5 Tips For Natural Weight Loss

When I started to make the switch away from synthetic fat loss supplements, I got worried that I might never get the same kind of results from a natural supplement. It is easy to think that you have to have synthetic help with your weight loss in order to have any success. In fact, though, research has discovered that there are plenty of natural ways to boost your weight loss, most of which I’ve had a lot of success with. Read through all of these and think about adding a few into your life.

Drink More Water

natural-weight-lossI mention water on a regular basis, but it really is that important. A tall glass first thing in the morning, between meals, with meals and at the end of the day will keep you well hydrated. 8 glasses is the standard recommendation, but if you feel thirsty having more water is never harmful. Never hesitate to drink a glass if you are headed to the kitchen or getting ready to have a soda.

If you don’t drink enough you will develop hypertension, feel tired and you might have a lot of difficulties losing some weight. Your body can only survive for a couple of days without water. That makes it almost more important than food! Keep in mind that fat is never going to burn off if you aren’t hydrated properly.

Have A Cup Of Green Tea

I had a huge amount of success with drinking green tea. A recent study found that a 250mg capsule of green tea extract charged participants metabolism by 25% for three hours after taking it. If you take a capsule with each meal that will mean that your metabolism is in pure fat burning mode for about 6 hours a day. The addition of caffeine to the mix means that this truly is one of the best natural ways to lose weight.

Switch From Coffee To Yerba Mate

Even switching between different natural beverages can have a huge impact on your life. Coffee is great, and I can’t make it through the day without it, but there are better options when it comes to losing weight. Yerba Mate is a relatively unknown drink that features a combination of stimulants that gives a long lasting, clean energy feeling that helps you stay motivated and burning fat for much longer. There isn’t the crash that coffee is associated with.

For weight loss specifically, yerba mate is important. The long lasting energy means that you can burn fat for longer. Coffee can be great for giving you a boost that will kickstart your metabolism, but it isn’t going to last much and then you don’t have the motivation to eat a healthy meal or workout. You can read about 10 other herbs that help lose weight.


Give Meditation A Shot

When it comes to changing something in your life, very few things have given me the kind of benefits that meditation has. Weight loss is only one of the benefits that you are going to find through a meditation practice.

Increased focus, sense of well being, a longer life, and a healthier body are all possible with meditation. In particular, it encourages your body to release the kinds of hormones that regulate body composition and weight. Growth hormone is important to your body and when you meditate to release more of it, you find that you feel stronger and more energetic throughout the day. Your workouts will be easier and you will no doubt see a massive increase in your results.

Moreover you can also try visualizing yourself as if you have already achieved your ideal weight. You can visualize how people will react to it, how you start getting a lot of attention again and every other positive thing that could happen to you by achieving your ideal weight. We will talk about this in more detail in another post by I just felt like mentioning it here. Visualization is most effective when you are in a relaxed meditative state.

Yoga is another great way to lose weight, I wrote about it here.

Get Better Sleep

5-natural-weight-loss-tipsThis is another one that I bring up time and time again. Sleep is essential to your well being and it is one thing that will increase your chances of success more than almost everything else combined. To be honest, a lack of sleep will make you gain weight, feel tired, and become depressed. Sound sleep on the other hand, means that you will be well equipped to handle the day.

If you think that this might be part of your problem, focus on fixing this immediately. For Starters, don’t eat carbohydrates before bed. You should also make sure that you go to bed at the same time every night. Waking up at the same time every day is just as important. If you still need help once you get used to a new routine, try eating a handful of nuts just before you go to bed. The healthy fats and protein that are packed into nuts will give your body a steady source of energy throughout the night only without keeping you awake like carbohydrates do.

All of these can make a huge impact on your life without having to rely on synthetic, harmful alternatives. Staying hydrated and sleeping properly will take care of a lot of it, but if you add in some other cures you’ll exponentially increase your success. Take a good look at your life and these tips. I know that you will find something that can help you and the results you start to see will be absolutely amazing, I can promise you that.

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