Do You Really Need a Colon Cleanse to Lose Weight?

Most people do not know that they can lose several pounds fairly easily and quickly by doing an oral or an anal colon cleansing. This is certainly not a technique for everyone but colon cleansing is an important way to both rid your body of toxic wastes and lose some weight at the same time. Many celebrities and supermodels use colon cleansing as one effective way to lose weight quickly. They also say that it helps improve their complexions, too. Another bonus!

How does a colon cleanse work?

Colon cleanses help speed up your weight loss by getting rid of deposits of old fecal matter. They also remove the rotted food which attaches to the walls of your intestines and colon.

How do I cleanse my colon?

There are two different methods for doing a colon cleanse. One is orally and the other is anally. Both seem to be equally effective. It is important to know that not all the products which are found on the market to do a colon cleanse are created equally. The oral method is usually a product which is fiber based and incorporates either herbs or a product from something called magnesium oxide. Some of these products work extremely well for some people. Others may not have as much success. It may be that you will have to try several products before you find the one that works best for you.

The second method, also called the colon hydrotherapy method, requires some special equipment. This method is usually carried out by a professional colon hydrotherapist.

Another type of colon cleansing is a simple enema. This is not a preferred method because it will only remove trapped fecal matter from the lower part of your colon. Of the other two methods listed here, it is the method most likely to be unsafe. Thus, it is not recommended.

Colon-CleanseChoosing a fiber-based colon cleanse product will give you a superior amount of dietary fiber which will, in turn, encourage optimum weight loss. This is important because a recent study carried out by the American Dietetic Association found that most Americans consume less than 10 grams of fiber each day. In contrast to the recommended 20-35 grams per day, this is part of the reason so many North Americans have digestive problems.

Many people quickly discover that they prefer an oxygen-based colon cleanse product which is free of herbs but which contain magnesium oxides which once ingested release the oxygen needed to both liquefy and remove all the old fecal matter stored in the colon. This is probably the easiest and most relaxing way to do a colon cleanse.

Colon hydrotherapy is also sometimes called either a colonic or more elaborately a colonic irrigation. They are the same things. This procedure is carried out with sterilized instruments which are disposable. It offers a deep colon cleanse with water that has been warmed in advance. This water is introduced into the colon through a rectal tube which has a speculum on one end. Once the water has done its job, it is removed with a separate tube. This carries away all the impacted old feces which was present in the colon along with the built up mucous which resided there. While this procedure can only be conducted by someone who is licensed in colon hydrotherapy, it only cleans out the large intestine.

Once your colon has been thoroughly cleaned out your body will be encouraged to continue its quick weight loss. Your ability to metabolize fat will be greatly improved and your digestive system will function like never before.

colon-cleansing-hydrotherapyEven though weight loss can definitely be achieved the “old fashioned” way by reducing calories and increasing exercise most people, once they discover the benefits of colon cleansing will return to the procedure over and over again.

When you are choosing your colon cleansing product be sure to read the instructions carefully because some products are meant to be used for a minimum of one month while others require usage for two weeks. Once you begin colon cleansing you should repeat the process once every three  to six months.

Most manufacturers of colon cleansing products recommend that users perform 10-15 colonics in one 30 day period so that they know their colon has been thoroughly cleansed.

Are there any side effects to colon cleansing?

In general, there are no negative side effects of colon cleansing provided that you visit a licensed hydrotherapist. Some people experience more active bowels following a cleansing but this will usually go away within two to three hours. Some people experience stool that is more runny than normal but, again, this will go away in a few hours. It is related to the great amount of water which has been introduced into the colon during the procedure.

Is Konjac Mannan Effective for Weight Loss?

Konjac mannan, or glucomannan, is just now being discovered as a way to help people lose weight. This is a type of water soluble fiber that comes from a plant known as amorphophallus konjac, which grows naturally in Asia. Traditionally, it was used to thicken food but it is now used to help as a weight loss tool. It works by making the user feel full faster.

Research has discovered that Konjac possesses anti-cancer functions, lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic,along with some laxative functions Because it is a polymer, it is able to expand at a phenomenal rate and is capable of absorbing between 80 and 100 times its weight in water. It is also very easily digested. Konjac Mannan has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and has been shown to lower bad (LDL) cholesterol.

This product is contains very high levels of dietary fiber konjac-mannan-weight-losswhich can help produce effective and regular bowel movements.

This product has been shown in clinical studies to have a long-term effect on obesity and is believed to play a part in the reduction of colon cancer.

Appetite Suppression

For many people, the biggest problem they face is the amount of food that they take in on a daily basis. Even if you eat relatively healthy food, if you overeat. you will inevitably gain weight. Overtime, the size of your stomach will  increase and you will need more food in order to feel full. That size will only increase as time passes.

With glucomannan you can safely and naturally reduce the amount of food that your body requires to feel full. It is capable of absorbing an incredible 200 times its own weight in liquid. One gram of fiber of this kind is going to absorb 200 grams of liquid and swell to fill your stomach. No matter how much you love food, when you have several hundred grams of fiber sitting in your stomach you won’t be able to fit in much denser.

To do this, you just need to consume some before a meal. Once it hits your stomach it will start turning into a gel and growing. Even once you finish your small meal you will feel full for hours afterward. This will, in turn, ramp up your metabolism. Smaller, more frequent meals kick your fat burning into overdrive. Konjac mannan makes the transition to smaller meals much easier.

Slowing Absorption Of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are one of the most problematic parts of any person’s diet. But, unfortunately, we all need carbohydrates in order to live. Luckily, konjac mannan will help to slow the absorption of carbohydrates as well as fat. This means that you might even pass them before your body has had a chance to turn it into fat. It works in the same way as cinnamon to reduce the GI of food, but it also keeps you full.

Studying The Effects On Obesity

konjac-mannan-diet-supplementObesity is a growing problem throughout the world. In an effort to solve it, there has been a growing search to find a natural way to solve it. Konjac mannan was recently found to have a lot of potential in fighting this disorder. In a recent study 20 people were given doses of glucomannan for eight weeks. Over time, they all lost about 6 pounds. That was without having to change their diet or even exercise! Interestingly enough, they also found a drop in cholesterol levels. Other studies have echoed these results.

Six pounds over eight weeks is not a lot, but it is certainly a welcome boost when you are not required to exercise or change your diet. The standard weight loss for a person on a diet is about 1 pound, meaning konjac mannan provides results that are on par with any other option out there.

Are there any Side Effects?

The side effects associated with this supplement are similar to other fiber based products. These include bloating, diarrhea, nausea, and gas. More often than not, however, these are found in people who have an allergic reaction to konjac. Much of this is also dependent on dosage. Taking too much fiber will cause anyone problems. With that in mind, as long as you keep an eye on your dosage you will experience very few side effects.

Some people also claim to have a lack of vitamin absorption after taking konjac mannan, but this hasn’t been found in more scientific studies.

In some cases, however, there have been reports of blockages in the esophagus and intestines to the point of rupture. A WebMD user also reported internal bleeding in his daughter after two months of use. This is not very common, but it is definitely something that you should talk to your doctor about. This is even more important if you are interested in having a large amount added to your daily diet.

Should You Give It A Shot?

Should you try it? I don’t know, but I don’t think it can hurt. Adding a little extra fiber to your diet is generally a good idea, regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight or not. Many people have a healthy metabolism, but still have trouble losing weight due to portion control and carbohydrate management. Konjac mannan can handle both of these at the same time.

If you decide to try it, you should be aware of the dosage and precautions as well. 5 grams a day is the level that most people reach before intestinal problems start to happen, but your own case can be different. Some people take up to 13 grams. In either case, however, you should use a version of konjac that can dissolve in water. If you rely on tablets you run the risk of the kind of esophagus blockage that we talked about.

Talk to your doctor, give it a try, and see how much better you feel and how much more weight you can lose!