The Official Guide To HCG Diet Plan

hcg-dietWhen it comes to experimental new diets, I thought I had heard it all. Recently, I discovered the hCG diet plan and am fascinated with it. There is a lot of information to wade through here, but we can cover the basics to give you an idea of what we’re talking about. This all very controversial, keep in mind. In any case by knowing what hCG is, what the hCG diet is and the kind of risks and rewards that are involved. You will be able to make a more information decision whether it is for you or not.

What is hCG?

hCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is a substance that is normally found inside of a pregnant woman’s placenta. This is the hormone responsible for mobilizing a pregnant woman’s fat reserves in an effort to maintain the body and help the growing baby develop. By using the stored fat that you have lying around, hCG allows you to lose a great deal of weight and convert as much as possible into energy. This system of forcing your body to burn fat is important when you look at the aspects of the hCG diet.

If you are a man though, don’t be too scared of the fact that it is usually found inside of a pregnant woman’s body. Just because its found there doesn’t mean that there is any estrogen or weird hormones that is going to turn you into a woman!

How Do You Take hCG?

There are two methods of getting hCG into your body: injections and sub-lingual drops. This is where a lot of people are turned off. I am averse to any kind of injection and would rather not go to those lengths, but with a doctor’s supervision injecting something like this is perfectly safe. For people who would rather not use the injections liquid drops are available, although many experts believe that this is not quite as effective as injections which place the proper hormones directly into your system.

What Is The hCG Diet?

hcg weight lossWell, on paper it appears as though you are starving yourself. At about 500 calories each day, your body would normally be put into preservation mode but the hCG keeps your fat burning.

As a general rule you are allowed 200 grams of lean/grass fed meat, 2 fruits, and 2 vegetables. Soda and other junk food options are out of question! Coffee and tea are great choices for keeping your metabolism going as well, but don’t even think about adding sugar to it. Periodically, people on the hCG diet have a sort of a protein overload day that recharges their body.  What is also important is the addition of up to two liters of water a day into your routine. You can’t risk dehydration when you are using hormones to lose weight.

As for the protein days, you are going to cram your day with nuts and lean meats to make sure that you don’t risk losing muscle tissue. You should wait until you lose at least 2 pounds before you do this though. No dairy, no eggs. If you are a vegetarian you can have egg whites or cottage cheese to make sure that you get plenty of protein in.

This highly restricted diet will last for about three weeks. After three weeks, you will take a week long break and let your body catch up. The maximum length of time that professionals recommend is 45 days. Once the target weight is reached, you continue the diet for a couple of days before returning to a normal, healthy diet. This means that you have to eat as healthy as possible for about three weeks. No grains and no refined sugars that are going to turn to fat. This is a time when many have recommended switching to a Paleo diet or Atkins diet.

Benefits Of hCG Diet

The people that I have talked to (and voices online echoed this) have reported about a pound a day of fat loss. That is why this is usually reserved for people with a great deal of weight to lose. As a result hypertension, diabetes and any problem associated with obesity is dramatically reduced.

What Are The Risks Involved?

The majority of problems associated with the hCG diet come from the calorie restriction. hCG itself is harmhcg-side-effectsless and a naturally occurring hormone in the human body.When you cut the calorie intake to such low levels then you run the risk of hypersensitivity, gall bladder problems, gout and general fatigue. This isn’t always the case though and it can vary from person to person… But such side effects have been noted.

Any dangers associated with the actual hCG are attributed to incorrect injections. Pain and inflammation at the injection site can become problematic if not taken care of. Talk to your doctor about your decision and he can help you provide you with more information about it and probably guide you on a proper way to inject it.

The Verdict

It is obvious that an hCG diet shows a lot of promise. The science behind it seems to make sense and eating a healthy diet is always helpful, even if it is in such small amounts. The thing to take into consideration is whether or not you are willing to put in the effort to always take hCG and restrict your portions to this level. If you are willing to do so, this is a one of a kind diet that really can provide an incredible boost in your weight loss journey.


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