Yerba Mate For Weight Loss – Anything You Need To Be Worried About?

What is Yerba Mate?

Yerba-Mate-Weight-LossYerba mate is derived from a tree found in South America. It has been used for centuries by the people known as the Guarani and was first classified in 1895 by Moises Bertoni, a Swiss botanist who lived in Paraguay at that time.

As of yet, there have not been any double-blind clinical studies on Yerba Mate to determine if the claims made about it are in fact, true. Some of these claims are that it will improve a person’s immune system responses, help to detoxify the body, suppress the appetite and increase weight loss as well as lower the risk for developing diabetes. In contrast, however, a few non-blind studies have shown that this product is effective in lower lipid levels.

Fat Burning Qualities Associated With Yerba Mate

Many companies that sell supplements have recently been claiming that Yerba Mate will magically burn fat for you. That’s why you need it. Now! Can this claim really be true? I’ll try to cover all those bases for you in this article.

Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba Mate is usually taken as a tea made from the leaves of the yerba mate shrub. These bushes are only found in the South American countries of Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. Some sellers may offer it to you in capsule form, but you should stay away from this as it will not be as effective.

How you burn fat using Yerba Mate

yerba-mate-teaThis product is a stimulant which contains an ingredient called mateine. Mateine is similar to caffeine in terms of the way it interacts with the body’s nervous system. It will help your metabolism increase without many of the uncomfortable side effects you get from caffeine. It is the speeding up of the body’s metabolism which helps with weight loss.

It also contains products which have a relaxing effect. This will help you relieve the cravings to indulge in stress eating and will also help you lose weight. Yerba Mate has also demonstrated an ability to slow down the body’s gastric emptying. This will help you feel full longer which means you will be less likely to overeat at your next meal.

These abilities were discovered during the course of a study in which participants used yerba mate, damiana and guarana. What they discovered is that yerba mate delayed the onset of lactic acid accumulation in the muscles, something widely referred to amongst exercisers as “the burn”. When you delay the onset of lactic acid accumulation, you are able to work out for a longer period of time, thus burn more calories which will, in turn, increase your ability to burn extra fat.

Hidden Benefits of Yerba Mate

  • One small study on small mammals has suggested that yerba mate is able to decrease cholesterol levels and lower blood sugar.

  • It is capable of helping the body increase its production of bile which will soften your stool and permit your digestive system to work more efficiently and smoothly.

  • Although Yerba Mate is actually a stimulant, it will help give you a more sound sleep at night. Sleep is critical for a healthy life and especially important for anyone who is trying to lose weight.

  • While other stimulants will put excess stress on your heart, yerba mate will actually be helpful to your heart because it will increase the oxygen supply going to your heart. This will, in turn, lower your blood pressure.

Some Risks From Using Yerba Mate

No supplement product is entirely risk free and even though they may ALL be advertised as being “all natural” that does not mean that are risk free. If you are considering taking this supplement, you should first discuss this with your physician. He or she may have other information that we do not have. Some researchers believe that Yerba Mate is linked to certain cancers such as esophogeal, bladder and kidney cancers and cancer of the larynx.

This product may contain many properties that will help you lose weight and burn fat. But, until it has been proven to be safe for human consumption, you should use it at your own risk.

What Else Should You Consider When Trying to Lose Weight?

This product will help you lose weight, you should take it along with consuming a proper diet and utilizing a good exercise program. Those two things will be the key to your success. Make some extra time in your week to do some good cardiovascular exercise. Even just walking twice a day for thirty minutes at a time will help you lose weight.

You should remember that no weight loss supplement will ever be the be all and end all of your weight loss issues or problems. A product like Yerba Mate can definitely give you the edge you need to lose that extra weight once and for all.

