Is Yoga A Practical Method To Lose Weight?

Lose-Weight-YogaYoga is by and large considered a fantastic way to get an incredible variety of health benefits. It can make you stronger, leaner, and happier. All while learning how to focus you energy and be more productive in your everyday life. Let’s look at what kind of yoga we are taking about and what you can truly gain from it.

What Is Yoga?

You probably have an image in your head of what yoga is. In fact, yoga is an incredible workout. It isn’t just for old bearded swamis anymore. Yoga combines meditation and exercise with meditation by moving through flowing poses that are each held for a period of time. This can be either on your own or in a class, which most gyms now offer. There are also plenty of retreats available to learn yoga in an intense learning environment, but it isn’t as complicated as many people think.

YogaThere are a variety of types of yoga in the world, but most people can’t tell the difference between them. Hatha yoga is the form that is most common in the western world. In the 19th century, it was brought here by swamis looking to share their knowledge with the western world. An estimated 16 million people now practice it, but it wasn’t always so popular. With hatha yoga, the focus is shifted primarily to the physical aspects, as opposed to the chants and religious aspects of many eastern practices. With the busy world we live in now, this means that you can combine your exercise and meditation easily and see the maximum benefit from a single workout.

Here is a great video to get you started with Hatha Yoga:

Meditation Through Yoga

Meditation-YogaMeditation is a mindful practice that can improve the overall mental ability of anyone. The center of most practices is the focus on breathing and being mindful of your body. Yoga requires you to focus on your body at all times and control your breaths. The more intense the workout, the harder it becomes. Rather than spend 30 minutes a day sitting still, you can do yoga and get a workout while you meditate.

This is important to people attempting to lose weight due to the effects that yoga has on the body as a whole. Human growth hormone is released during meditation, which can help to lose weight, build muscle, and be stronger than ever. Meditation will also help you remain positive and confident throughout your day, even when your weight loss isn’t going exactly like you want it to. One of the hardest parts of weight loss is losing motivation, but meditation makes sure that you can keep up with any routine.

Yoga And Weight Loss

Now the part that you’ve all be waiting for. How can you lose weight with yoga? The answer lies in the full body movements that yoga uses. “Core” workouts are one of the most popular topics in gyms right now and yoga truly embodies that term. Losing weight with squats and curls is fine, but yoga makes sure that you activate every muscle in your body while performing similar movements.

Holding poses is harder than you might think. The plank position is very close to a standard push up. Get on the ground and see how long you can stay in that position before you get tired. Even if you have strong arms, you will find that your legs, abs, back, and shoulders are all engaged as well. The goal of yoga is to use poses that activate your whole body just like this.

A spike in your heart rate can happen when you do a single exercise, but think of how high you can keep it when you are doing these kinds of full body poses! Cardio workouts can spike your heart rate, but they are also hard on your joints in many cases. Yoga, on the other hand, strengthens your joints and is intense enough to keep you at a fat burning heart rate, but not so intense that you need a week to recover.

What Kind Of Yoga Workouts Help You Lose Weight?

Former Professional Wrestler Diamond Dallas Page advocates a form of yoga that he calls Yoga For Regular Guys. This kind of workout has let him stay in shape since leaving the sport and actually improved his overall health. Many customers have found that they lose 100+ pounds in a year’s time.

The idea behind this kind of intense and fat loss focused routine is to keep your muscles activated as much as possible. Any yoga routine can apply this concept. By contracting all of your muscles as you work through the movements you will be placing imaginary weights on your limbs that will make the workout much more intense, but without the negative effects of extreme workouts.

How Much Weight Can I Lose?

Running burns an average of 400 calories an hour. Yoga workouts that involve the contractions that we just covered can burn that same amount and will also give you a strength upgrade. This will equal out to about a pound a week if you perform the workouts every day. Combined with diet and exercise, the results will be even more.

Who Is Right For Weight Loss Yoga?

Anyone. That is the beauty of this kind of exercise. Anyone, young or old, can see the benefits in their own way since yoga also improves flexibility and blood flow. Many of the older generations continue to practice yoga well into their later years, even if they aren’t attempting to lose weight.

Power yoga is a common name for strength and weight loss based programs. Try a 20 minute workout for yourself and see what you think. Chances are, you won’t feel like you are doing much at the beginning, but by the end, you will feel stronger, happier, and more motivated than ever to lose weight.

Here is a 20 min workout video to kick-start your weight loss with yoga regime:

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