Top 10 Herbs To Lose Weight

Diet pills have flooded the market in the past few decades, but many people are still wary of even the most effective products. There is nothing wrong with attempting to use a natural weight loss method! Heart problems, liver damage, obesity, and other health problems can stop them from taking advantage of the synthetic options that are available. There are some, though, that are sold at a high cost, but offer little in terms of results. We’ll cover the basics of ten herbs for weight loss that will surely help you reach your goals. Keep an open mind, since you might not have heard of some of these. The results will surprise you!


  • Cinnamon is one of the most effective natural weight loss products. Adding a small amount of cinnamon to your diet can actually change the way that your body processes carbohydrates. By lowering the GI rating of your meal, cinnamon makes sure that there is no spike in blood sugar that will cause your body to store fat. Read more about it here

Green TeaGreen Tea

      Green tea has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, but it has caught on in the west recently. A recent study found that a capsule of green tea caused an almost 25% increase in metabolism for up to three hours. By taking three capsules a day you can keep your body burning fat and you will lose another 2 pounds a week while feeling much more energetic. I did a detailed post about on Green tea for weight loss.



  • Psyllium works to help you lose weight in two ways. First, the fiber will help to move food out of your body so that it doesn’t linger long enough to absorb, which is important if you are eating unhealthily. The fiber will also swell once in your stomach and you will find that you feel full much quicker than you usually would.

Yerba-Mate-Weight-LossYerba Mate

  • Many people try to avoid coffee for health reasons, but yerba mate provides a great alternative. The combination of stimulants that it provides work to give you a long lasting and clean energy feeling. No jitters. No crash. Yerba mate can help to keep your metabolism high, but without the stimulant caused problems of coffee. Be warned that this is bitter! Make sure not to burn it, since it burns easier than coffee.


  • Hoodia tricks your brain into thinking that you are full. That is one of the most important parts of a diet because many people simply gain weight because they are prone to overeat. This isn’t great for long term use, since it loses its effectiveness, but for short term diet problems hoodia is a great option.


  • Ephedra is an ancient Chinese herb that was used for centuries before becoming popular as a weight loss aid. It was refined into ephedrine, but the herb itself is also highly effective without the side effects of ephedrine. In many cases, ephedra is a miracle and can help lose weight like nothing else known to man. This is also, however, a banned substance for athletes so do not take this if you compete regularly. Read more about this herb here.


  • Guarana has the ability to both help alleviate stress and stimulate the nervous system. This is common in many energy drinks now, but it is in fact a healthy alternative to many stimulant diet pills. Taken before meals, guarana capsules can both suppress your appetite and make sure that your body is already burning off the energy as soon as you take it in.


  • Ginseng is another ancient herb, but one that is just now being understood fully. Ginseng was found in a study to take charge of the fat regulating chemicals inside of the human body. Where these “switches” would usually tell your body to store energy, rather than burn it, they will be turned off and tell your body to burn the fat off.


  • Dandelions are very common and many people don’t think much about them. In fact, they are a diuretic that can help to cleanse your liver and keep you from storing water weight. With women this is especially a problem, but it can cause bloating in either gender. The liver detoxing effect can also help aid weight gain, however, as well as solve a host of other problems associated with liver problems.


  • Garlic, much like cinnamon, can help to regulate blood sugar levels even when eating carbohydrates. Studies found that even while on a high sugar diet, mice continued to lose weight. In addition, though, it contributes to a healthy cardiovascular system. By lowering blood pressure, you can counteract some of the problems associated with other weight loss supplements. Tim Ferris recently listed this as one of his essential weight loss supplements in his best selling book “The 4 Hour Body.

These 10 herbs are all effective and are great options for anyone. As always, though, you should talk to your doctor about them. A combination of two or more of them can help to compound the effects and exponentially increase your weight loss. Adding them into your diet, or daily supplement regimen isn’t hard. Try a couple, see how you feel, and you will soon find that you are rapidly approaching your weight loss goals!


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