Why Drinking Water Will Help You Lose Weight

drinking-water-weight-lossConsuming adequate amounts of water is extremely important when you are dieting but probably not for reasons you may suspect.

When you first begin to lose weight, it will mostly be water weight. It is, therefore, very important that you drink enough water to prevent yourself from becoming dehydrated. If you become dehydrated you may begin to feel faint. In most cases, the human body can absorb enough water from the blood in order to keep you going. But if you become dehydrated enough, by the time you realize it has happened, you may be close to going into shock. This can be a medical emergency. Do not let yourself become dehydrated while you are dieting. Drink plenty of fluids throughout your day.

If you are burning calories, your body needs an adequate amount of water if it is going to function efficiently. If you become dehydrated, you will only slow this process down and will end up burning fewer calories. It is also extremely important to stay properly hydrated especially if you are exercising. Even non-strenuous exercise requires proper hydration.

If you are burning calories while exercising, the process will create a number of different toxins similar to the way a car throws off exhaust fumes when it is burning. Drinking plenty of water will help flush these toxins from your body when you excrete urine.

When you are dehydrated, your blood volume will decrease which will cause your body to produce less oxygen. If you are making less oxygen, your muscles will not be receiving enough fuel and you will feel overly tired.

Water also helps your body maintain its muscle tone because it helps them contract and expand. As well, it lubricates your joints making movement easier and less strenuous. Having enough water in your system will also decrease the amount of soreness you will experience in your joints or muscles after a workout.

In order to lose weight, you have to include enough fiber in your diet. Fiber is considered to be very helpful with the digestive process but it won’t work well if you don’t have enough water in your system. Instead, your digestive tract will become sluggish and you may even become constipated.

If you drink a glass of water before you sit down to eat a meal, your stomach will be fuller and you will be more likely to eat less. Having said that, however, it is important to remember that your body needs nutrition and calories, not just bulk. So enjoy a nice, refreshing glass of water at dinner but be sure you also enjoy a meal.

How much water is enough?

drinking-water-exerciseMost diet books will tell you that every person should drink about eight to ten 8 ounce glasses of water per day. This is just an average. The right amount you need will largely depend on several factors such as how much you weigh, the temperature of the region in which you live and the kind of diet you normally consume.

Your diet becomes important in calculating how much water to drink because if you regularly eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables which tend to be very water-dense food, the actual amount of water you will need to consume will be far less. It’s not a bad idea to do some experimenting on your own but your body will also let you know how much water you actually need to drink. I you are drinking enough water, your urine will be very pale in color. Just remember, though, that if you are also taking vitamins or any food supplements, these things can discolor your urine and make it darker. If you find yourself constantly running to the bathroom to urinate, you are probably drinking a little bit too much water so ease off a bit. A good rule of thumb is to drink a little bit more water if you aren’t sure if you’re drinking enough.

You shouldn’t worry that if you’re drinking a lot of water that it will make you look bloated. The reasons people become bloated are very complicated but it usually has to do with having too much sodium (salt) in their diet. Drinking large amounts of fluid is not a cause of bloating. It is possible to endanger your health by drinking too much water but it’s rather difficult to do. But water does dilute the body’s electrolytes and some people who are compelled to exercise to extreme can run into a serious electrolyte imbalance. This can be a life-threatening situation so don’t exercise to extreme. If you are determined to over-exercise then be sure to drink lots of fluids like Gatorade to replace your electrolytes.

Tips on Drinking Water

lose-weight-drinking-waterIt is important to remember that there are other ways to give your body fluids than just through drinking water alone. Coffee, tea as well as soda also contain water. So does alcohol. But coffee, tea and soda also contain caffeine and caffeine acts as a diuretic something that causes your body to release fluid through urination. If you are drinking things like this, make sure you drink extra plain water to make up for what you’ll lose through urination.

If you are drinking a lot of alcohol, be sure you also drink a lot of water, especially if you want to avoid having a hangover in the morning. If you do happen to wake up with a hangover, drink plenty of water when you take your aspirin.

Remember that by the time you start to feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. If you anticipate a vigorous workout, drink lots of water in advance so you can avoid becoming dehydrated in the first place.

Rather than starting your morning off with an extra large cup of joe, why not start off with a large 8 ounce glass of water to rehydrate yourself after a night sleeping? It’s a great way to start the day off on a positive note. And it definitely has fewer calories than a glass of orange juice.

Other Benefits of Water

benefits-of-drinking-waterHaving a well hydrated body will also keep your skin from drying out and showing aging. You will have to spend less money on special creams and lotions which will help keep your skin hydrated and help keep it looking younger but why not get to the root of the issue and keep your skin hydrated from the inside out? Since I’ve started drinking plenty of water, I’ve been able to stop buying my Oil of Olay. Has saved me a TON of money. Believe me.

Not having enough water in your system will also force your body to try to compensate by trying to retain water. This make you look puffy and bloated. Not a good look.

Water will also suppress your appetite to a certain degree which will also help you lose weight. Being properly hydrated will help your body burn fat stores.  If you’re not drinking enough water, your liver is forced to help your kidneys in the detoxification process. Having enough water in your system places less burden on your kidneys and allows your liver to do its job properly: metabolizing stored fat efficiently and properly.


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