Green Coffee Extract For Weight Loss – Is It a Miracle Fat Burning Bean?

green-coffee-for-weight-lossIf you keep up with weight loss news and different trends that are going on in the world of weight loss on a regular basis, you have probably heard about the studies being conducted on green unroasted coffee beans and how they relate to weight loss. In one recent study, individuals who were significantly overweight were able to lose quite a bit of weight by taking green coffee bean supplements each day. That’s a pretty exciting bit of data if you ask me. This study was carried out at the University of Pennsylvania at their Scranton campus. The data were presented to the American Chemical Society. The study followed 16 individuals who were classified as either overweight or obese. Each study participant was given capsules which contained green coffee bean extract for the next 22 weeks. Another group of participants were provided with placebos. All were instructed to take their capsules 30 minutes prior to eating a meal at all three meals of the day.

Study participants did not alter their eating habits or how or how much they exercised. The average weight loss for the participants who were taking the green coffee bean extract supplements was about 17 pounds. Even more interesting to the scientists who were conducting the study was that the participants achieved a startling 16% decrease in their overall body fat. The reason this was so astonishing to the scientists is because each participant was consuming approximately 2,400 calories per day but only burning approximately 400 calories through exercise. They attributed it to the green bean coffee extract supplements the participants were taking  three times per day.

Why is green bean coffee bean extract such a potent fat burner?

green-coffee-supplement-fact-sheetAsk any scientist who studies weight loss products and they will almost certainly all tell you that they do not believe it is the caffeine found in this product. No, rather they believe that the beneficial effects derived from green coffee beans is from the chlorogenic acid they contain. Chlorogenic acid is present in all coffee beans but during the roasting process it is broken down and so it is no longer found in roasted coffee beans. The only way to get your hands on green coffee bean extract is through a supplement.

In study after study, chlorogenic acid has repeatedly been shown to inhibit the absorption of an enzyme called glucose-6-phosphatase. It is exactly this enzyme which is responsible for forming sugar (or glucose) inside the liver. And this is the process that is so prevalent in people who are obese or overweight. Additionally, other studies have concluded that chlorogenic acid slows the process whereby the liver converts fat and speeds up the process whereby it metabolizes fat. Two key components to maintaining a healthy body weight. It is unfortunate the drinking brewed coffee alone will not have this effect on the body. Roasting coffee beans in order to turn them into coffee removes most of the cholorogenic acid but also makes coffee much more palatable for human consumption.

Side Effects of Green Coffee

green-coffee-Side-EffectsThe scientists did not attribute any negative side effects to any participants who took the green coffee bean extract supplement capsules. So, you would think from reading this that you should run out and buy all the green coffee bean extract you can find and that you will see your extra pounds simply melt away, right? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as all that. It is important when you look at new and emerging scientific research results that you look at the whole body of research associated with the product you are considering. You can not take the results of one, single study as gospel truth.

In the case of this study which has lead to some groundbreaking data, it is important to remember that the study itself was limited in some regards. The study only monitored the results of 16 participants and the amount of time devoted to gathering these results was relatively short. As well, these study participants all took the product in the form of a supplement which in no way is the same as consuming the product in its more natural state.

The scientific research about green coffee beans is so new and young and much more time needs to be devoted to it before any strong conclusions can be drawn. Still, the results which were found mean that further study is warranted and should contain many more study participants. Ideally, this kind of study would be carried out under the aegis of the Food and Drug Association which is in a better position to make recommendations about the benefits or side effects of something like green coffee bean extract.

Where to Purchase an Effective Green Coffee Bean Extract?

As with most other supplements, you should exercise caution if you are purchasing them over the Internet. Many supplement products which are purchased over the Internet are not pure and come from suspicious sources. You should purchase your green coffee bean extract supplements from a reputable health food near where you live or at a large drugstore or grocery store chain.