Do Weight Loss Patches Really Work?

weight-loss-patch-slimmingIf you’re a chronic or seasoned dieter you have no doubt become very frustrated at times with your results (or lack thereof) and wondered about whether or not you should use diet pills. You’ve probably heard a fair bit of hype about weight loss patches. Weight loss patches are relatively new in the diet world. They offer a huge amount of weight loss with minimum amount of work invested. Do they really work? You might be surprised.

At first glance weight loss patches seem almost too good to be true. That makes me think of the old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” In the case of weight loss patches, most claim that you can lose a great deal of weight without doing much of anything at all. There are definitely some truths and some falsities to these claims. Read on and get educated.

Most weight loss patches don’t live up to their claims

So, if you are able to find any kind of weight loss that truly works (and remember that is a HUGE if), in almost all cases, it would need to be prescribed by a physician. If you expect to actually lose the amount of weight that the publicity for most of these products promises, any reputable physician will want to run a battery of tests on you before prescribing something like this. Losing such huge amounts of weight in such small amounts of time can put your health at serious risk. You may not know this but losing upwards of 35 pounds per week will give you pretty serious side effects.

Side Effects:

weightloss-patch-Side-EffectsThe most damaging side effect will be loss of muscle tissue. If your body does not have enough fuel to keep it going, it will burn muscle for energy. This is a very bad side effect for many reasons.

Another side effect you can experience if you lose weight too quickly are problems with your gallbladder. Your body may form gallstones which are thickened clumps of cholesterol which are produced when your liver is pumping away at high levels to try to metabolize excess bile. If you are consuming little to almost no fat in your diet, your gallbladder may stop functioning altogether causing you to suffer an extremely painful gallbladder attack. Sometime the only way to deal with a chronic gallbladder problem is with surgery.

If you are not taking in enough nutrients your body may not be able to produce enough heat to keep you warm. Having just a thin layer of fat is a great body insulator. If you are losing weight too quickly, you are losing some of that excess insulation your body needs to keep you warm.

Another unpleasant side effect you may experience if you are losing weight too quickly is hair loss. Hair loss usually occurs only in people who aren’t getting enough protein. If this is the case, your body will take protein from other sources in your body instead of giving it to your hair follicles to produce new hair growth. The best part of this equation is that once you start nourishing your body again properly, your hair will grow back.

Most weight loss patches have little actual effect

Sad though it is to say, most weight patches, in general, have very little actual effect on overall weight loss. If it does give any kind of positive effect, it will almost certainly not be because of any of the herbal extracts it contains. The bottom line is that most of the publicity associated with these products is mostly based on magical thinking. If you take a good look at the ingredients list on the package, you will note that most of these products contain very large amounts of caffeine. Many will contain a product called ephedra which is used to speed up your heart rate. This will, consequently, allow your body to burn slightly more calories than usual. But when you actually stop a moment to think about this, does it make sense to you to overwork your heart if you’re already overweight to begin with? Probably not.

Most weight loss patches are not regulated by the FDA

The vast majority of these products are unregulated by the Federal Drug Administration. Thanks to the internet, you are able to find hundreds of websites on which you can purchase weight loss patches in the same way that you can find hundreds of websites that will sell you Viagra without a prescription. That alone should send up a red flag saying that it might be very dangerous to purchase this kind of product.

Even if you’re lucky enough to lose some weight, don’t expect to keep it off

Even if you manage to be one of the lucky few who loses 10 pounds or more, the chances of you being able to maintain that weight loss over a prolonged period of time are very small. Likely, you will regain the weight within one to two months. This is because your body has only been reacting to the chemicals to which you’ve exposed it. You have not made any lifelong dietary or exercise changes to your lifestyle. Unless you are planning on wearing a weight loss patch every day for the rest of your life, you will quickly return to your pre-weight loss patch weight. You will quickly discover that the weight loss patches will not work over the long term.

Weight loss patches may at first seem like your answer to a prayer. They are quick and dirty and promise huge rewards. Who wouldn’t want that? But you will soon discover for yourself that the only effective way to lose weight and keep it off over the long haul is to make changes to your diet and your exercise plans. As you’ve seen from the other postings on this blog, those changes do not need to be huge. Slow and steady wins the race. Small changes can have huge effects. You also don’t need to lose all your excess weight overnight.


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