How to Use Treadmills Effectively For Weight Loss?

treadmill-workoutI have a many different relatives who all have an interesting sculpture sitting in a back bedroom in their home. Most of these sculptures have been abandoned there for years and years. When they look at these sculptures, they are usually flooded with guilty feelings. I’m sure you know your own group of people just like this. Who knows? Maybe you are a collector of this type of sculpture yourself! I’m talking about exercise equipment, specifically about treadmills. But did you know that with all the new advanced technological advances, treadmills are among the best indoor workout equipment around? I’m going to tell how you can lose weight in an easy and quick way simply by getting on your treadmill a few times a week, so stay tuned!

The Efficiency Of Treadmills

All treadmills use your own natural movement. This is the simple act of just walking. No special skills are required like with a bicycle or an elliptical machine.

In a study conducted in Wisconsin in the 1990′s, it was found that treadmills are the most efficient indoor exercise machine currently on the market today.

Traditional Fat Burning Runs

treadmill-fat-burningMost people recommend a traditional workout that raises your heart rate and keeps it there for a specific length of time. This type of workout is regularly recommended for people when they are just beginning a workout regimen. By keeping your heart rate a certain elevated level for a certain amount of time, you are forcing your body to burn fat. You will also be able to run longer without placing too much stress on your body.

The biggest issue with this type of steady workout is that it will take a good portion of your workout time to get your body to the point where it enters a fat burning zone, usually about 30 minutes. Since most people recommend only working out for about thirty minutes at a time, that will not give you very much time in that fat burning zone.

Hill Sprints

Anyone who has ever worked out knows that few things improve your workouts better than doing hill sprints. If you want to pay attention to your gluts or your legs, concentrate on adding several hill sprints to your workout routine. If you’re using your treadmill (like you should be!) the incline feature will be enough to accomplish this easily. If you’re feeling a burn, you definitely know it’s working. If you set your incline at 10% or above, you will derive the most benefit. So, as an example, walking at a rate of 3 mph on a 12% incline will make you just as tired as running 6 mph on a flat surface. See where the benefit lies?

So start your run between 30 and 45 minutes at 80% of your maximum heart rate. Then alternate between a 10% incline and a 2% incline every few minutes. That will give you enough of a break from the strenuous workout and not leave you completely drained and exhausted when you’re finished.

One of the biggest problems most people face when using a treadmill is that they get bored. Understood. That’s why it’s so important to keep your body guessing throughout your workouts. If you usually enjoy a trail workout but find that you have difficulty getting out to a beautiful train, set your treadmill to the “random” setting and go for 30 minutes. If you do this once a week, your workouts will dramatically improve.

Interval Revolution

treadmill-interval-trainingIntervals are a new concept in treadmill training but one I am quickly becoming obsessed with and for good reason. If you’re doing cardiovascular exercise over a long period of time, you will start to breakdown muscle tissue which can end up leading to joint issues. Long sessions of cardiovascular workouts will also end up eating a big chunk out of your day. If you switch instead to interval training, you will optimize your own natural hormones, promote new muscle growth and burn fat more quickly than anything else you’ve ever done before.If you are interested in pursuing interval revolution training just take an example from the Japanese speed skating team who were able to improve their overall health in just one month’s time. After I started using interval revolutions, I personally started to see a big improvement in just two weeks. It’s simple enough to do. You just go 30 seconds on; 30 seconds off. I’m sure that sounds easy enough. What you must remember for this to work is that your 30 second interval must be done at 110%

Structure it sort of like this:

  • Warm up for 5 minutes

  • Run at full speed on a 5% incline for 30 seconds

  • Rest for 30 seconds

  • Repeat this for 8 repetitions

  • Cool down for five minutes

This entire workout should take you no more than about 30 minutes. And during that time, I can honestly assure that you will have the best workout you’ve ever had. Ever.

Bonus Tips

  • Always warm up for a minimum of 5 minutes before every workout.

  • Be sure you stretch properly and don’t ever neglect a muscle group.

  • Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and following your workout. This is crucial.

  • Be sure you rest for a minimum of 24 hours before you workout again.

  • Don’t neglect your diet. If you don’t lay off the chips and dip, you’re not going to lose the weight like you want to.

Buying A Treadmill

Deciding to purchase a treadmill is a pretty big step. You are making the first move to taking full charge over your own health and well-being. Congratulations! Here are some things to keep in mind when looking at different treadmills.

  • Most of the less expensive models will have an incline feature that will not go higher than 10% Be sure you get one that will go above 10%

  • When it comes to how much you should be paying remember that you can get a terrific treadmill for about $600.00. Resist the temptation to spend $5,000.00 a model loaded up with features will never need or use.

The last thing you should remember is that you will have to actually USE this machine, not just park it in your basement or use it as an extra clothes rack. If you use it faithfully, you will soon be able to see the fruits of your labor
. Enjoy the results because they’ll look wonderful on you!


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