The Truth Behind Low Carb Diet!

The Basics Of A Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan

Low-Carbs-DietThe Atkins Diet, the Paleo Diet, and more are all centered around one thing; low carbohydrates. There is a very good reason for that. One of the biggest problems that you can face when losing weight is taking care of your sugar problem. A low carb diet does that, but there is a reason why you can make it work even better for you. I’ll show you how.

Everyone has a friend that has told you about some low carb diet that has changed their life. In the past 20 years more and more diets have popped up and it’s easy to dismiss them as “just another trend.” Rather than just blindly ignore all carbohydrates, you can select the right ones and make use of the fat burning power that complex carbohydrates have.

What Should You Eat?

As little carbs as possible, but the carbs that you do take in should all be complex carbohydrates. Think about these:

  • low-carbohydrates-diet-planWhole Grain Breads (Bagels, Toast)
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Legumes
  • Nuts

Overall, here is a larger list of everything that you should consider:

  • Proteins
  • Pork
  • Grass fed beef
  • Whole eggs
  • Vegetables
  • Spinach
  • Peas
  • Asparagus
  • Kimchee
  • Mixed vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Lentils
  • Black beans
  • Red beans
  • Soybeans

All of these should work out to less than 100 grams daily. Once you start staying under that level, your body will go into ketosis. Ketosis tells your body that it should start running off of fat instead of carbohydrates. Fat burning 24 hours a day will change the way that you see weight loss. Up to 10 pounds a week is easy when you are running in ketosis.

Making The Switch

Switching over to a low carb diet can be a hassle for a lot of people. The key is that you should gradually cut out different kinds of carbohydrates. This can happen in a couple of different stages:

  • Cut out sodas, refined sugar, juice, etc
  • Switch to whole grain options and add more legumes
  • Gradually increase your protein and healthy fat intake, while reducing the number of overall carbohydrates

The Benefits

The largest benefit that you are going to notice with a low carbohydrate diet plan is the weight loss aspect. It is almost unbelievable. The Bulletproof diet is one of the most extreme that cuts out all carbohydrates and it gives people 1-2 pounds a day of pure fat loss. The longer you stick with it the more weight you can lose, since your body will get used to running off of fat.

Energy is also a big factor. Refined carbohydrates give your body lots of energy, but then you have to deal with the crash that comes after. That crash also leads to fat storage. By limiting your carbohydrates to slow burning carbs, you will be taking in food that will give you energy for hours.

Any Risk?

None. You are eliminating the thing that causes the health problems, not adding them. There is, however, a risk of low energy levels if you cut them out completely. Some people have a need for carbohydrates to maintain their body. Don’t give up too quickly, though, since it can take a couple of weeks for your body to make the switch to fat burning.

The Popular Plans

  • The Atkins Diet
    • The Atkins diet was incredibly popular in the 1990s and today. It was the originator of the low carb concept and it works well for a lot of people. It features a very strict period that progressively teaches you how to find the proper level of carbohydrates for your body that won’t cause you to gain weight.
  • Slow Carb
    • Tim Ferris invented the Slow Carb diet and explained it in his book “The 4 Hour Body.” He recommends cutting out carbohydrates completely, except for that which is found in certain food products like beans and sweet potatoes.
  • The Paleo Diet
    • The Paleo diet is an interesting concept that focuses on using the diet that would have been similar to that of our Paleolithic ancestors. No grains, no refined foods, no fruit. This falls into the low carbohydrate category whether it wants to or not. This is popular among athletes, which tells you that you can still have plenty of energy without carbohydrates.


  • Take a day a week to eat whatever you want. You’ll reduce your insulin resistance, make sure your hormones are at the right levels, and actually lose a little bit more weight. Don’t worry about damaging your diet too much with this day, because after the first one you’ll learn your lesson about eating too unhealthy.
  • As a rule, avoid any white carbohydrate and any carbohydrate that can be white. This will help you decide whether or not you should have it.
  • Don’t buy foods that you shouldn’t eat, even if you plan on saving them for a future cheat day. If it is in the house, you will eat it. Simple as that.
  • Create a group of meals that you can eat on a regular basis. You probably eat breakfast alone, so make a good meal that has zero carbs and you can enjoy every day.

Why I Recommend It

It works. There are few things that work better than low carb diets. It is also one of the only things that I have ever managed to stick to. An addiction to carbohydrates is one of the most detrimental things to your weight loss. Cutting them out solves that, but it isn’t always easy.

This is a kind of diet that you can stick to for the rest of life if you like. Once you lose the weight you want, it can be pretty easy to gain it back, I know I’ve had that happen more times than I care to count. By sticking to a low carb diet, you can keep fat off and feel fantastic without ever having to deal with a strict diet again. In fact, you can even stop counting calories and not worry about it as long as you restrict your carbohydrates. Eat all of the healthy fats and protein you want. You won’t ever run into any problems.

Weight Loss Diets for Men – Which one will you Choose?

As a man, you have a lot of emphasis placed on the way that you look. In most cases, this is going to mean that you probably want to get rid of that beer belly that you’ve been hanging onto for the past few years, or more. There are all kinds of diets floating around the internet and it’s hard to know just what you’re looking at. I’ve tried a couple of the diets that I am going to show you, but as a man, there are extra benefits that you are going to get from these kinds of protocols.

The Bulletproof Diet

Bulletproof-dietWhen it comes to angry responses on the internet, very few diets are more associated with them than the Bulletproof Diet from Dave Asprey. The diet centers around the combined use of Bulletproof Coffee and a paleo like diet.

Bulletproof coffee is a blend of coffee, grass fed butter, and coconut oil. This combination supplies your body with healthy fats for fuel, a steady stream of caffeine, and an incredible amount of focus. Stay with me, I was wary of that idea at first. You then eat only between 2pm and 8pm. During that time you can eat as much protein and fat as you like, but should avoid any processed carbohydrates. You will create a ketogenic state that tells your body to run off of fat rather than carbohydrates. Listen, I know you’ll be hungry when you wake up in the morning, that is what the cup of fat is for when you have your coffee.

If you attempt to only have bulletproof coffee and fast the rest of the time, you can jumpstart it and lose up to 1 pound a day in some cases! In general, though, you can expect to lose 2-3 pounds a week, optimize your hormones, and build muscle without the risk of adding fat as well.

The Paleo Diet

Paleo-DietWhen it comes to manly diets, the Paleo diet is the one that usually comes to mind. What is more masculine than going back to the diet that a caveman would have had? Back before Cheerios and Coca Cola, men were tall, athletic, and muscular. My, my how times have changed!

When you get started with the Paleo diet you will completely get rid of any sugar in your diet. No sugar, no grains, no processed foods.

Here is what you can eat:

Meat: All grass fed – Chicken, turkey, beef, wild fish, duck


Vegetables: Any vegetable that isn’t fried

Oils: Olive, coconut, avocado

Fruit: Any fruit is OK, but you should still limit them since they contain sugar.

Nuts: Almonds, peanuts,Brazil nuts

You can eat as much of any of these foods as you like. Without any foods to turn to fat, you can eat all you want and not worry about gaining weight. In fact, this is perfect if you are trying to build muscle, but would rather not pack on fat as well.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is similar to the Bulletproof Diet. Personally, I have had a hard time with intermittent fasting, but many men find that this yields some almost unbelievable results. Take a look at these different IF protocols:

  • Leangains: For many men, Leangains is a godsend. This is designed specifically for muscle building workouts and can help you bulk up without getting fat. The idea is to fast for 16 hours a day. Nothing but coffee, tea, and other zero calorie beverages. During your 8 hour eating window you can eat as much protein as possible, but on days that you workout you can add carbohydrates. Those carbohydrates are replaced with healthy fats on the off days. You will also eat immeweightloss-diets-for-mendiately after your workout, a meal which should makeup 50% of your entire daily intake.
  • Eat Stop Eat: Eat Stop Eat is a great option for people who eat a healthy diet, but want to have some of the benefits of IF. One day a week, a day that you don’t workout or do too much physical activity, you will fast for 24 hours. If you eat your last meal at 8pm, you cannot eat until the following day at 8pm. I recommend having your meal later in the day because going to sleep hungry can be a nightmare. This will give you a lot of the benefits, but without having to stick to a rigid schedule throughout the week.
  • The Warrior Diet: This is the manliest of the manly. Back in the early days of man, you had to hunt all day in the hopes of a dinner that included some protein. That is what you are going to replicate here. One massive meal at the end of the day. You’ll have a 3 hour window to eat, if you like, though. A small amount of fruits and veggies throughout the day can get you through, but the only time you have any real sustenance should be at your end of the day meal. Lots of protein, lots of nutrients.

Choosing One

Choosing the best diet for you is up to you alone. None of these options are bad for men and really it all comes down to your daily schedule. Choose one that works around your own needs and stick to it. If you stay on one of these diets, I can assure you that fat will start falling off and you will feel stronger than ever.

