by using a healthy diet and exercise. The average person using Xenical (or Alli) can expect to lose between 5 and 7 pounds after one year which is less than they would expect to lose if on a weight loss diet and doing regular exercise three to four times per week. As with most products of this nature, your wallet will end up being lighter than your body will  be after a year with the product.

The reason I say this is because Alli is fairly expensive. And, as with all “diet pills” there is absolutely no guarantee. It’s a jungle out there and you have to be extremely careful before proceeding with products like this. I truly believe that you would be far better off to eliminate one fast-food meal each week from your diet and skip dessert three out of seven nights each week for a  year than you would be buying and/or using a product like Alli. Experience has taught me that there is simply no such thing as a “magic pill” when it comes to weight loss. There is no easy way to get around it. You simply have to put in the time and the “sweat equity” in terms of exercising if you want to see any results that are going to be long-lasting.

Tengda Diet Pills – Is It Just a Scam?

tengda-diet-pillsDiet pills are a dime a dozen these days. You see them everywhere and they all claim the same thing: weight loss without any effort on your part whosoever. But every once in a while a new product, like the Tengda diet pill comes out and changes the entire It has been met with quite a bit of controversy, since it features relatively unknown ingredients, but it is well worth taking a deeper look at.


  • All natural, plant extract ingredients
  • Only diet pill designed with belly fat in mind
  • Reduced body fat, firmer butt
  • Only requires one dose per day
  • Works quickly, the only natural diet pill to do so

How Does It Work?

Tengda works by suppressing gastric and pancreatic lipases. These are the enzymes that help you digest your food and process the fat taken into your intestines and prevent it from being broken and stored by your body. Since the that fat won’t be broken down, it will pass through your system without ever having a chance to be stored and turn into body fat.

The pectin is responsible for this and pectin is actually technically considered a carbohydrate, although it doesn’t have any calories. That seems strange, but stay with me. This ingredient can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of diabetes, and give you the flat stomach that you’ve always desired.


There are several good reasons to look into Tengda diet pills. So many diet pills today center around synthetic stimulants that have a very good chance of hurting, or even killing you. Tengda relies on only all natural ingredients. The ingredients that are in it, in addition, are all proven to work and have a huge effect on weight loss goals. You don’t need to worry about whether or not you are taking ineffective ingredients when there are things like green tea, chitosan, and cinnamon in Tengda.

Tengda also works on the belly specifically, which will probably make you very happy indeed. The truth is that a great deal of people will never be able to get rid of that fat, no matter how many years they try to lose it. Tengda is designed to help those people in particular. Having a diet pill designed for your purpose is a huge advantage. That is especially true when you are dealing with the special kind of fat tissue that rests here. Belly fat, or visceral fat, is the most dangerous to have. It literally squeezes your internal organs. Most people who suffer a heart attack have a lot of visceral fat. Not to mention the fact that it can help lift and tighten the butt area, which if you are anything like me, that is something you would love to do.

You also only have to take it once per day, which is outstanding. Most diet pills must be taken several times per day, before and after each meal. It gets hard to keep up with dosages after a while, no matter how badly you want to lose the weight. When you only have to remember to take something once, it is exponentially easier. There is nothing like taking one pill, first thing in the morning, and then knowing that you are going to be burning fat all day without having to put any extra effort into it.

Side Effects

All in all, the only side effects that you can find with people taking Tengda are ones that come with almost all natural diet pills. There are some reports of digestive problems like nausea, diarrhea, constipation, or indigestion, but that isn’t always the case. Since you are going to be taking a diet pill that stops your body from absorbing fat, you should be avoiding excess fat in order to prevent these problems. This is similar to the negative side effects of the popular Alli prescription diet pill.  In truth, if you pay attention to your diet and make the proper changes, Tengda can be the boost you need to drop those last few pounds and keep you slim in a natural way without any side effects to be seen.

The Results

The results with Tengda can vary greatly, but much of it depends on your diet. On the whole, Tengda can help you lose 2-3 pounds a week, lower your blood pressure, and drastically reduce your chances of adult onset diabetes. As always, this varies from person to person.

Much of the success of Tengda is tied to your diet and workout routine. A high fat, high carbohydrate diet can still let you lose weight with Tengda, but it isn’t going to be quite the same. If you make the right changes to your diet, though, you can see an exponential increase in your success.

The Verdict

If you purchase this product on the internet be very careful about your source. There are hundreds of websites out there claiming to sell Tengda but they are usually bogus and will deliver a product that is counterfeit. This is especially true if you are purchasing from China so caveat emptor!

I would say that it might be worthwhile to try these pills but I am not  a big believer in diet pills in the first place. Because this is supposedly a safe, natural, and effective product you will likely have no problems with it. I would discuss it with your doctor first. You have to be willing to make the diet changes so you avoid excess fat, however. If you are willing to do that, you can have a lot of success. Even if you don’t see a massive change in your weight, you will more than likely feel healthier overall and won’t have to suffer any side effects. There isn’t anything to lose here. I’ve taken plenty of diet pills, not lost any weight, but still had to deal with the negative side effects that came from that kind of stimulant use.

Lipozene Review – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

For anybody experiencing trouble with weight loss and finding consistency in a supplement to help keep weight off, they know it can be a very frustrating process.  There are many pills on the market that advertise themselves as “the best” and “most effective” in their attempt to help dieters.  Lipozene is one of those products and has received much feedback, both positive and negative.

Is Lipozene Just An Appetite Suppressant? What are some of the Ingredients Used?

lipozene-diet-pillsAccording to its advertisement, Lipozene promises some truly incredible results.  It is a “weight-loss breakthrough” that requires a few pills a day and will reduce your body fat.  Although it offers this guarantee to help you lose fat, Lipozene does not actually contain any fat-burning ingredients. It does contain green tea, kola-nut and vitamins B12 and B6, which will assist in improving your metabolism. However glucomannan is its major ingredient.  This is a natural fiber that comes from a plant called the “konjac root” which is most commonly found in Asia.  It is a common nutritional supplement that is used to control high cholesterol, obesity and type two diabetes.  The working theory behind why it works so well is that once it swells and expands in your stomach, your urge to eat disappears.  Basically its job is to maintain a feeling of “fullness” so over time you will decrease your overall food intake, losing weight in the processes.  Since glucomannan is a water-soluble fiber, it is suggested to take it with a glass of water to prevent choking or any blockage of your throat.  According to a review in the Los Angeles Times, its advertisement also claims it is cost effective.  You will “pay about $30 for 60 capsules that each contain 750 milligrams of glucomannan.”  You are then told to take “up to two capsules before a meal three times a day.”  Six capsules is the absolute maximum that should be taken per day of Lipozene.  A one-month supply should run you about $90.

Are There Any Side Effects?

lipozene-ingredientsThere are documented negative side effects of Lipozene such as bloating, gas or diarrhea; all of which are common side effects of in taking too much fiber.  It is very common, no matter what diet supplemental pill you take, to experience stomach problems due to your body’s unfamiliarity to the product. As your body adjusts and you diet changes, over time any pain should go away.  Another side effect that users have experiences is addiction, both mental and physical.  Mentally users find that when they start taking the product and it starts to work in a few weeks time, they believe if they stop the weight will come back on.  Physically, however is where the truth really sets in.  People become physically addicted to this supplement due to its high amount of fiber (the glucomannan).  Therefore users are not necessarily addicted to the Lipozene, but to the high fiber intake that is now a regular part of their diet.  Although taking a lot of fiber as a part of your diet is not necessarily a bad thing, it does create extra expenses when you need to constantly buy foods (or pills) with high-fiber percentages.

Does It Work? (Customer Testimonials Included)

Lipozene-before-and-afterScientifically there are positive side effects as well.  If you choose to take it, you need to take it 30 minutes before eating.  As stated above, that is enough time to let the glucomannan spread through your stomach and work its magic to give you the feeling of fullness.  As a customer on one of the popular website puts it, “If your goal is to eat less, YES it works.”  Another stated “Lipozene did help me lose a few pounds so I would recommend it for people who just need to get a few pounds off.”  What you should take from these reviews is that if your current state of mind when you see food is that you have to eat it, Lipozene is a great product because it gives you that “full feeling.”  It is by no means a source of energy to help you exercise, which will in turn help you lose more weight.  One other positive side effect that must be noted is that it does in fact change your diet.  Another reviewer on states I already lost 8 pounds since starting and I enjoy the other benefits of fiber I’m given from these pills.”  While previously stated that getting addicted to fiber was a side effect, that does not necessarily mean it’s a bad thing! The science behind this pill will force you to change your diet due to the artificial fiber in the pill and the need to keep drinking water.

Here are some more customer testimonials taken from Amazon

Positive ones

lost 15lbs pretty quick
My problem isn’t a lack of exercise, it’s that I like good food. I didn’t change my diet at all and started taking this 30mins before meals. Dropped 15lbs in about a month maintaining the exact same diet.Brad_PGH

When you compare this to other konjac tablets it should come out on top! I have found konjac to be a very effective and easily digestible appetite suppressant. This brand is 1500mg, which is much more than most other konjac tablets. When I’m on a diet I can start to get hungry before my next meal, take just one Lipozene tablet and feel fine for up to a couple of hours until my next meal. Taken before a meal it will stop me from overeating. With lower dose brands I have to take a few tablets to get the same effect. Those brands are cheaper (and may be better value – I haven’t done the calculations) but I don’t like the hassle of taking more tablets to get the desired affect. I lost almost 20lbs and could not have stuck to the strict diet (in my diet and exercise regime) without taking Konjac daily when I was hungry.
I think that the marketing is wrong for this brand and that is attracting negative reviews. The bottle says that it helps you to lose weight and body fat, which I think is leading people to expect it to be more than just an appetite suppressant.  – SH1

A few negative ones:

Lipozene-testimonialNot recommended, not worth the money!!!
I have been taking the pills for 2 weeks, 2 pills twice a day along with some exercising but have not lost anything yet. –  Mike
Waste of money
Took as directed, even cut way back on sugar, went through both bottles and did not lose a pound. Did not make me feel any less hungry. Did not work for me at all. Total waste of money, no wonder they are paying for false advertisment stating it “burns pure body fat” . . Lies.Sue9399

The bottom line is that this product will work differently on different people, but to lose weight you must give it a chance.  There is no magic pill where overnight you lose weight.  If you take it over a period of time, your body will become accustomed to having more fiber and will expect that as a constant part of your diet.  If you want to feel full, the heavy doses of glucomannan will no doubt over time give you that sensation.  If you dive into this product, know that financially and from a diet and lifestyle standpoint, you are diving in 100 percent.

For any of you are interested, here is a Lipozene Commercial: