Success Story: An Amazing 175 Pound Weight Loss

Jon Calvo is a truly inspirational man. He has lost more than 175 pounds in the past two years.


When he hit his highest weight of 340 lbs he realized that his BMI was about 50. This means that his body was comprised of 50% fat. He is just 5’5” tall. At that point, he decided to make some radical shifts in how he ate and how he worked out.

Jon lives in Wichita, Kansas but he was an army brat when he was growing up. Most of his teenage years were spent overseas. He just recently relocated back to the United States from Korea where he was attending university working on a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

In a recent interview, Jon spoke freely about what it was like to grow up as a “fat kid”. He says that he could never understand why his metabolism functioned so differently from that of his peers. He had many emotional issues because he was teased mercilessly. He comforted himself by eating food. But despite all of that, he says that the real bullying did not begin until he was well into his adulthood. It was at that point that he found himself being ridiculed by other people for the first time in his life.

yoda-inspirationJon says that he tried to lose weight dozens of times but always failed. Try though he might, he has never been able to understand why he was such a failure at weight loss except that he had the wrong kind of mindset. The last time he set out to lose weight he first adjusted his thinking patterns and decided that he was determined to lose weight no matter what obstacles he encountered. He says he was inspired by a quote from Master Yoda from Star Wars, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

When he first began on his journey he says he never expected that the changes in his appearance would be as dramatic as they turned out to be. He says that what really got him motivated was being ridiculed on such a regular basis. It was agonizing for him. He had never been in a position before where people would say such hurtful and mean things to him just because he was fat. At the beginning of his journey in 2010, he says he felt extremely weak and vulnerable, helpless and dehumanized. He says he desperately wanted to feel empowered like he had as a younger child. He began his metamorphosis from a position of fear but it turned out to be the best thing he had ever done for himself.

Despite feeling impatient with himself many times along the way because he had so much weight to lose, he kept going because he was desperate to make some fundamental changes to both himself and his outward appearance.

Jon’s primary weight loss method has been intermittent fasting. Though he did not initially start off using this technique, he says that he has become a dedicated practitioner. He had known about the practice for years before he actually tried it for the first time.

His advice to anyone who is contemplating going on a similar weight loss journey is simple:

Know that there are times when you will fail but that failure will become one with your success. Losing a great deal of weight is like riding on horseback for more than 1,000 miles. If you fall off your horse, you should not simply revert back to the way you were going before, you should get back up on your horse and continue along in the direction you were headed. Having a sense of conviction and self-discipline will be your greatest allies on the journey. All the motivation you need to achieve your goal already resides within you. He says that he knows that this saying is a cliché but that, in his experience, it is so true. Each person simply has to examine themselves and they will find the strength they are looking for. And when they find it, they will know. Once they have found it, there will be nothing that can stop them, not even themselves.

This man’s journey offers many different life lessons for all of us. So many of us are so afraid to try new things because we are afraid we will fail. But the secret to true success often involves multiple failures in many different arenas. The real challenge is to begin the journey at all. Every journey has its own challenges and one of the biggest challenges of all is finding the perseverance to continue along the way when you are discouraged. This is why it is helpful to enlist the help of even just one other person, someone you can talk to about your dreams, hopes, aspirations and yes, fears. That person can become a real lifeline when the going gets tough. Do not underestimate the importance of finding a support person or a support group especially if you are going to try to lose a great deal of weight. Sometimes having a support person or a support group can be the difference between success and failure.

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