Top 3 Fastest Weight Loss Methods

Most people always try to find the fastest way to lose weight. Very few have the patience that it really takes to lose weight in a way that is designed to keep it off on a long-term basis. But if you’re one of those people who is in a big hurry, you soon discover that the task of finding the fastest way to lose weight isn’t easy to accomplish. Believe me when I tell you that over the many years since I’ve been trying to lose weight, . I’ve tried every crazy, off the wall diet that you can think of and had a lot of success, but also wasted a lot of time. And you must realize that this is not the easiest thing to do. If it were, everyone in the world would be skinny. Over the years, however, I did find three methods that I stand by as some of the fastest possible ways to lose fat and get into a healthier diet.

These are important because they help you get weight off quick, but also break some of the old habits you might have developed when it comes to eating. If you are addicted to soda or carbohydrates in general, it’s difficult to make the switch. Shocking your system with one of these options will help cure the addiction and get you back on track.

Juice Cleanse

Joe Cross made a documentary called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and introduced a much larger audience to juicing. He stuck to a juice diet for 60 days and lost 100 pounds and recovered from the various diseases that he had developed which were largely by and large associated with his obesity. Now, you might not be looking to lose 100 pounds, but a juice cleanse can be a great way to drop 5 pounds or so in the course of just a few days.

The reason that a juice cleanse will help you lose 5 pounds in three days is because most people agree that 3 days is the sweet spot here. Three days of only juice, which should come after two days of flushing your system. For two days, drink lots of hot water with lemon and ginger, skip caffeine, refined sugars, red meat, and any processed foods. Focus on lean, grass fed protein, and vegetables. Now for the three days.

I’ll cover this more in depth elsewhere, but take a look at my favorite juice drink to use when I’m on  a cleanse. It’s called the Mean Green Machine:

  • celery – 4 stalks
  • apples (cored) 2
  • Cucumber – 1
  • Leaves of Kale – 6 leaves
  • lemon (peeled) 1/2
  • ginger – 1 tablespoon

Wash everything well, peel what must be peeled, core what must be cored. Juice it all up, pour it onto some ice, and drink it down. You can mix it with the ice in a blender if you like.

Weekend Fast

You’ve probably heard about how fasting doesn’t do any good when it comes to weight loss, right? It turns out, short periods of fasting can be an enormous help when you get stuck at a certain weight. That is why a 5 day on 2 day off diet is catching on.

Recent research has found that:

  • Alternate day fasting has the ability to increase fat oxidation

  • Fasting in short periods can be just as effective as cutting calories

  • Even in obese people, fasting can boost weight loss

  • Growth hormone is released during fasting

  • Insulin resistance is reduced

As you can see there are a lot of benefits to doing this. What you need to remember and this is very important: fast for no more than two days, or else you’ll actually stall your fat loss. Eat a healthy meal on Friday night and do not eat again until that same time Sunday night. Saturday can be a problem, because you may have a difficult time going to sleep if you are hungry. If you make it through Saturday night though, you’ll be good to go. Try your best to eat a healthy sized meal on Friday night if possible and resist the urge to stuff yourself in anticipation of being hungry on Saturday.

Fat Filled Fat Burner

Fasting works for losing weight if you do it only for short periods of time. Longer periods will be a problem, though. By eating only fats, however, you can trick your body into continuing to burn fat. This lets you continue to burn fat for up to two weeks, giving you a weight loss of up to 20 pounds.

Coconut oil and butter made from the milk of grass fed cows are what you will be going to take in only. These are filled with healthy fats that will burn fat, clear your mind, and help you feel more energetic than ever. Mix 2 tablespoons of each with a cup of coffee and drink it down twice a day. That’s it.

It can take a week for your body to get used to it, meaning that you will lose plenty of weight, but you might feel tired for a few days at the start. Many people give up, but if you stick with it you can dramatically reduce your fat storage. I couldn’t believe the kind of results that I had with this kind of protocol. Again, you can find more about this in other articles, but I highly suggest that you think about this if you are trying to lose weight. This is part of the BulletProof Diet sometimes also referred to as the Paleo Diet when you add beef from grass fed cattle to it.

Which One?

The method that you choose will depend on your own lifestyle.If you choose to follow this plan remember that you should do so for only a short period of time, three days is the recommended maximum amount of time. If you do more than three days on this plan you risk causing harm to your body.