5 Tips For Natural Weight Loss

When I started to make the switch away from synthetic fat loss supplements, I got worried that I might never get the same kind of results from a natural supplement. It is easy to think that you have to have synthetic help with your weight loss in order to have any success. In fact, though, research has discovered that there are plenty of natural ways to boost your weight loss, most of which I’ve had a lot of success with. Read through all of these and think about adding a few into your life.

Drink More Water

natural-weight-lossI mention water on a regular basis, but it really is that important. A tall glass first thing in the morning, between meals, with meals and at the end of the day will keep you well hydrated. 8 glasses is the standard recommendation, but if you feel thirsty having more water is never harmful. Never hesitate to drink a glass if you are headed to the kitchen or getting ready to have a soda.

If you don’t drink enough you will develop hypertension, feel tired and you might have a lot of difficulties losing some weight. Your body can only survive for a couple of days without water. That makes it almost more important than food! Keep in mind that fat is never going to burn off if you aren’t hydrated properly.

Have A Cup Of Green Tea

I had a huge amount of success with drinking green tea. A recent study found that a 250mg capsule of green tea extract charged participants metabolism by 25% for three hours after taking it. If you take a capsule with each meal that will mean that your metabolism is in pure fat burning mode for about 6 hours a day. The addition of caffeine to the mix means that this truly is one of the best natural ways to lose weight.

Switch From Coffee To Yerba Mate

Even switching between different natural beverages can have a huge impact on your life. Coffee is great, and I can’t make it through the day without it, but there are better options when it comes to losing weight. Yerba Mate is a relatively unknown drink that features a combination of stimulants that gives a long lasting, clean energy feeling that helps you stay motivated and burning fat for much longer. There isn’t the crash that coffee is associated with.

For weight loss specifically, yerba mate is important. The long lasting energy means that you can burn fat for longer. Coffee can be great for giving you a boost that will kickstart your metabolism, but it isn’t going to last much and then you don’t have the motivation to eat a healthy meal or workout. You can read about 10 other herbs that help lose weight.


Give Meditation A Shot

When it comes to changing something in your life, very few things have given me the kind of benefits that meditation has. Weight loss is only one of the benefits that you are going to find through a meditation practice.

Increased focus, sense of well being, a longer life, and a healthier body are all possible with meditation. In particular, it encourages your body to release the kinds of hormones that regulate body composition and weight. Growth hormone is important to your body and when you meditate to release more of it, you find that you feel stronger and more energetic throughout the day. Your workouts will be easier and you will no doubt see a massive increase in your results.

Moreover you can also try visualizing yourself as if you have already achieved your ideal weight. You can visualize how people will react to it, how you start getting a lot of attention again and every other positive thing that could happen to you by achieving your ideal weight. We will talk about this in more detail in another post by I just felt like mentioning it here. Visualization is most effective when you are in a relaxed meditative state.

Yoga is another great way to lose weight, I wrote about it here.

Get Better Sleep

5-natural-weight-loss-tipsThis is another one that I bring up time and time again. Sleep is essential to your well being and it is one thing that will increase your chances of success more than almost everything else combined. To be honest, a lack of sleep will make you gain weight, feel tired, and become depressed. Sound sleep on the other hand, means that you will be well equipped to handle the day.

If you think that this might be part of your problem, focus on fixing this immediately. For Starters, don’t eat carbohydrates before bed. You should also make sure that you go to bed at the same time every night. Waking up at the same time every day is just as important. If you still need help once you get used to a new routine, try eating a handful of nuts just before you go to bed. The healthy fats and protein that are packed into nuts will give your body a steady source of energy throughout the night only without keeping you awake like carbohydrates do.

All of these can make a huge impact on your life without having to rely on synthetic, harmful alternatives. Staying hydrated and sleeping properly will take care of a lot of it, but if you add in some other cures you’ll exponentially increase your success. Take a good look at your life and these tips. I know that you will find something that can help you and the results you start to see will be absolutely amazing, I can promise you that.

