Lipozene Review – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

For anybody experiencing trouble with weight loss and finding consistency in a supplement to help keep weight off, they know it can be a very frustrating process.  There are many pills on the market that advertise themselves as “the best” and “most effective” in their attempt to help dieters.  Lipozene is one of those products and has received much feedback, both positive and negative.

Is Lipozene Just An Appetite Suppressant? What are some of the Ingredients Used?

lipozene-diet-pillsAccording to its advertisement, Lipozene promises some truly incredible results.  It is a “weight-loss breakthrough” that requires a few pills a day and will reduce your body fat.  Although it offers this guarantee to help you lose fat, Lipozene does not actually contain any fat-burning ingredients. It does contain green tea, kola-nut and vitamins B12 and B6, which will assist in improving your metabolism. However glucomannan is its major ingredient.  This is a natural fiber that comes from a plant called the “konjac root” which is most commonly found in Asia.  It is a common nutritional supplement that is used to control high cholesterol, obesity and type two diabetes.  The working theory behind why it works so well is that once it swells and expands in your stomach, your urge to eat disappears.  Basically its job is to maintain a feeling of “fullness” so over time you will decrease your overall food intake, losing weight in the processes.  Since glucomannan is a water-soluble fiber, it is suggested to take it with a glass of water to prevent choking or any blockage of your throat.  According to a review in the Los Angeles Times, its advertisement also claims it is cost effective.  You will “pay about $30 for 60 capsules that each contain 750 milligrams of glucomannan.”  You are then told to take “up to two capsules before a meal three times a day.”  Six capsules is the absolute maximum that should be taken per day of Lipozene.  A one-month supply should run you about $90.

Are There Any Side Effects?

lipozene-ingredientsThere are documented negative side effects of Lipozene such as bloating, gas or diarrhea; all of which are common side effects of in taking too much fiber.  It is very common, no matter what diet supplemental pill you take, to experience stomach problems due to your body’s unfamiliarity to the product. As your body adjusts and you diet changes, over time any pain should go away.  Another side effect that users have experiences is addiction, both mental and physical.  Mentally users find that when they start taking the product and it starts to work in a few weeks time, they believe if they stop the weight will come back on.  Physically, however is where the truth really sets in.  People become physically addicted to this supplement due to its high amount of fiber (the glucomannan).  Therefore users are not necessarily addicted to the Lipozene, but to the high fiber intake that is now a regular part of their diet.  Although taking a lot of fiber as a part of your diet is not necessarily a bad thing, it does create extra expenses when you need to constantly buy foods (or pills) with high-fiber percentages.

Does It Work? (Customer Testimonials Included)

Lipozene-before-and-afterScientifically there are positive side effects as well.  If you choose to take it, you need to take it 30 minutes before eating.  As stated above, that is enough time to let the glucomannan spread through your stomach and work its magic to give you the feeling of fullness.  As a customer on one of the popular website puts it, “If your goal is to eat less, YES it works.”  Another stated “Lipozene did help me lose a few pounds so I would recommend it for people who just need to get a few pounds off.”  What you should take from these reviews is that if your current state of mind when you see food is that you have to eat it, Lipozene is a great product because it gives you that “full feeling.”  It is by no means a source of energy to help you exercise, which will in turn help you lose more weight.  One other positive side effect that must be noted is that it does in fact change your diet.  Another reviewer on states I already lost 8 pounds since starting and I enjoy the other benefits of fiber I’m given from these pills.”  While previously stated that getting addicted to fiber was a side effect, that does not necessarily mean it’s a bad thing! The science behind this pill will force you to change your diet due to the artificial fiber in the pill and the need to keep drinking water.

Here are some more customer testimonials taken from Amazon

Positive ones

lost 15lbs pretty quick
My problem isn’t a lack of exercise, it’s that I like good food. I didn’t change my diet at all and started taking this 30mins before meals. Dropped 15lbs in about a month maintaining the exact same diet.Brad_PGH

When you compare this to other konjac tablets it should come out on top! I have found konjac to be a very effective and easily digestible appetite suppressant. This brand is 1500mg, which is much more than most other konjac tablets. When I’m on a diet I can start to get hungry before my next meal, take just one Lipozene tablet and feel fine for up to a couple of hours until my next meal. Taken before a meal it will stop me from overeating. With lower dose brands I have to take a few tablets to get the same effect. Those brands are cheaper (and may be better value – I haven’t done the calculations) but I don’t like the hassle of taking more tablets to get the desired affect. I lost almost 20lbs and could not have stuck to the strict diet (in my diet and exercise regime) without taking Konjac daily when I was hungry.
I think that the marketing is wrong for this brand and that is attracting negative reviews. The bottle says that it helps you to lose weight and body fat, which I think is leading people to expect it to be more than just an appetite suppressant.  – SH1

A few negative ones:

Lipozene-testimonialNot recommended, not worth the money!!!
I have been taking the pills for 2 weeks, 2 pills twice a day along with some exercising but have not lost anything yet. –  Mike
Waste of money
Took as directed, even cut way back on sugar, went through both bottles and did not lose a pound. Did not make me feel any less hungry. Did not work for me at all. Total waste of money, no wonder they are paying for false advertisment stating it “burns pure body fat” . . Lies.Sue9399

The bottom line is that this product will work differently on different people, but to lose weight you must give it a chance.  There is no magic pill where overnight you lose weight.  If you take it over a period of time, your body will become accustomed to having more fiber and will expect that as a constant part of your diet.  If you want to feel full, the heavy doses of glucomannan will no doubt over time give you that sensation.  If you dive into this product, know that financially and from a diet and lifestyle standpoint, you are diving in 100 percent.

For any of you are interested, here is a Lipozene Commercial: