OatMeal Diet for Weight Loss?

oatmeal-dietI’m sure that when you were a kid your mother served you oatmeal sometimes for breakfast. Many of us grew up eating that every morning as a staple before  heading off to school. This is because oatmeal is one of the most nutritious and least expensive foods you can eat. Eating a bowl of oatmeal every morning for breakfast can actually help you lose weight. It is a wonderful source of protein and is low in carbohydrates. It also contains a large number of vitamins in every bowl.

Health benefits of oatmeal

The best health benefits is that oatmeal is made from whole oats and whole oats are among the world’s best source of soluble fiber. If you are eating a bowl of oatmeal every morning you can put your metamucil away forever. Eating oatmeal will also help keep your cholesterol levels under control and this will help reduce your risk for developing cardiovascular disease.

How can eating oatmeal help with weight loss?

Oatmeal for weight lossNo dietitian or nutritionist would ever tell you that you can use oatmeal as your so source for vitamins and nutrients especially if you are trying to lose weight but it is possible that adding oatmeal to your daily diet will help expedite your weight loss.

Because oatmeal contains so much fiber, it will promote a feeling of fullness after you have consumed it. This feeling will stay with you for several hours thus reducing your impulse to snack or fill up on other junk food. This high level of fiber means that oatmeal is also a naturally low-fat food. Oatmeal will also slow down the absorption rate of other nutrients into your bloodstream.

Because most people eat oatmeal as part of their breakfast meal, eating a high-fiber meal at breakfast can also aid with weight loss. People who eat a regular breakfast have been shown clinically to lose pounds and keep them off faster and better than those people who do not eat breakfast each morning.

Are there other ways to incorporate oatmeal into my diet?

Yes, adding oatmeal to the rest of your daily diet is quite simple and easy. You should not feel limited at all to just eating it at breakfast time. Ground oatmeal can always be added to many different kinds of recipes and/or  baked goods.

If you are eating oatmeal on a regular basis, you are providing your  body with more than an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which every human body needs in order to function properly. Oatmeal also contains many complex carbohydrates along with iron and protein. Substituting your regular meals for 3 meals of oatmeal each day will help you lose between 3 and 5 pounds per week.

What do I need to follow the oatmeal diet?

In order to follow the oatmeal diet you need to stock up on fat-free skim milk, lots of fresh fruit, lots of raw vegetables and some oatmeal bars. These should contain a minimum of 12 grams of whole grains per serving. You will also need a pen and some note paper.

During the first seven days of your new oatmeal diet, you should only eat oatmeal. You will be allowed one half cup of oatmeal at each meal. In the beginning you should not use any kind of quick oats or pre-prepared oats, only use whole oatmeal. If you are thirsty, you can drink ½ cup of fat-free skim milk with your meal. Keep track of everything you eat and/or drink on  your note paper.

You should plan to follow this oatmeal diet for a minimum of one month. During this time each of your three meals per day will consist of ½ cup of prepared oatmeal. You can substitute some instant oatmeal if you like but only do this is the total fat and sugar content of the package is less than 60% of the whole meal. Each serving of instant oatmeal should be less than 300 calories. You should plan to consume no more than 1,000 to 1,300 calories each day.

If you find that you are  hungry between meals, you can add a healthy snack such as fresh strawberries or seedless grapes. You can eat about ½ cup of either fresh fruit and/or fresh vegetables as your snack. Most people have the most success snacking on things like sliced green or red peppers, sliced carrots and cut-up cucumber. Fresh oranges and bananas are always a good choice as a healthy snack.

The worst part of following a diet like this is dealing with the monotony of eating the same food every single day for thirty days. It can be very depressing sometimes. If you are finding it hard to cope with this facet of the diet then be sure to add some fresh fruit to your bowl in the morning. Go for a run after lunch or go to a bookstore for some distraction You can take some comfort in knowing that the thirty days will pass relatively quickly. Just hang in there. It will be worth it.

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