Top 5 Weight Loss Infomercials Of All Time!

Maybe the entire world is gullible and fast to part with their money. That’s certainly the impression you get when you watch ANY of those infomercials on television which try to sell you products. But when it comes to weight loss products, the market just seems to be saturated with them. 

But, I must admit that I really love turning on the television late at night and settling in for an hour or two of watching the infomercial channel.

Luckily for most of us, those crazy fad diets and their required equipment come and go. And mostly go. If you’ve ever sat up late at night and watched infomercial television, you’ve no doubt come across some of these crazy weight loss infomercials. Here is a short overview of some of my personal favorites. Let’s compare notes, shall we, and see who’s list is the funniest!

The Sauna Suit

sauna-beltThis one just made me laugh myself silly. The commercial shows one girl modeling a sauna suit. She is talking to a friend in a faux southern accent and trying to sell her friend into buying one by telling her that it helps you to shed water weight. “The sauna suit really changed my life,” she goes on to say. “And it comes with a free gym membership!” she exclaims as she pulls a card out of the suit’s right hand pocket. She then goes on to tell her friend that she just has to do four, count ‘em four push ups to burn off her lunch which consisted of four oreos and a Big Mac. Wow! They go on to take some phone calls. Hysterical. You’ll love it!

Keep Fit Pills

This has to be my second all time favorite. It was filmed in Spanish though but even if you don’t speak Spanish you will still enjoy it, I can almost guarantee it. One of the texts which appears at the bottom of an image of a grossly obese man jiggling his belly fat from side to side is “Never lose your car keys in you belly rolls again!” Oh, my goodness. I haven’t actually ever had that problem but if I ever do, I know how to alleviate it. I’ll just go online and order a bottle of Keep Fit diet pills.

The Neck Slimmer

neckline-slimmerHave you ever seen the infomercial for The Neck Slimmer? If not, then, girl you haven’t lived yet. That’s the gospel truth. The commercial shows a woman standing in her kitchen holding a small device up to her chin. She is pushing this device down over and over again in an effort to work the muscles in her neck to reduce the fat which has collected in her double-chin. You never get to see any before or after pictures but there is a telephone number flashed on the screen repeatedly so you know who to call to order one. And, if you call in the next ten minutes, you can get two, that’s TWO neck slimmers for the price of one. Just pay separate shipping and handling. And, of course, that’s billed to your Visa or Mastercard. With this product, you will be able to “develop the world’s most impressive nod with one simple motion!” Guaranteed. But if you want to send it back and get your money back? Well, that might be a bit more complicated.

The Perfect Plate

The Perfect Plate is a prefab plate designed with small portions for food. It is sold both online and through it’s televised infomercial. The infomercial is so funny, though, because it shows a woman literally shoving food into her mouth as fast as she can. The website has a number of before and after photos of people who have used the plate successfully. Most of the shots were taken “one week apart” and show dramatic results. The manufacturers of the plate say that you are able to consume the same amount of baked ziti that a family of eight would be able to eat without gaining a single ounce.

The Tabletop Boxer

I love this one because it has the capability of victimizing two vulnerable groups of people: the overweight/obese and the physically challenged. The commercial itself shows a man in a wheelchair pulled up to a table where he sits and boxes with a stand up foam human image. He has a look of absolute glee on his face. If it weren’t so pitiful, it would be hysterically funny, I think  but it actually just really makes me feel anger toward the manufacturers of a product such as this. I guess it might have some merit for a person who is confined to a wheelchair insofar as it has the potential to raise their heart rate and give them some kind of cardiovascular workout but other than that, it just seems highly exploitative of both populations. That alone is enough to make me give it a huge thumbs down.

Infomercials can be laugh out loud funny. Just be very careful that you don’t end up succumbing to any of the marketing techniques and phone in your order. If you do, you’ll likely find yourself opening a package about 3 to 4 weeks later and being completely disappointed in what you have purchased with very little recourse for having your money returned to you. ‘Nuff said.

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