How to Fight Halloween Candy Cravings? – 5 Simple Tips!

halloween-weight-lossAfter many years of thinking trying to trace the origins of my dysfunctional relationship with food it finally dawned on me. Halloween. I remember the first time I gorged myself on candy to the point where it made me ill. I actually threw up. Yeah, I know pretty gross. I was 8 years old. Had come home with a real treasure of Mr. Goodbars, M&Ms and Snickers. And I sat down in my bedroom that night and dove in. I ate and ate and ate. That was the beginning. Now I am a mom of two and I dread Halloween each year because I know that my two girls will be doing the same thing: coming home with their respective pillowcases full to bursting with goodies and treats collected from well-meaning neighbors who live all up and down our street.

So, how do I deal with my own Halloween candy cravings? Well, first and foremost, I make sure that the treats that I am going to give out have absolutely no appeal to me so I won’t be tempted to sneak a few of them into my own mouth. This means that I usually give the dreaded black licorice. Okay, I know that most kids also hate it. But they are really only looking to receive something from my house when they bang on the door. They are probably not monitoring every treat that is tossed into their bag as they make their way through the neighborhood. And if they are? It’s okay with me.

So, when my children come bursting back into the house, we have a little ritual.

The first thing we do is sit down and go through the bag so we can separate the keepers from those we don’t really want. This usually includes all the trail mix and granola bars and the non-candy items which they’ve picked up.

halloween-candy-cravingsThen they’re allowed to go through what’s left over and choose the things that they just can’t live without. I usually set a limit of say 25 items. I do this because I believe that it helps learn how to savour the things they love while eating them in moderation. All things in moderation, I say.

And what do we do with all the leftovers? Oh, that’s the easiest part of all. There are tons of people in the world who would welcome a sweet treat at Halloween time. When you really get right down to it, there are hundreds of children who don’t have any parents to take them trick or treating. You might want to share some of the bounty with some of them through your local Boy’s and Girl’s Club.

Packing up some of the candy into a beautiful little care package can help teach your children about the good feelings you get when you help others. These care packages can be sent to troops who are serving overseas. One such program that can help you is something called Operation Shoebox. The premise is simple: you fill a shoebox with things and and Operation Shoebox will forward it along for you. What could be simpler than that?

halloween-dietAnother place that would be thrilled to help take some of the excess candy off your hand is a local long-term care facility. You and your children can make goodie bags similar to the kind distributed at birthday parties and take them into a local facility. You will be amazed at the look of delight that will come across an elderly person’s face when they realize what’s inside the bag.

It’s hard to fight the cravings you might have once the pre-Halloween candy starts to hit the shelves in all the stores. I dread shopping at this time of year because my salivary glands go into hyper-drive. So, I always make sure that I carry a little something sweet of my own in my purse: a bag of banana chips or a small bag of Hershey’s chips. Just enough to tide me over and help me that I, too, had a treat. Not enough that it’s going to bust my meal plan for the day. Just enough.

And I think the biggest weapon in my arsenal is that I try my best avoid going into stores where I know I’m going to encounter the Halloween candy aisle. If I don’t see it, it isn’t there. That’s my best strategy. Keep my eyes focused on my goal which is to lose 50 pounds in two years. I can do it if I just don’t let myself get sucked into the bag of goodies to begin with.

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