The Subway Diet Plan – Is It Just a Marketing Gimick?

If you payed any attention to advertising in the late 1990′s, you are probably familiar with Jared Fogle. I was incredibly envious at the time, because he had lost almost 250 pounds by just eating Subway. I love Subway, who doesn’t? How can it help people lose that mount of weight, though? It turns out, there is a very good reason that you should be taking on the Subway diet plan, regardless of how you feel about how over-marketed it is.

Jared Fogle’s Story

jared-fogle-subway-guyWay back in 1998, young Jared was eating a diet of cheeseburgers and burritos, with a healthy dose of soda to round things out. First, he decided to ditch breakfast altogether. He then decided to walk to the Subway down the street for lunch and dinner.

What Jared did, perhaps without counting it this way, was cut down 80% of his calories each day and effectively lost 250lbs. All within a year! When he ran into an old friend after losing the weight, it didn’t take long for a local paper to pick up the story. From there, the rest is history. At the time, he was all over the news, television shows, movies, commercials, everything you can possibly imagine. That would in some cases mean that it was all made up, but in the case of Jared, eating Subway really can help you lose hundreds of pounds.

Is It Possible For Normal People?

He didn’t have any special circumstances surrounding his weight loss. It was all simply eating healthy foods. Subway is the easiest way to do that. I improved my life a lot by adding more Subway, even though I’ve moved on to other diets since. I had trouble with the temptation, but I’ll explain that a little bit more later.

The average person probably takes in about 3,000 calories a day with junk food, sodas, hamburgers, you name it. With two 6 inch subs from Subway a day, you can cut it down to just below 2,000, which is the ideal number for promoting weight loss. There aren’t limited options to choose from either, meaning that you can always find something that you like.

What To Order

subway-what-to-eatOrdering from Subway presents you with temptation, I won’t lie. They still sell soda and potato chips, even though the rest of their menu is pretty healthy. The important thing is that you stick to a few staples and avoid the addition of meal options. Take a look at these:

  • Oven Roasted Chicken – 380 calories
  • Roast Beef – 380 calories
  • Turkey – 340 calories
  • Veggie – 290 calories

This is general, though. These are all great starting points for your diet. Here are tips on what to add:

  • ”Omega 3” Bread/9 grain wheat/sourdough
  • Provolone or Swiss cheese
  • Yellow Mustard or Vinegar

Feel free to add all of the vegetables you like without ever having to worry about it. They recently added avocado as well, which means you can get a hefty dose of good fats into your meal is well, which will also offset some of the carbohydrate content. Within reason, any combination of the healthy ingredients will suit you fine and won’t cause you any problems.

Results & Risks

subway-dietOn average, this will help you lose a couple of pounds a week. If you are particularly obese, or eat an extremely unhealthy diet, then you can probably lose more. It all depends on how you eat now and how much you are willing to exercise. Jared walked to Subway every day, for instance.

The only risk is the chance that you might give in to temptation. The soda is easy to order and available in large cups. Chips & Cookies are also delicious and just within arm’s reach. You have to resist & you’ll be thankful you did! If you have to, order apple slices or worse case scenario Baked Lays potato chips but its still advisable to stay away from that.

Drawbacks of Subway Diet

Apart from the obvious temptation, the only problem that I can see coming from the Subway diet plan is the fact that you have to spend money on fresh food every single day. If you have a Subway near by and are willing to spend the money, then you should certainly give it a shot. You don’t leave grocery shopping to tempt you and you don’t have to actually prepare any of your meals. That is a win/win when you are a dieter with no kitchen experience.

The variety and quality of the ingredients also contribute to a great diet plan. You won’t get tired of the options any time soon. The fresh ingredients also taste better than any prepackaged foods that you might buy to make your own sandwich at home. Having options is not a good idea when you are dieting, so if you make a decision to stick to one restaurant that you know has food that will make you lose weight, you are staying way ahead of any will power problems that you might have. Get creative with  your Subway choices and let me know what you think! I’m sure you’ll have amazing results, it’s hard not to. Leave your comments below.

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