The Truth Behind Raspberry Ketones

Dr OZ has caused a good bit of controversy over the years with his various recommendations, but it turns out he might be on to something with one of his most recent suggestions. Raspberry ketones, a natural diet supplement extracted from raspberries, truly has an amazing fat burning power. There aren’t many natural diet pills that work in the way that raspberry ketones do. This is a new concept, but one that I’m going to try to explain as easily as I can. I’m willing to bet that by the end of the article, you’ll be ready to run out and buy a bottle, though.

What Are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketones are extracted from raspberries, which are normally only about 1% ketones. This is done through a chemical reaction which involves acetone, sodium hydroxide, and an unsaturated ketone. After going through hydrogenation, you are left with the pure ketones. Sound confusing? Unless you have a degree in biochemistry, it probably is. What you need to know is that the ketones are the part of the raspberry that give you all of the benefits. Plenty of people advocate raspberries as part of a smoothie routine, but the ketones are really all you need. This is cutting out the middle man and giving you all of the antioxidant properties directly.

What Do They Do?

The functions of raspberry ketones are not always well or easily understood. Only recently has research been conducted on them, but what scientists have found is very promising when it comes to weight loss. In fact, though, there are other benefits as well.

  • Fat Loss
    • Raspberry-ketonesAdiponectin is attributed to lean body composition. It stands to reason that the more adiponectin you have, the more fat you can lose. Raspberry ketones naturally raise the levels of this important enzyme in your body and it will not only melt off fat, but it will get rid of harmful cells in your body and make you both leaner and younger looking.
    • Three main things are involved with the fat loss that comes from raspberry ketones. First, fat is burned through lipolysis, which is the breaking down of lipids. The overall metabolism that your body uses to maintain its current state is also increased by raspberry ketones. Finally, raspberry ketones exponentially increase the success of a healthy diet which is low in fat.  The ketones are different than human body ketones, but if you have ever had any experience with a low carb, ketogenic diet, you know the kind of success that this can bring you.
  • Cancer
    • Ehime University found that there is a chance that raspberry ketones can help with women suffering from breast cancer. They think that this is due to the high antioxidant content, which are often seen as being anti-cancer. Listen, this isn’t going to cure cancer, but it can work as a deterrent as well as a helping supplement after treatment is done.
  • Diabetes
    • Type-2 diabetes is caused by a resistance to certain hormones that your body produces called insulin. The antioxidants in raspberry ketones protect your cells, but also creates a hormone that prevents diabetes. The liver and cardiovascular problems that are also associated with diabetes are alleviated, in part, with raspberry ketones.


No natural supplement is 100% effective. For most people, though, at the very least raspberry ketones prevent weight gain when diet remains unchanged. With the use of a low fat diet, it is very easy to lose several pounds a week with something like this. After making all of the necessary lifestyle changes, however, raspberry ketones can be a vital part of a routine that helps you lose 10+ pounds a month.

Side Effects

Raspberry-ketones-side-effectsThe side effects that are associated with most natural weight loss supplements are standard. There is a chance that you will experience them, but it varies with dose and diet. Most commonly, you can experience headaches, nausea, rapid heartbeat, and diarrhea. With the proper diet, and knowledge of your body, you can avoid the vast majority of cases of these. Even if you do happen to run into some of these, they are usually mild and you will probably barely notice them.

The important thing about side effects is that they are usually attributed to certain dosages. As with most diet pills, if you are taking too many, you are going to experience side effects. The headaches will happen first, in most cases. If you start to experience headaches, cut back the dosage. Ideally, you want to take a dose that is just enough to work. The sweet spot can be hard to find, but the minimum effective dose is what will really help you see results and avoid any negative side effects that are usually associated with natural diet pills.

Should You Try It?

As with most fad diets, the only real consideration will probably be the effect this product will have on your wallet. And truthfully? That is probably the only part of you which will end up losing any real fat. But, this is an all natural supplement and, as such, , raspberry ketones don’t offer much of a risk.


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