Top 10 Herbs To Lose Weight

Diet pills have flooded the market in the past few decades, but many people are still wary of even the most effective products. There is nothing wrong with attempting to use a natural weight loss method! Heart problems, liver damage, obesity, and other health problems can stop them from taking advantage of the synthetic options that are available. There are some, though, that are sold at a high cost, but offer little in terms of results. We’ll cover the basics of ten herbs for weight loss that will surely help you reach your goals. Keep an open mind, since you might not have heard of some of these. The results will surprise you!


  • Cinnamon is one of the most effective natural weight loss products. Adding a small amount of cinnamon to your diet can actually change the way that your body processes carbohydrates. By lowering the GI rating of your meal, cinnamon makes sure that there is no spike in blood sugar that will cause your body to store fat. Read more about it here

Green TeaGreen Tea

      Green tea has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, but it has caught on in the west recently. A recent study found that a capsule of green tea caused an almost 25% increase in metabolism for up to three hours. By taking three capsules a day you can keep your body burning fat and you will lose another 2 pounds a week while feeling much more energetic. I did a detailed post about on Green tea for weight loss.



  • Psyllium works to help you lose weight in two ways. First, the fiber will help to move food out of your body so that it doesn’t linger long enough to absorb, which is important if you are eating unhealthily. The fiber will also swell once in your stomach and you will find that you feel full much quicker than you usually would.

Yerba-Mate-Weight-LossYerba Mate

  • Many people try to avoid coffee for health reasons, but yerba mate provides a great alternative. The combination of stimulants that it provides work to give you a long lasting and clean energy feeling. No jitters. No crash. Yerba mate can help to keep your metabolism high, but without the stimulant caused problems of coffee. Be warned that this is bitter! Make sure not to burn it, since it burns easier than coffee.


  • Hoodia tricks your brain into thinking that you are full. That is one of the most important parts of a diet because many people simply gain weight because they are prone to overeat. This isn’t great for long term use, since it loses its effectiveness, but for short term diet problems hoodia is a great option.


  • Ephedra is an ancient Chinese herb that was used for centuries before becoming popular as a weight loss aid. It was refined into ephedrine, but the herb itself is also highly effective without the side effects of ephedrine. In many cases, ephedra is a miracle and can help lose weight like nothing else known to man. This is also, however, a banned substance for athletes so do not take this if you compete regularly. Read more about this herb here.


  • Guarana has the ability to both help alleviate stress and stimulate the nervous system. This is common in many energy drinks now, but it is in fact a healthy alternative to many stimulant diet pills. Taken before meals, guarana capsules can both suppress your appetite and make sure that your body is already burning off the energy as soon as you take it in.


  • Ginseng is another ancient herb, but one that is just now being understood fully. Ginseng was found in a study to take charge of the fat regulating chemicals inside of the human body. Where these “switches” would usually tell your body to store energy, rather than burn it, they will be turned off and tell your body to burn the fat off.


  • Dandelions are very common and many people don’t think much about them. In fact, they are a diuretic that can help to cleanse your liver and keep you from storing water weight. With women this is especially a problem, but it can cause bloating in either gender. The liver detoxing effect can also help aid weight gain, however, as well as solve a host of other problems associated with liver problems.


  • Garlic, much like cinnamon, can help to regulate blood sugar levels even when eating carbohydrates. Studies found that even while on a high sugar diet, mice continued to lose weight. In addition, though, it contributes to a healthy cardiovascular system. By lowering blood pressure, you can counteract some of the problems associated with other weight loss supplements. Tim Ferris recently listed this as one of his essential weight loss supplements in his best selling book “The 4 Hour Body.

These 10 herbs are all effective and are great options for anyone. As always, though, you should talk to your doctor about them. A combination of two or more of them can help to compound the effects and exponentially increase your weight loss. Adding them into your diet, or daily supplement regimen isn’t hard. Try a couple, see how you feel, and you will soon find that you are rapidly approaching your weight loss goals!