How to Beat a Weight Loss Plateau?

how-to-break-through-weight-loss-plateauIf you’ve been on a diet for a long time you have probably encountered one or more plateaus where your weight loss seems to stop entirely. Nothing can be more frustrating. Some of my plateaus have lasted just one week, some as long as a month. It happens. My theory is that this is your body’s way of signalling a rebellion. But don’t be swayed from your course of action which is to lose weight, there are many ways you can deal with a weight loss plateau successfully and get your diet back on track.

What Causes A Weight Loss Plateau?

Like the humans who inhabit their bodies, most bodies want to stay exactly where they are. It is your body’s natural instinct to fight against any major weight loss or weight gain. This one of the reasons your body will go into “preservation” mode if it thinks you are trying to starve it. Your body does not want to be starved, it wants to survive. So, even if you’ve been losing weight at a steady clip for a while, your body can slow down your metabolism. It does this to keep you from moving too far away from where you started. There are lots of reasons this might happen and many of those reasons have different solutions. I am going to show you a few easy ways that will help you out quickly and easily.

Shock your system back into gear:

Weekend Fast

weight-loss-plateauAs you have probably figured out by now, I am not a proponent of starving yourself in order to lose weight. This is not a long-term solution for protracted weight loss. It just won’t work in the long run. But if you find that you’ve plateaued, doing a short-term fast can be a good way to get your system back in gear. But do it just for a weekend and no longer.

A weekend fast will give your body the jolt it needs after it has become used to receiving the same number of calories from you each and every day. Doing a short fast will also give your insulin resistance a bit of a break and give your hormones a bit of time to re-calibrate. Many people will routinely fast on the weekend. I also did this for a few weeks but it didn’t help me much because I was continuing to drink alcohol which, as you know, is loaded with empty calories.

The Yoplait diet

yoplait-dietDo you remember the fantastic marketing ploy launched by the Yoplait company to try to convince people that the company was offering them a healthy product that would support their weight loss goals? Well, as it turns out, they were absolutely right!

The Yoplait diet is also known as a “Two Week Tune Up.” While you are on this diet, you essentially eat almost only yogurt.

So, for breakfast you would have a 6 ounce yogurt container and a slice of whole grain toast.
For lunch you would have a yogurt smoothie.
For dinner you would enjoy 8 ounces of lean protein along with two vegetable servings and one serving of good fat. Add that all up and you would have a great recipe for dropping a few of those pounds.

  • Cycle your calories or have one cheat day
    Try though I might, I never had much weight loss success until I finally started counting calories. I know, girls, it sounds depressing as hell but it really worked for me. My biggest problem with counting calories? Once I started finally seeing some weight coming off, I literally became obsessed with the process. Every single thing I put into my mouth had to be checked first in my calorie booklet. And THEN I had to write it down. It became crazy. And, eventually, even that stopped working. Talk about frustration. I was really, finally ready to just give up entirely. Then I discovered what are known as “cheat days” or Cycling Calorie Days. This is a wonderful way to reset your metabolism.  How does it work? You basically set aside one day in which you will allow yourself to indulge on everything you have restricted from your diet for the last several weeks. Really? I hear you asking. Yes, really. This works on the same principle as shocking your body with a weekend fast, only in reverse.

  • Change your workout routine

If you just keep on with the same old, tired workout routine, day in and day out, you will soon find yourself at a plateau that may  be hard to beat. You will certainly find yourself there more quickly if you don’t ever push yourself to do more. This is why it is so important to constantly improve and increase your workout routine. If you’ve reached a plateau, take a careful look at your workout routine. Are you still doing the same thing your trainer started  you on 9 months ago? If so, it’s time for  a change!

What Will Work Best For You?

No one ever has the magic answer to this question. This is really a situation where you just have to try different things and see which one will work best for you. If you have come to a plateau, before you allow yourself to feel frustrated and become tempted to give up on your diet, take a good look at yourself and see what you’re doing. What kinds of food are you eating? How are you exercising each day or every other day?

If either of these questions have an answer that readily springs to mind, concentrate on that for a week or two and see if your weight starts to drop again. Good chance that it will.


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