What In The World Is The Honey Diet?

Last week I was sitting in a coffee with my best friend and she casually asked me, “So, have you heard about this new thing called the Honey Diet?”  I must admit I was quite taken aback. I told her that I had not heard of it before and asked her what she knew. She didn’t know very much. She said she had just heard some people talking about it earlier in the day at work. So, I went home and got on the Internet and started looking.

I thought I had seen every fad diet in the world before but this one absolutely floors me. It says that the vast majority of nutritionists and dieticians all agree that eating food which comes straight from nature is the best way to go. Agreed. But this is superseded by an author from the United Kingdom who is promoting a natural food diet which utilizes — you guessed it. Honey.

According to the author, dieters are to take one tablespoon of honey which has been mixed with some water and either drink it straight down or mix it with some yogurt. Now, I love putting raw honey on my Greek yogurt every morning but it’s not because I think doing so will help me lose weight. It’s because it tastes better that way. The author of this diet goes further to make the claim that doing this will help with, of all things, fat burning.

mike-mcinnes-honey-dietThis author, a gentleman by the name of Mike McInnes claims that since honey is a much healthier form of sugar everyone should replace ALL the sugar they eat with honey. This includes replacing even artificial sweeteners with honey. He says that doing this will eliminate your sugar cravings entirely.

I’m not sure that this would be a good idea for anyone who has Type I diabetes and who relies on artificial sweeteners. But I digress. There is certainly truth to the fact that added sugars found in most processed foods contribute greatly to the obesity and disease problems in the world today. Certainly the diets of the vast majority of people in North America leave a great deal to be desired. But, simply replacing refined sugars with honey will NOT help you lose weight. In fact, if you don’t cut back on the amount of honey you eat (compared to the amount of refined sugars you normally eat) you will gain weight.

Mr. McInnes recommends that people consume a low-carbohydrate diet that contains no added sugars except for honey. But eating a low-carbohydrate diet in and of itself is enough to help you lose weight. Even forgetting about the honey. There is simply nothing magical contained in honey that will make a person lose weight. This diet is completely bogus.

honey dietYes, honey is an all-natural product. But it is nevertheless a simple sugar just like regular table sugar is and brown sugar is and maple sugar and molasses are. Absolutely no research has been carried out which supports any of the claims made about this diet.

One tablespoon of honey has about 64 calories. If you want to get more nutrition from what you’re eating, have a small apple with the peel left on or a serving of fresh berries. You’ll get all the nutritional value from either of those choices and they’ll taste just as sweet.

As everyone knows the best way to lose weight is to control the number of calories you consume in a day and eat a moderate amount of protein at each meal. Exercising regularly is also crucial to sustainable weight loss. If you want to speed up your metabolism, try some interval training. Going on yet another fad diet like the Honey Diet will not give you the long-term results you are seeking. The only way to get those is the change your eating habits and your exercise behaviour.

All that being said, I am not the least bit surprised to hear about yet another fad diet on the radar just before Christmas. Every year at holiday time, a new one rears its ugly head promising a quick weight loss fix and swearing that you will lose three or even five pounds per week! Just in time for the holidays! The promoters of these diets always make them sound so easy. Drink our special drink, mix our special powder into your glass of water and starve yourself most of the day. Yes! If you do those things, you will most likely drop a few pounds in the few weeks that you can maintain the diet protocol. But once you go back to your regular eating patterns? I can not say this enough and I feel like a broken record most of the time. But the only way to really lose weight that you will be able to keep off for the rest of your life is to change your eating habits and your relationship both to and with food.

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