Should You Switch To a Vegetarian Diet Plan?

If you have run into a vegetarian in the past, you might not have had a very good experience with them. Listen, there can be quite a bit of preaching, arrogance, and frustration involved. Despite the way that a lot of vegetarians behave, there really is a very good reason to switch to a vegetarian diet. Provided you do it right, a vegetarian diet plan is a fantastic way to lose a lot of weight and keep it off.

Why Vegetarian?

Vegetarian-diet-planThere are just as many reasons to become a vegetarian as there are actual vegetarians. Everyone has a different reason. There is no set ideology, contrary to popular belief, even among themselves. I tried a vegetarian diet in the past because I was shocked at the practices of factory farms and the way that those farmers were being treated. A pleasant side effect of that was a large drop in weight.

A vegetarian diet, while not always the easiest to switch to centers around eating healthy foods only. Yes grass fed beef is healthy, but it isn’t the healthiest thing that you could be eating. In order to get the same amount of nutrients, you need to eat whole foods, which provide the absolute best kinds of nutrition.

Is It Healthy?

Of course it is. A vegetarian diet knocks out some of the most problematic food products that humans take in, animal meat. There are healthy options, but most people aren’t going to only eat grass fed beef or game. In those cases, a vegetarian diet can revitalize your body and keep you filled with clean energy.

The lack of meat is made up for in your appetite. Even if you don’t normally eat large portions, once you remove the meat, you will be pretty hungry. In turn, you fill your diet up with vegetables and whole grains. Both of these create a complete revolution in terms of the nutrition that you normally take in. They also have the nice benefit of causing fat to burn off of you like very few other things.

How To Make The Switch Easier

  • It takes work to give up meat, I know. But try these tips out and they’ll help a lot, I know they helped me!
  • Make versions of your favorite dishes that only exclude meat. (Faux meat options are delicious, despite what you might have heard)
  • Look up recipes. There are millions of vegetarian recipes out there, most of which are free.
  • Invest in microwaveable meat alternatives. Morning Star brand products are delicious and can help you avoid the hassle of learning to cook tofu while you make the switch.
  • Check out a vegetarian restaurant. This is how I’ve been introduced to different diets. I never enjoyed raw food diets at all, until I went to a raw food restaurant that blew my mind. can show you the best vegetarian options in your area.

Sample Vegetarian Meal Plan


  • 3 Wheat Pancakes with butter and 3 tablespoons of syrup
  • 1/2 cup of fresh strawberries
  • 2 Whole Eggs
  • 1/2 cup of skim milk (or better yet, water!)


  • 1 1/2 cup vegetable soup – carrots, onions, peas, lentils
  • 3 Whole Grain Crackers


  • Kabobs – 1/2 red pepper, 2 slices onion, 1/2 cup sliced mushrooms, 4 oz firm tofu and 1 sliced courgette.

Advantages of this Diet:

Vegetarian-DietThis diet, according to the calorie count, will help you lose 2 pounds a week. If you are switching to healthy foods for the first time, you’ll end up losing a lot more. Keep in mind that you’ll have to eat more than just this if you workout extensively. Don’t let it bother you because the healthy nutrients will be used up in exercise anyway.  That isn’t all, though.

Weight loss is just the beginning with a diet plan like this. The healthy, nutrient dense food that is going to make up your diet will give you a boost in every area of your life. Your heart will be stronger, you will have more energy, your mind will be clearer and you’ll be in a much better mood throughout the day.

Any Risks?

There is a risk that you won’t get all of the nutrients that you need. Vitamin B is the biggest problem. Animal products are the source of B vitamins and if you aren’t eating any, you aren’t going to be getting B vitamins. Use supplements if you are worried about it.

The other concern is the protein content. Many people fall pretty to a low protein diet when they switch to being a vegetarian. As long as you choose foods wisely this shouldn’t be a problem. Nuts, tofu, milk, and beans all have protein in them. Get plenty and you’ll even be able to build muscle.

How To Avoid Being An Annoying Vegetarian

I just want to point out that you should stay far away from anything that tells you to share this diet plan with others in a forceful way. When you go out to eat with your friends, kindly decline any meat, don’t say “No, I don’t eat that.” Think of it as choosing to not eat meat for a while, don’t see it as becoming part of an ideology.

My Final Thoughts

I felt great when I switched to a vegetarian diet. I had more energy and loss an incredible amount of weight. If you have a habit of surviving off of cheeseburgers, this is the kind of shock that your system needs. The healthy kinds of foods that you will start taking in are perfect and, as long as you make sure you don’t only live off of meat-free junk foods, will change your life completely.

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