Special K Diet Plan – A Few Things You Didn’t Know About This Diet!

What is the Special K diet plan?

special-k Have you seen the ads on television telling you that if you follow the Special K Diet plan that you can lose up to 6 lbs in just fourteen days? It just sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? Yet, according to the makers of Special K, Kellogg’s cereals, if you follow their diet plan which means eating their cereal products for breakfast and lunch each day along with a regular meal for dinner, you stand to lose up to six pounds in just two weeks.

Well, to say that I was skeptical at first would probably be the understatement of the 21st century. But I started to do some research on this diet and discovered some very interesting things about it.

This diet allows relatively quick weight loss by utilizing portion control at two daily meals and at regular snack times. It does not, however, give any recommendations as to what should be included in or the portion sizes of the third meal, dinner. It is important to realize as well that if the dinner meal is full of fat and excess carbohydrates that any potential weight loss achieved from following the diet at breakfast and lunch will be negated. This means that you will not have lost much weight by the time the two weeks is up.

This diet has been specially designed as a quick fix. It is not intended to be followed on a long-term basis. You will find no recommendations from any health practitioners or dieticians in terms of what to eat and how to eat it. The only information you will find will be contained on the panels of the cereal boxes themselves and on the website for the product, Special K cereal. There is also a message group which operates on Yahoo and features a blog written by athlete Gabrielle Reece.

There is nothing inherently special about either Special K products at all except for the fact that the majority of them are made using whole grains. It is a known fact that eating whole grains can help you feel fuller for longer.

People who decide to take the Special K Challenge, as it is called, should view it as the beginning to following a more healthy eating plan and gaining a healthier lifestyle because of that. They should view those initial six pounds they lose as the kickstarter motivating factor which can get them going.

What can you actually eat when you’re doing this Challenge?

special-k-diet-planThe Challenge itself is relatively simple and easy to follow. It incorporates foods that most people have easy access to and enjoy quite a bit. Dieters are encouraged to choose from a great variety of Special K products such as the different cereals they make, bars, shakes and enhanced water products.

If you opt to use their cereals or bar products, be sure you read the labels and choose only those which are high in fiber and protein. These additions will keep you fuller longer and help ease any hunger pangs. Also make sure that you are only eating the recommended serving size and weigh and/or measure your food.

How the Special K Challenge actually works?

This diet works so well because it literally slashes calorie intake by about ½. So, think of it this way, if you all of a sudden started eating a breakfast each day which consisted of between 100 and 250 calories rather than your normal bacon, eggs, toast and orange juice, you think you’d lose weight, right? That is what this diet plan is doing. It is substituting your normal breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and oj for a bowl of cereal and skim milk. Simple as a pied. Diet pie, that is.

The diet is also extremely simple and easy to follow meaning that it will be easy to maintain for the two weeks which will be needed. Giving dieters the option to choose their own third meal (dinner) makes the diet more acceptable to most people and they are more likely to see it through to its completion.

Yes, but what do the experts say about this diet plan?

Despite the fact that this diet is simple to use and encourages dieters to eat food that is easily accessible to them, scientists have not been overwhelming in their praise of it. They say that the diet is too low in fiber, protein and does not incorporate enough fruits and vegetables. They also criticize the fact that no exercise component is either included or encouraged.

I don’t see any harm at all in following something like the Special K diet for a few weeks provided that you limit it to the two weeks which are suggested. If you use this diet as a springboard and a jumping off place for a bigger lifestyle change, then this might be just the ticket for easing into it without a big hoo-hah.

It is important to remember that when most people first start to diet what they are initially losing is usually water weight. You might also lose about 1 to 2 pounds per week when you first start but this will soon plateau to a more reasonable self-sustaining weight loss.

You can probably expect you will be more hungry than usual on this diet and you will therefore need to wary of the temptation to cheat. Be sure you keep lots of healthy snacks on  hand if you’re going to follow this diet.

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